Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday all of a sudden, I've been seeing so many people I know pop up on Facebook and I've (we've) been adding each other left right and center. So far so good. None of the peeps are those whom I want to avoid. Instead, I've been renewing acquaintances with a lot of them. You know how people just lose contact with each other after a while? The good thing about FaceBook is that you can just message or poke or add friend as you fancy without fear of rejection like how you might experience it in a real-life setting. And somehow, people are more open to adding each other to friend lists online than they are in real life. Weird mou?

Of all the applications in FaceBook, I think I love Scrabulous the best. However, I'm getting thrashed by one of my friends - it's like playing against a walking dictionary! I mean, normal people don't think of words like WEEVIL or LAMINOSE (I have no idea what's that). Grrr. And the bombastic words mean that her points for each turn are double that of mine. I'd like to think that I'm not that bad a player after all, but I'm well and truly thrashed when it comes to her. Oh, btw, Scrabulous doesn't work in my office computer, that's why those playing with me have to wait till I get home.

Then there's my Fluff friend, Patty Pig. She hasn't been receiving enough love lately, so she's only feeling comfortable right now. Could more people please pet her? And if you want to feed her, she takes noodle bowl, milk jar and holey cheese real well. *grin* I have yet to strike it rich at the Fluff Races, so if anyone has a foolproof method for winning munny there, please let me know... I have to feed Patty Pig!

Loan me your ears (eyes)

It seems to me that nowadays, everyone wants you to take a loan. Whether it be Home Loans, car loans, study loans or personal loans, the banks all want you to take up a loan from them. If you tell someone you want to buy something, most likely you'll hear the words, "Why don't you get a loan?" As if it were that easy. But actually it is. It's getting easier and easier to get a loan nowadays compared to last time, and you get approved faster too. I am now wary of loans, having incurred big sums for my higher education and car (which I'm still paying off) so I won't go near them. But still, it is rather tempting to see all those ads that say get quick cash here, or get approved within 24hrs, no guarantor required, etc. Right now I'll just focus on making more money to clear off those I already have. Heh.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No trick, just treat

Hey folks, Halloween's coming up round the corner. It's tomorrow and I have here, my first Halloween award! *grin* Thanks to Adrian of Void Sky, a really droll chap who is funny and knowledgable at the same time. Recommended reading his Faithful or Unfaithful series and stories about his kids, especially his girl.

The Halloween award was originated by
Hootin' Anni with specific instructions to give it to visitors to your blog. Not those people on your blogroll because the idea is to make new blogfriends. Capeesh? *grin*

Since I've been skiving around Adrian's site without commenting, he decided to give it to me. I don't know who sneaks, peeks or floats around my site so my awardees list is gonna be sooooo limited. But I'd like to pass it on to:-

Tine - whom I've seen on my Marketplace blog
Eastcoastlife - whom I read, but seldom comment because my computers don't seem to like me commenting there; they always hang whenever I try to access her site
Sengkor - who has been quite silent since his India posts
Doreen - my new favorite blog visitor!

Happy Halloween, all! Don't get to spooked now, ya hear?

Lowest insurance rates?

If you're looking for Commercial Van Insurance in UK, I'd suggest taking a look at What strikes me as making them unique from their competitors is the fact that they claim to have unbeatable insurance rates guaranteed, or your money back. Now that's a real bold claim in my opinion, and I'd be interested in knowing more and comparing insurance rates, except I don't own a van and I don't reside in UK. If you so fancy, you can get an online quote from them right away. How come Malaysian companies don't dare to put their money where their mouth is and give us, the consumer, such great deals?

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It's gonna get painful next year

This should really go on my other blog, Just Being Malaysian, but I need a filler post right now so I stick it here la.

Did you read the news today? Prices of crude oil are spiralling up and up to a
new high of nearly USD94. *gulp*

I don't want to think about next year when the promise of the government to NOT increase the prices of fuel expires. Many people are going to feel the pinch. Yow!

Monday, October 29, 2007

A visit to the park

I went gallivanting off to our Taman Botani in Putrajaya on Friday (playing at being tourist) and had a wonderful time playing shutterbug. Took photos of flora and fauna, but not as many as I'd like. I've been to the Taman Botani three years running now and taken pictures at the same places so I can really look back and see the difference since the first time I went there. The trees and plants are much much bigger now, a wee bit overgrown and the flowers weren't in bloom this time around.

Oh, I could've really used some
steiner binoculars to make the day even more perfect because there were some squirrels and birds that flashed in and out of my vision slow enough for me to register their presence, but too fast for me to follow them. I'm sure if I had some binoculars with me I could get in a spot of bird watching too. No, not those human 'birds'. Real birds, k? *wink*

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I am Transformed into a fan!

