Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You love me, love me not...

I am so lucky and blessed! *sniff* *hou kam dong ah* You all in the blogosphere really, really, really love me. And how do I know? Because you love me enough to give me this lovey-dovey award! More specifically, Giddy Tiger and Simple American gave me this award. Isn't it so nice just to be loved?

"... the greatest thing is to love, and be loved in return..."
"... love is a many splendored thing..."
"... in the end, all that matters is love..."

You can't keep love to yourself. Gotta spread it around, watch it grow and come back to you. So I'm sending out my messages of love to you, you and you! To all my peeps whose blogs have my comments (also known as the people in my THHC blogroll) this one's for ya! So take the badge, put it up on your blog and wear it with pride.

p.s. So, do you love me or do you love my writing? Come on now, be honest! *wink*

14 spins:

angel said...

Love love!
I need two... cos got two nipples... LB needs 3... cos he............


L B said...

three nipples?!!!!!!!! Your star, angel! LOL!!


may said...

I lupchu I lupchu I lupchu!!

narrowband said...

I lup everything about the spin! Congratulations you've found a fan in me ;p

a^ben said...

choose both can ah? ahahha :D

rinnah said...

angel: 5 love love hugs for you!!!

Can love grow nipples? ROTFL!

l b: 3 nipple hugs for you!!

Hahaha... I dunwanna know what kinda kinky stuff is going on between you, angel and some nipples!

may: 1 lupchu hug for you!

And I lupchu too! Wheeeee! *hugs*

narrowband: Awwww... now you've really got me all teary-eyed!

And you know I'm a fan of narrowband.org too, right? *hugs*

a^ben: Ahahaha... can, can! That means you like both, right? LOL!

Simple American said...

I love your blog. I love you. I love how you get along so well with your parents. Teach my kids that please. keke

I love your written voice. It is very distinct, Padawan.

Omar Cruz said...

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Wennnn said...

I lup U!!

Leonard said...

my blog also being LOVED!!!

when i do this tag, i'll include you!

Giddy Tiger said...

I love both your BLOG and your writing...oh, make that ALL your blogs!

rinnah said...

simple american: As I love you too! *bear hug* I dunno how to teach your kids worrr... maybe just by example? LOL!

*shy* The Master praises the Padawan. *floats on cloud nine*

omar cruz: Thanks. :o)

wennnn: I lup you too! *huggies*

leonard: Yes, love you! *grin*

giddy tiger: So you only love my blog and my writing but not me? *pout* LOL!

Thanks for being such a great supporter of all my blogs! *big big tight tight hugs*

ehon said...

LB got three nipples! Yes. And he put cream on his third nipple! Wahahahahahahaha!

rinnah said...

ehon: And did you have proof of the existence of this third nipple? Wakakakakaka!