Thursday, September 06, 2007

I need your vote!

Dear readers of It's all about the spin... I need your help.

As you know and may have noticed, I've been posting a number of sponsored posts with increasing frequency in my efforts to get more moolah. But I don't want to alienate you, dear reader, so I'm thinking of doing something along these lines...

Since I have my own dot com address now, I am now looking for a web hosting provider and will open house at soon. Soon when? As in when I can find the time to do so. LOL. But definitely by the end of the year, I will have sorted this out. New year opening? I'm quite inclined to that. And I will endeavour to keep the paid posts there to a minimum. All paid posts will go onto, except of course, for those paid posts that exclude websites. Heh. My escape clause.

But until that happens, I wanna ask you, dear reader, do you think:

a) I should close off the comments option on the paid posts (I don't read the sponsored posts anyway, so no need to comment)
b) Leave the comments open, but not award any THHC points for chups there (yeah, you shouldn't give out points for sponsored posts)
c) Leave things as they are right now (I like 'em just the way it is!)
d) Anything else you might wanna suggest (short of asking me to donate moolah to you. LOL!)

I look forward to your comments and votes!

13 spins:

angel said...

U r robbing my Hug-hug Points! *bawls*

J/k... :p

Aye to No. 1.

parisb said...

#1 isn't an option because sponsored posts require you to leave it looking just like a normal post i.e. comments open etc. Trust me. I tried it and got a slap on the hand. :P

I vote for C because whether sponsored or not, they are still posts on this blog and deserve hug hug points. :)

p/s and do you need a rec for a host? :)

may said...
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may said...

I'd go for option 2, since you're not supposed to turn off comments (reading parisb's above). we just need to know which is a sponsored post, and more importantly which is not, to CHUP FAST FAST! LOLOL!

Giddy Tiger said...

No points for chupping sponsored posts? How can?
I vote for No. 3 :)

*brushes Paris B aside in a friendly manner*

Now, do YOU want a reference for a hosting provider? hehehe

zewt said...

yes to a...

and i await your ... wow... everyone is having their own domain now!

Paris said...

roflol at giddy tiger. GT: I would have tried your host but they don't take paypal leh... unless i'm mistaken

narrowband said...

I concur with zewt. Hehe.. I look forward to visiting your new domain. It's very cool... *.com!! I wish I had a *.com :(. Mine now sounds too orgasmic... dun like!! :(

Alvin said...

PPP is evil....... hahah.

jz keep it as a normal post n allow comments

Simple American said...

I say (b). I do not always comment to ads. But sometimes you may write something in a paid post that I feel motivated to write back.

Really excited about Will have to chop off that padawan braid sooner than I thought.

rinnah said...

angel: 5 no cry hugs for you!!!

I haven't decided yet... and until I do, you still get your hug hug points.

Vote noted with many thanks!

parisb: 3 option hugs for you!!

Ooo... I thought #1 was an option because I see some bloggers doing that.

You have a point there. *grin*

Who's your host?

Vote noted with many thanks!

may: 1 fast fast hug for you!

Oh, I always tag my sponsored posts as sponsored or add a little line at the bottom which says this post brought to you by or something like that. Dunwanna deceive my readers. LOL!

Vote noted with many thanks!

giddy tiger: Hehehe... I know you like your chupping points. *grin*

*even wider grin at the reference bit* I know who to call when it's time to take the plunge!

Vote noted with many thanks!

zewt: I knew you were going to be one of those voting for A. Hehehe. is coming soon! When are you jumping on the bandwagon my friend?

Vote noted with many thanks!

paris: Yours accepts PayPal?

narrowband: So you concur completely with zewt? Even the vote bit?

Eh, where narrowband got sound orgasmic one... in your mind, izzit? *wink & grin*

alvin: Ahahaha... I take it you're not going to be influenced to join the Dark Side? No? *attempts to use the Force on Alvin*

Vote noted with many thanks!

simple american: Hehehe... you do know that your paid posts are the only way I get to chup on your site? *grin*

Am I ready to take the test, Master? *experiments with a few swishes of the lightsaber*

Chen said...

i'm thinking of asking u to share some MooLah with us all tim... :P

bila opening ceremony for wink wink

rinnah said...

chen: Ahahaha... wait until I accumulate a little bit more, okay? *grin*

Looking for auspicious date to "hoi cheong" Hehehe.