Ok, don't shoot me for being so suaku and behind times, but I finally watched Transformers the movie last night. I was thwarted from watching it earlier by a series of events which was (in order):

~ Didn't get the DVD from Uncle Ho
~ Didn't download the movie from Uncle Joe
~ Didn't watch any movies at all because too busy blogging in free time
~ Finally got clear copy of movie from Uncle Ho's representative
~ Didn't sit down and watch movie because too busy blogging in free time
~ Finally found a block of two hours but silly DVD player decided to put up a fit
~ Didn't think of watching it on my laptop
~ Was out shopping when I saw bits and pieces of the most interesting parts
~ Super excited, resolved to try DVD again at home
~ Attempted DVD one more time, lo and behold, it works!
~ Lost myself in movie for duration of movie

IMHO, the real hero of the movie is Bumblebee. *grin*

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finding an apartment

So my friend flew off this morning to Texas, America with her family. She's off to start a new life there, and it's not going to be easy. There isn't anyone she knows there and the rest of her family is here in Malaysia. Not only does she have to deal with the stress of uprooting herself and moving to another country with nary a familiar face, she also has to find new housing within a month. The company provided the budget for all the relocation shipping and does provide an apartment for the first month, but within that one month, she has to find new housing to rent. It seems kind of harsh to me. Why can't the company continue to rent that apartment for them at least for two months? That would give them more time to settle down before they stress themselves out looking for new digs.

I think I should give her the link for I did a cursory search for Texas and it pulled up a whole list of places for rent - from expensive to reasonable to cheap. I wonder whether
Charleston Apartments are within the area that she's looking at. I don't know what she's looking for but she can customize and narrow down her search using their custom finder. I really hope she can find a new place soon so she can settle in quick.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Wennnn!

Have a wonderful fun day with lots of yummy food!


A big move

So one of my bestest real world friends is leaving Malaysia for US in two days time. *sigh* Our circle of friends has been losing members at a steady clip over the past two years - we're all in different companies now, two have moved to HK as their hubbies are working there and now this one's off to US. Can you imagine having to relocate your entire home in under a month? Well, she did just that by shipping nearly her whole house contents over - lock, stock and barrel. Even the storage beds were not spared. I wonder if she managed to ship over her Platform Bed too. But I do know that the Leather Dining Chairs didn't make the cut. The beds were more important. LOL! Why go to all the fuss of shipping, I hear you ask. Apparently, the company reimburses for shipping costs, but not if she wanted to start afresh and buy over there. Otherwise she might like owning some old world dining furniture. *grin*

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More blog tweaking

Hello folks! Yet another merry day of blog tweaking here at It's all about the spin... What did I do?

For starters, I removed the Haloscan commenting yesterday, a day after I installed it. While I loved the look and Wordpress-y feel it gave my blog, I wasn't too pleased that it wiped out all my previous comments - 9 months worth of lovely notes left here by people who cared. So, it's back to the Blogger commenting system for me.

Today, I managed to put Google Adsense in between posts as you can see. Now I just need to figure out how to keep the Adsense adverts showing on the main page only and show Advertlets / Nuffnang adverts on individual posts like ehon's site. (Nah, I linked you again. *grin*)

Then, I learnt how to put code into my blog's template so that anyone feeling inclined to bookmark my individual posts via popular social networking sites can do so. See, it's right there underneath this blog post but before the comments. I still don't have the hang of all these Digg, Technorati,, whatever-you-wanna-call it sites but if it increases readership, why not? I'm pushing for a Google PR5 ranking. Heh.

And oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I have another brand spanking new blog? *grin* That makes it like what, eight or nine blogs I'm running concurrently? I need to be an octopus! LOL!

Now I'm off to try tweaking my Wordpress sites! Why oh why do Blogger and Wordpress have to be so different?

Mortgage? What's that?

I am glad to say that as of October 2007, the family finally owns the house we are living in, cause dad paid off the mortgage / housing loan early. Wheeee! This calls for a celebration, yes?

Don't get me wrong, but I have no clue about mortgages and housing loans and whatnot simply because I haven't gotten my own home yet. (I plan to, eventually.) Did you know that prices of houses are simply crazy right now? I can't imagine forking out over half a million for a simple double story house just because it happens to be near to Ikea. *rolls eyes*

Even my distant second cousin removed from UK can't get a home of his own yet because he doesn't have the earning power to do so. Maybe I should point him in the direction of
Uk Mortgages.

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A Hero I Am

Which Heroes Character Are You?

You are part Hiro. You are everyones favorite Japanese tourist. Your time is well-managed and you make sure things get done. On top of that, the girls always want a second chance with you.
You are part Claire. You're naive and still getting used to your abilities. Some more experience and assertiveness would be good for you.
Find Your Character @

Hmm, I'm glad I'm part Hiro *smirk*, but why am I part Claire *pout*? Cheh!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Find a cart(ridge)

I certainly wish I had the use of Cartridge Finder several years back when I was in charge of purchasing for my ex-company. With over 20 printers, fax and photocopy machines that all required me to keep an inventory of several different toner models, I'm sure that would have made my life much easier since not only I can check for the correct cartridge model but also the best price available. Do you know it's not easy to have five or seven or ten people come up to you weekly and badger you for new toners while your boss refuses to sign off on new purchases? Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

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I must...

