Monday, September 17, 2007

Whatever happened to Til Death Do Us Part?

Call me a silly sentimental romantic, but somehow I feel that nowadays traditional wedding vows kinda lack the finality that they used to have. I mean, for richer or for poorer can be done away with - people nowadays have pre-nuptial agreements and divorce means you hand over half your wealth to your ex-spouse. Til death do us part rings hollow when divorces are common and it's not uncommon to hear of someone who's done it twice or thrice.

Some people think, why follow those traditional wedding vows when you can write your own? have a whole section devoted just to wedding vows. Think you're the life of the party? Try writing a funny wedding vow that hopefully won't leave your partner squirming at the altar as you read it out loud for everyone to hear.

Oh and one last tip. Do hold a wedding rehearsal and make sure you don't slip up when mentioning your partner's name at the vow part... you don't want to be the late Princess Diana (she mixed up Charles' name, leading people to joke that she married Prince Philip, Charles' father) or Ross of Friends (he infamously said Rachel's name when marrying Emily... what a boo boo!).

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angel said...

i've missed so much, so i just had to chup!

ps: Lovely graduation shoes there! ;)

may said...

no need vows... just sign the papers ;-)

a^ben said...

make sure u get a ring to seal it~ :D

Leonard said...

hmm.. sounds interesting!

giddy tiger said...

I certainly remember that scene from Friends when Ross said Rachel's name. In fact, I immediately thought of it when I saw the word "wedding vows"

rinnah said...

angel: 5 missing hugs for you!!!

And I wondered where you'd gone!

Thanks! The ladies seem to love my shoes. Hehe.

may: 3 no need vows for you!!

Aha! That's an easy way out, eh? *winks back*

a^ben: 1 ring hug for you!

Make sure you give your future wife one, ok? Hehe.

leonard: So are you going to give your gf a ring or write funny vows?

giddy tiger: One more similarity! This is too too too uncanny! LOL!

I actually watched that part from Friends a few times. Hehehe.