Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Having a ball of a time

You know, writing about my grandma has made me all kinda nostalgic. And thinking of other people who are more *ahem* "advanced" in age. Hehehe.

Anyway, there isn't anything written in stone that says that
senior dating is wrong. After all, seniors are human, just like us. My aunt who went to US to work after the death of her husband actually ended up marrying someone she met in an online senior dating site for seniors who are Christians! Love can strike at any age. LOL! Another uncle of mine is enjoying retired life with his senior singles at the Golden Club nearby his home.

I think their single life is more happening than mine!

4 spins:

Giddy Tiger said...

Oh yes, plus they get 50% off buffet dinners. SO that makes for cheaper dates! :D

Leonard said...

from what i know... LOVE HAS NO AGE LIMIT...

when there's love, everything is okay!


L B said...

nevermind, can still steal one chup here!

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: 5 cheaper hugs for you!!!

Hey, I never thought of that. That's cool! Plus they get the cheaper airfare and travel fare too. LOL!

leonard: 3 no limit hugs for you!!

Love is everything! *hugs*

Ahaha... you haven't had a chup in some time now, eh?

l b: 1 stolen hug for you!

Aiyo, no need to steal one... I give you the last chup leh...