... remain calm even though I'm fuming mad.

... not let this issue get to me and bring me down.

... ignore spiteful and petty little people in the office.

... try NOT to see it as it is (which is making me mad) but to look at it differently.

... forgive those who trespass against me - so the Bible says.

... bring my issues to the One above.

... hold on to my sanity with the thought that it's not much longer to go now.

Cricked back and a regal bed

I woke up with a cricked back yesterday (from having accidentally slept for too long in the wrong position) and was feeling majorly grumpy. It's the bed's fault, I reasoned. It's too old, it's due for a change. Then I thought it's the mattress' fault. It's too 'thin' and I can feel it sag in the middle. Actually, the bed and the mattress were perfectly fine. It was the sleeper's fault! LOL!

I had actually forgotten about my back and all until I saw the bed pictured above at the
French Beds section of Now don't you think it looks very grand and perfect for a good night's sleep? Very luxury hotel like too. I can just imagine myself in bed with a coupla fluffy pillows, blankets, a good book and maybe a stuffed toy friend or two. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it! Zzzzzz...

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Four Seasons Paris

I love Paris in the spring time
I love Paris in the fall
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles
~ Frank Sinatra ~

No no no. That didn't sound quite right. Let's try again.

I love Paris in
I love Paris in
I love Paris in
I love Paris anywhere she may dotcom!
~ rinnah ~

Much better. *grin* Eh, I know it's not exactly Keats but it's the thought that counts, rite? *bigger grin*

Happy Birthday to Ms Beaverbanks! May your blogs rise in popularity and your sponsored posts keep on flowing while your readers multiply! Hugs, rinnah

Of theme parks and holidays

Did you read the news today? Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, founder of Malaysia's first casino and theme park at Genting Highlands, has gone on to a permanent 'holiday'. *grin* I can't help but admire what he has achieved in his 90 years of life, coming as an immigrant from China. Now why didn't MY grandfather who also came over from China work as hard as him and leave us all richer? *pouts* I'm not asking to be the granddaughter of a billionaire, but a millionaire would be nice. *big grin*

Anyway, I wonder how Genting Theme Park would measure up if compared against Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, UK. As the oldest theme park in UK and also one of the biggest tourist attractions, that sounds pretty much the same to me. With major world famous rides like the Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion and the Big Dipper, it sounds like I could spend pretty much my whole day at the Amusement Parks and not be bored. I checked out their website and look, they have holiday packages starting from GBP30 per person. Uh, can anyone tell me if that's reasonable or not?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New look and a new Padawan

I guess by now you, my faithful and regular reader, would have noticed that my blog is looking a bit different since last night, eh? (That is, unless you are reading my posts via feedreader. *grin*) I've always wanted a three-column theme, but Blogger doesn't provide that in their ready-made templates and I was too chicken to go and mess around with the HTML coding. Then, a kind soul offered to help by showing me the way. Yay!

Special thanks to my Dark Side moolah making Padawan Ehon for providing me with idiot-proof instructions on how to 'fatten up your blog' to a three-column beauty (not the movie 300 Pound Beauty, k). If you wanna mess around with your template like I did, go check out the step by step guide now!

Oh yes, if you're feeling generous with your linky love today, why not add a link back to his site? *wink* You'll be helping him get one step closer to his dream of sponsoring a child.

Edit @ 1200hrs:
I have installed Haloscan for commenting, so comments made prior to this post are now not showing. :( Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Monday, October 22, 2007

A comedy of errors

You've read before that I lamented my baby face, but this is a whole different ballgame.

I had dinner with distant relatives last night whom we haven't met in four years. Now, I'd like to think that I haven't changed in four years, just that I've put on a wee bit of weight (which is invisible unless you have known me a long, long time). LOL! Anyway, right after I said hello to my distant aunt and uncle, I sat on the couch next to Dad. (This point is very important, you'll find out why in a moment.) There was a flurry of how-do-you-dos and long-time-no-see and my aunt exclaiming that it had been so long since she'd seen her cousin sister (my Mum), bla bla bla, yada yada yada.

Then, my eagle ears picked up this bit of conversation between that very same aunt and uncle at the side.

Aunt: "Is that so-and-so?" *talking about my Dad, thinking he was my cousin-brother-in-law*
Uncle (her husband): "No, that's so-and-so, your cousin sister's husband."
Aunt: "And who's that there with him?" *indicating me surreptitiously* "Is that his partner?" o.0
Uncle: "Don't be silly! That's the daughter. Remember, we met them four years ago?"
Aunt: "Oh."

*rinnah is speechless and has fainted*

This is like the hundredth and one time I've been mistaken as either Dad's wife or girlfriend or sister or whatever. Everything but the daughter.

