Saturday, January 24, 2009

Resume outdoor activities?

I just realized that I haven't gone and done any outdoor activities in a long, long while. In fact, the last time I did so was last year at paintball and flying fox! And after which I was achy for weeks after. Yeap, just goes to show how unfit I am. Heh.

I've kinda got the itch to go paintballing again after one of my colleagues has been asking me to organize another outing for it. To compound that fact, I recently saw my ex-colleague's photos of him decked out in full paintball gear at the Tanah Merah paintball park. It looks so interesting! But I'm scared of the pain la wei... how?

Maybe I should pluck up my courage and go for kingman paintball. A new year's resolution? Hmm... to be considered. =)