Friday, September 14, 2007

A hairy tale...

Maybe you've seen the signs for some time now. A few more strands of hair dropping. A bigger clump of hair in your shower drain. A gradual receding of the hairline like the waves from the shore. An overall thinning of the hair on your head so that more of your scalp shows through. Before you know it... argh! You're experiencing hair loss!

Most of the time people who suffer from hair loss don't want to broadcast the fact to the world so they either suffer in silence or seek treatment secretly. I know of some who have tried anything and everything in an effort to combat hair loss. If anyone were to come to me with this problem, I'd point them to for all the information they need on which product works. These are reviews that you can trust, because they're all from real-life, genuine users, not some marketing mumbo jumbo designed to make you buy their product. Wouldn't you prefer to hear from someone in the same boat as you rather than someone who doesn't know what it feels like?

I also just read an article in this morning where this bald guy was so desperate for hair loss solutions he went to a pharmacy and attempted to steal five bottles. It wasn't reported whether the products stolen were
provillus or procerin. *grin*

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5 spins:

may said...

oh gosh, I'm so bad... I keep thinking of someone... LOLOL!

bald men are sexy, y'know... ;-)

Giddy Tiger said...

No Yun Nam hair care needed here eh? :)

Nick Phillips said...

At the rate my hair keeps dropping, I'll be totally bald by 45 .. LOL! Interesting article ...

L B said...

lemme go get my shaver...

rinnah said...

may: 5 notti notti hugs for you!!!

And who might that be, eh? *perks up at thought of goss*

Hmm... that depends... sexy like Vin Diesel can... bald like John Lithgow is not sexy! Wakakakakaka!

giddy tiger: 3 hair care hugs for you!!

Nope, that's not needed here!

nick phillips: Hi and welcome to It's all about the spin! You've earned yourself a hug for being the third unique commenter for this post.

Hope you enjoyed my "spin" on this topic and that you'll drop by again!

l b: Hahaha... whatchu wanna shave? *grin*