Yes, he's *that* young looking. (Or am I old? LOL!) Bah.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

If you're sam pat and you know it

Ha, I got my first tag ever from EverydayHealy. And what a sam pat (3 - 8) tag it is too! *grin* Seeing as how I just did a variation of this tag below called complete your sentences, this should be easy-peasy. Heh.

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?
Me. LOL!

2. What were you doing at 0800? Slowly waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning and loving the fact that it's still the weekend.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? In the car, on the way home after a birthday party lunch gathering. Watching the
blue skies out the window after a good rain.

4. What happened to you in 2006? I quit my job twice. Finishing my degree. A lot of changes in my life that still continue to this day.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud? Nah. Seriously! While handing something over to my Dad.

6. How many beverages did you have today? Two. Barley in the morning with brekkie and orange cordial at the birthday lunch. Water in between.

7. What color is your hairbrush? Technically I can't answer this question because I don't use a hairbrush. But since it asks, my wide-toothed comb is fire engine red. LOL!

8. What was the last thing you paid for? That would be the stash of cosmetics I got from
Elianto yesterday.

9. Where were you last night? At
the Curve shopping. Later at Restaurant Fei Lou for dinner.

10. What color is your front door? Plain white.

11. Where do you keep your change? What change? I don't like coins weighing down my purse so I empty it out every night on my dresser.

12. What’s the weather like today? Cool and cloudy with scattered rainstorms. No thunder, just heavy rain.

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Cookies and cream rock my boat!

14. What excites you? Right now,
electronic gadgets. Heh. *hint hint*

15. Do you want to cut your hair? I'm actually overdue for a trim at the salon. Not a cut, just a trim to reshape the style.

16. Are you over the age of 25? Um. Uhm. Ahem. Can I not answer this question? *grin* I'm staying forever 21,

17. Do you talk a lot? Yeah, given the right subject / topic, right people / crowd and when I get going... I'm pretty much near unstoppable. *wide grin*

18. Do you watch the O.C.? Do I? *scoffs* See this
blogpost here. I also admit I have a not-so-secret cheesy crush on Ryan Atwood in the O.C. I talk the O.C. lingo in everyday life.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven? Which one you're talking about? Steven Spielberg from US? Steven Lim from Singapore? Steven from Steven's Corner?

20. Do you make up your own words? Uh, not now. I used to, when I was small.

21. Are you a jealous person? Ehehehe. I am as jealous as the next female. 'Nuff said.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’.

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. KH, an ex-colleague whom I just saw during lunch just now.

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? My Mum.

25. What does the last text message you received say? You gotta give me the award for best actress when you see me on Monday, k? (From one of my soon-to-be-ex-colleague regarding the news of my resignation.)

26. Do you chew on your straw? No, I don't see why I should. *grin*

27. Do you have curly hair? No, but I wish I did. My hair is so straight that perms don't hold for long and are a waste of money.

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? Petaling Jaya. For dinner with yet more relatives.

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? She who cannot be named from my office.

30. What was the last thing you ate? Agar-agar at the birthday lunch.

31. Will you get married in the future? I hope that is on the agenda, yes.

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? I haven't watched any movies in the past two weeks. Just series, and I have to say that
Monk rocks my socks!

33. Is there anyone you like right now? Uh. *thinks* Yes.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes? The last time company came over. I always help out then. Heh.

35. Are you currently depressed? Me, depressed? Not anymore! I'm doing super good right now, thank you very much.

36. Did you cry today? I didn't cry, but I got quite emotional at the thought of one of my best friends leaving Malaysia for US.

37. Why did you answer and post this? Because EverydayHealy tagged me. I love tags and memes.

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
Giddy Tiger - Because she's been tagging me and I haven't had the opportunity to tag back! Plus, it's her birthday!
May - I see that EverydayHealy's already tagged her, so I let her kill two birds with one stone!
Paris Beaverbanks - Another one of my favorite taggees!
Doreen - A new reader whose blog I've subscribed to. I'd like to get to know her better!
Simple American - I think the King of Memes hasn't done this yet, right?

Slow seduction

I a m s o t e m p t e d b y t h e i P o d N a n o

Until yesterday, I had lived in blissful ignorance of the global phenomenon that is the iPod. iPod, what's that, I scoffed. Any mp3 player would serve my purpose. I remained indifferent to the wave of people rushing towards making the iPod a best seller. Then yesterday, someone thrust into my hands, an 8GB silver iPod Nano and left it there for slightly less than an hour. Free. No charge. Just test drive it for two hours and then return the unit to them. I think it's a pretty cool marketing gimmick.

I was first impressed by the slimness of the Nano. It was so slim it was indecent. I could hardly feel it in my hands. Then the cool silver surface called to me. I was drawn to the shiny reflective surface and the simplicity of the white buttons on the front. But, the thing that sealed the deal was... the vibrant colour screen. Oh! It took my breath away. I mean, just look at the explosion above! Before you can say anything else... boom, I was in lust with it. LOL!

This is so going on my wishlist. *hint hint*

So there you have it. My first steps to the Apple camp. Signor LB, are you pleased yet? *grin*

Oh, and also a welcome to Ehon for having officially crossed over to the Dark Side of blogging! Teeheehee!

Giddy giddy giddy

It's a very special day today! Why?

Giddy Tiger's birthday!

Yes, my galpal of the blogosphere and
Ethan's mommy is one year older younger and prettier today.

Now just imagine, if I had not started blogging, I wouldn't get to know her. If my curiousity hadn't led me to click on her unique blogosphere name (how could you not be intrigued by someone calling themselves a giddy tiger?) from
Simple American's website, my RSS feeder would be much the poorer for it (the lovely tigress keeps 3 sites). If I hadn't gotten into an email discussion about PPP blogging with GT and Paris Beaverbanks, I wouldn't have gotten to become fast friends with her. Whoever said blogging was detrimental to social life? *big wide grin*

So dear GT, here's wishing you a fun-filled year of good things, blessings spilling over, neverending joy, moolah increasing and love overflowing. *hugs* XOXOXO

p.s. And I also pray you're recovered enough to enjoy your day today!

p.p.s. I don't know why, but I always associate a bouncing Tigger with your nickname! LOL!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Get me a lawyer, quick!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about lawyers lately. Maybe it's because I used to work in a law firm previously, or because I've been watching Ally McBeal reruns. Anyway, I'm sure our local Malaysian lawyers are nothing like Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys | California DUI Lawyers | Criminal & DUI Law Specialists. I mean, like, we don't have lawyers that specialize in these sort of cases except for a few big names, right? Think Altantuya trial. Hahaha. They're even available for consultation 24/7. Like how cool is that? As a top 5% law firm with over 50 years of experience, I'm sure they're earning the moolah to reflect that too.

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Sneak preview

I promised you all a filler post, right? Well, get an eyeful of this beauty...

Dance Crazy!

Yep, the dance itch / bug still hasn't gone away. But right now, the feeling's so strong that learning salsa alone isn't enough to satisfy me. I want more! I want to learn ballroom dancing, Latin dance, hiphop, even line dancing and I want to resume my ballet classes! (Okay, so that last one can be a lil' bit tricky since I'm no longer as flexible as when I was younger.) I can't help it; I was born to dance - it's in my blood.

If you're a dancer you'll know that feeling of exhilaration that rushes through your veins when you execute a dance step perfectly. You'll know what it feels like to move in rhythm with the music. Sometimes when your body moves it's like it's not your own body that moves with such grace and precision. You'll feel a compulsion to be moving when you hear that infectious beat or groove. Most of all, you'll know how good dance makes you feel. Even those who proclaim that they have two left feet can be coaxed and moulded into some form of dance movement with a bit of training.
But what is it about our Asian culture that is so repressed when it comes to dance? I remember being shushed when as a little girl I would spontaneously break out a dance move or two when I heard music. And when I eventually halted my dance lessons, it was probably the one thing I missed the most.

Time for me to resurrect my love of dance and dancing. No matter what people say, this time it's purely for my enjoyment. See you on the dancefloor?

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Let's fill in the blanks, shall we?

Aha... I'm beginning to think that Giddy Tiger can read my mind. I've watched this meme go around this side of the blogosphere, and wondered when it would come to me. Well, I don't have to wait any longer, because here it is, courtesy of of GT!

Complete the following sentences...

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss was oddly enough, comforting.

2. I'm listening to Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by Laura Fygi. Which kind of sums up my feelings at this moment.

3. I talk to myself a fair bit, but not out loud!

4. I love YOU! But I also love Him. And him. And you. And you. And you.

5. My best friends are the ones who stick with me thru thick and thin.

6. My car is dirty and in dire need of a long overdue wash.

7. My love life is all in my head. *grin*

8. I hate it when people ask daft questions when the answers are staring at them right in the face.

9. Love is when you accept someone unconditionally and are willing to do just anything for them.

10. Marriage is something I hope is in my future.

11. Somewhere, someone is the right one for me. Just don't take too long in finding me, k?

12. I'm always thinking about blogging. Addicted! *shakes head*

13. I have a secret cheesy crush on someone la. But since it's a secret, I shall tell you my not so secret crush... Benjamin McKenzie aka Ryan Atwood in The O.C.

14. My cell phone is my blogging machine when I can get free wifi connectivity!

15. When I wake up in the morning I always turn over for another 5 minutes of snooze, workday or no.

16. When I go to bed at night I want to zonk out quickly so that I can go to dreamland faster.

17. Right now I am thinking about Ally McBeal singing Goodnight My Someone.

18. Babies are precious bundles of joy as long as they're not screaming their heads off.

19. I get on myspace never. I prefer Facebook over Friendster. Myspace, what's that?

20. Today I am happy. 'Nuff said.

21. Tonight I will have sweet dreams. Hopefully!

22. Tomorrow I will have a better day than today! I just know it in my bones!

23. I really want to see you again. That would make my day, yes?

24. Someone that will most likely repost this is L B, because he has the bestest answers to one liners like this one!


I did this test out of fun and am flabbergasted to find out that millions of germs are probably right now cavorting around beneath my fingertips! Eewwwwww! *shiver* Gross! I think I shall go and buy a disinfectant spray this weekend and thoroughly clean my laptop.

So how dirty is YOUR computer?

Dance, baby, dance!

Lately I've been feeling an itch in my feet. The kind of itch that makes me wanna tap my feet to the songs on the radio and the sudden urge to seek out the nearest dancefloor so I can let loose! Guess it's years of not dancing all backed up that's coming out right now. *grin* But I haven't been dancing for so long I'm pretty sure that I'm outdated on the latest dance trends but that's not a biggie because I'm not into following trends anyways. So how to learn and improve?

I always knew one could
Learn to Dance Online, but I didn't know that SalsaBootCamp existed. You can learn how to dance all forms of salsa from the comfort and safety of your own home through their dance instructional online classes or free DVDs. In no time, you'll be dancing like the pros on So You Think You Can Dance!

I haven't had the time to go for weekly salsa classes, so this could be the very thing that lets me work out my dancing bugs. Cool!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

A mystery surprise

When I got home from work today, there was a mystery Pos Laju envelope sitting on my living room table. Ooo. A package! For me? I love surprises. Good ones, that is. Who could it be? The mystery was partially solved when I looked at the sender's name. Ah. It was from none other than my good galpal, Giddy Tiger.

Like a kid on Christmas Day, I eagerly ripped open the envelope to get at the contents inside. Lookiee lookiee! A wrapped pressie with the cutest bear bears all holding flowers! And a sweet note saying it was for my recent graduation. Awwwww... GT, you didn't have to... I'm touched that you remembered it and sent me a pressie from Penang!

And what was inside? Ta-dah! Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Uncannily, GT has picked a book I've always wanted to read, but never got around to reading! After this, I have to say that we are TOO freakily similar. Hehe.

So, I now know how I'll be spending my weekend. Curled up in bed with a good book! Wheeeee!

Gifts for all

*sigh* Year end is always such a trial on my pocket. Somehow, most of the people I know have their birthdays and special events clustered around the beginning and the end of the year. Plus it's Christmas and festivals during year end too.

I found these really nice Personalized Gifts of photo blankets and photo pillows online, and would love to give them, but I think it would be too much strain for the pocket to bear! I'll really need to be in Lilian's league before I can think about it.

I would just love to give Kelly or Ah Boy or Liucas a photo dog bed though. Wouldn't it be cool for them to sleep on a dog bed that bears their own picture? So glam, so superstar! It'll be really cool for kids too... imagine bedding / blankets with their picture on it... no more fighting over who stole whose blanket because the owner's mug is there for the world to see!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Errrr... can you spell that again?

Here is the American Heritage dictionary's explanation of the word breakthrough.

1. An act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction.
2. A military offensive that penetrates an enemy's lines of defense.
3. A major achievement or success that permits further progress, as in technology.

This is how a teenager spelt breakthrough on Sunday that had us all in stitches. Stuff in (brackets) added by me. Spellings all original.

BRATHROUGH (a see-through bra?)

BRAKETHROUGH (how to break through if you jam on the brakes first?)

Finally he got it right on the third try. LOL!

Handy dandy coupons

I'm very much a shopping queen and I like my good deals and bargains very much, thank you. Like my latest shopping spree over the long weekend, I only bought stuff that was on sale - 50% and more. So when I heard of Overstock coupons, I just *knew* it was a good deal. I wonder why stores in Malaysia don't make more use of coupons, eh?

In other news, Dad got a new work laptop over the weekend, so I guess there's no more need for me to locate
Dell coupons for him jor lor. But you never know when Dell discounts will come in handy, so I'm keeping the link.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Just say no!

Today is Blog Action Day and I'm supposed to blog about something we can all do to save our environment. So I'm going to make it real simple for you. Three words.

Just Say No!

No to what?

~ No to plastic bags. These choke up our environment when not disposed off properly.

~ No to water wastage. You can read my simple tips here at The Giving Hands.

~ No to electricity wastage. Turn those lights and electrical appliances off if you're leaving the room.

~ No to meat (for one meal la). It takes more energy to feed one cow than it does to raise crops in the same acreage.

~ No to buying more stuff that you won't use. If you know you won't use it, don't buy it. It only creates more junk in your home.

There you have it. Five really simple (but not that easy!) things to do.

Love the earth; it's the only one we have.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trying to stow my stuff away

I just got back from a shopping spree with a good girlfriend of mine. I can't believe I bought so much at one go! *moans* My cupboard and wallet will surely not thank me for this. Now, I need to come up with storage solutions to keep all of my loot. Maybe I should toss some old stuff, but I can't bring myself to do so! I think it's easier to just get more cupboards and shelves and what not. Or maybe I should just take over the guest room just for my clothes. Heh.

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rinnah's day out

One lunch. Two girls. Six hours.

Pancakes. Sausages. Tea. Salad. Bananas. Ice-cream!

Chit chat. Yada yada. Bla bla bla.

Giggles. Laughter. Gossip! Oooo.

Catching-up. Ranting. Venting. Commiserating. Hug hug.

A bit of camwhoring. Some pics for food blogging later on.

A whole lot of window shopping. In two shopping malls.

Shoe blitz! Three pairs in total. Preening in front of mirrors.

Ducking in and out of dressing rooms. Trying on numerous and varied outfits.

Spending a bomb. Four bags of loot.

I is happy. Heh.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fast, Faster... Fastest!

What is it about our consumerist culture nowadays that everything has to be fast? Fast food. Fast service. Fast money. Notice how the banks are now promising that they can approve those personal loans with cash advance to you fast fast? Bank A says they can approve you within a week. Bank B says they can do better - they'll approve you within 5 days. Bank C pooh poohs the idea and says they're the fastest cause they can do it within 2 days. The topper? Bank D who says they can approve you within 1 hour. Really. Not kidding you one.

But that's Malaysia. And personal loans taken are normally repaid in the space of year(s). Unlike the West, where they have these small, quick loans called Cash Advance
payday loans. Which means (I think!) that you pay back your loan when your next payday rolls around. Which for them there is once every two weeks. I think that getting paid that way is a much better way of managing your money compared to the current practice of being paid once a month where I seem to end up with nothing left after I pay off all my bills at one shot!

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Is this going to make me rich?

Ahahaha... I really have no idea. Free what, so whack only lah.

I need to take a online money making blogging masterclass from Lilian. (p.s. Congrats to Mistimoo on her soon to come new domain! Wheeee!) I wanna know how she makes that much USD in a month. If I can earn like she does ah, I no need to slave at my horrid job any longer leh.

Can become younger instantly too. *grin* Whaddaya think?

Of chairs and sleighs

I've been having recurrent flashbacks of the Recliner Leather Chairs in Friends that Joey and Chandler bought. I just feel like vegging out in front of the tv, with an endless supply of potato chips and pizza and soft drinks for the upcoming holiday weekend. Not a very healthy thing to do, but hey, it's a holiday, right?

But more likely than not, I'll be sitting on
Leather Club Chairs as I try out a new restaurant this week. Look out for that review to come your way soon!

And lastly, I dislike the antique
Brown Leather Chairs in my office because I scuffed my Balenciaga court shoes on the brass claw foot of one some time back (had to pay RM100 plus to repair the scratch mark! *sob*) and stubbed my foot on it again lately. I wish they would just replace them with normal chairs!

Somehow, seeing the words
queen sleigh bed make me think of the Snow Queen in The Chronicales of Narnia. I wonder why. Hmm.

I know this post isn't making much sense, but hey, it's Friday! And there's a three day weekend ahead of us!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm red in the face

No, I'm not drunk. Far from it! I'm just blushing as I recall my embarassing moments... and let me tell you, they're many. From little girl gaffes to right now. Aiyoh... so malu-fying! But... Paris Beaverbanks was game enough to tell us her most embarassing moment, and how can I refuse a tag from the lovely Ms. Beaverbanks?

So, out of the goodness of my heart, I'll tell you not one, but two. You figure out which is more embarassing, okay?

Home video 1
Little Rinnah is finally old enough to understand the concept of angpows on her third CNY (I've just passed age two here). At a distant relative's house, little Rinnah is given an angpow. Not understanding the proper social etiquette of angpow taking, the little girl rips open the angpow packet in full view of the guests and loudly tells mother, "Only one ringgit." I can't remember if the story goes that I cried over the angpow or not, but needless to say I got another angpow.

Holiday video 2
Rinnah is attempting to rollerblade for only the second time in her life. She is fully kitted out with helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Hesitant to leave the side wall, she wobbles around the side of the rink before finally gaining enough courage to try pushing herself out to the middle. Thinking she's making fine progress, suddenly she feels that fatal attraction of the the blades to want to go separate ways - meaning an impromptu split is about to happen. To add to that situation, Rinnah's equally newbie to rollerblading friend is headed in her direction, out of control and arms flailing. What to do? Rinnah tries to avoid her friend, but the blades won't cooperate with what the legs want them to do and Rinnah's friend ends up clutching at her like a life preserver but without both falling down. They try and sort themselves out and just as her friend wobbles away (presumably to go flail at someone else), Rinnah loses her balance and tips forward face first. Now imagine the loudest "plop" sound you can make falling face first onto concrete floor and magnify that using echo vibrations of the hall's ceiling. Everyone turns to stare at the very embarassed Rinnah who now can't get up because she lacks the balance to stand.

And you folks still wondering why I can't cycle or do outdoorsy stuff? Nah, reason above loh.

Gotta find some people to join the red-faced gang, so I tag...

Ah Boy

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Sands of Time

Ever had the fleeting thought that if only someone would give you a time machine and tell you that you could choose just one place in time that you could go back to? I know Hiro Nakamura does it all the time, and don't I wish I had his powers. My dear friend Giddy Tiger must have read my mind, because she gifted me with this tag that allows me to do exactly just that.

If there was one time... one time that I absolutely had to choose, I would choose to go back to 29 August 2004. Why? Because that day and the following two days were the happiest moments of my life. I was worry free, I was happy, I was on holiday, I was with good friends, I was with him. Everything, every moment, was just enchantedly perfect for those three days. Till today, the sight of those treasured holiday photographs can bring a silly smile to my face and all the memories of the fun times we had. I can still remember things said and done, the people and places there, the events that took place - all so clear in my mind. And maybe, just maybe, if I went back to that time, things would be different now.

And now, I pass the time travelling phenom on to...

Paris Beaverbanks

********************Start copy********************
Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
Tag Mode: 5 bloggers
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid’s life.
Hui Sia wish to go back to age 16 to meet her first lover again.
Giddy Tiger wishes to go back to a childhood life with no worries in the world.
Rinnah wishes she could turn back time to the happiest days of her life.
********************End copy********************

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tis' the season for revamping

I've been slacking a bit in writing for my current blogs because I've been pre-occupied in another *secret* writing project. Yes, I know... I can hear you all say already - "Rinnah, you have too much time on your hands!". Anyway. I feel kinda bad that I've not been putting out quality top-notch content (too many filler posts with quizzes! *blush*) for you, my loyal readers so I think I shall ease off the accelerator a bit and go back to basics. That means I need a refresher course on Blogging 101.

So if you see me posting a bit less, it just means that I wanna churn out entries of better quality (which I am musing to post over at instead and leave this blogspot blog primarily for sponsored crap stuff) and if you don't see me leaving comments so frequently, it doesn't mean that I don't love your blogs, it's just that if I have nothing meaningful to contribute to the post, I shall be silent. I still read ya all everyday though!

So much to write, too much to blog about, so little time! Wa wa wa...
*rinnah goes off to look for more time*

What Kind Of A Blogger Are You?

width="300" height="180" alt="What Kind of Blogger Are You?" border="0" />

Friendsation = Friend + Sensation?

Dating can be a minefield. Trust me. *ouch!* There's a lot of situations where you can get "He said, she said" but those normally happen after the initial testing phase. It's funny, but most couples I know started out simply, just as friends who turned into couples over a period of time. To me, that is the best way for the couple to get to know one another and see if they're suited. Chat is a good and non-threatening way to do this, besides the normal coffees, movie dates, etc. After all, if you can't find much things in common to talk about, I think you're a bit doomed from the start. But that's just me; don't take it for gospel, ya?

And if you find just normal chatting a bit plain and dull, Friendsation lets you do
Live Chat thru multiple mediums, so that should spice it up quite a bit. Ooo... phone chat. Sounds a bit like phone s*x no? LOL! But no, Friendsation is a free community website so it is definitely not some kinky chat-em-up site. Right now, Friendsation seems to be for people based in the US (their live phone chat is free there) so I guess we'll have to stick to plain instant messaging chat for now. But they have blogging too, so that could be another avenue. *grin*

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Monday, October 08, 2007

I have a fiver in my pocket

I tagged Little Miss May and she very gamely tagged me back with this tag of fives.

5 things found in my bag
~ Purse
~ Keys
~ Handphone
~ Pocket diary
~ Pack of tissue

5 things found in my wallet
~ Money
~ Credit card
~ Reward points card
~ Credit card transaction slips

5 things found in my room
~ Wardrobe stuffed with clothes
~ My stuffed toy display cabinet
~ Vanity mirror
~ Bookshelves for my mini library
~ Way too much stuff for one small room

5 things I've always wanted to do
~ Bum around unemployed but rich
~ Go travelling around the world
~ Go bungee jumping
~ Go go-karting
~ Learn ballroom dance

5 things I'm currently in to
~ Blogging
~ Singing
~ Compiling personal mp3 albums
~ Photography
~ Poetry

5 beautiful people to tag
Giddy Tiger

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Travel safe

When one goes on a vacation, it would be pleasant to know that in the event of anything, you're completely covered. After all, horror stories abound (and I'm sure each one of us can name a few) of all the bad / unlucky things that have happened to either yourself or someone you know. Lost luggage and delayed flights are small but regular occuring incidents. And touch wood, you wouldn't want anything so bad as hijacking or bombing / fire to happen whilst you were on holiday. And who hasn't heard of thefts and illnesses? Well, there's this nifty website that offers insurance specifically for travel, with up to over 65 travel insurance types. They cover medical expenses, lost personal belongings, travel delays, and others. You are fully covered for the duration of your trip and that gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels. It comes in handy especially for senior travellers, as they even cover those up to 79 years old! With more and more senior citizens globe-trotting, it would be a relief to their children to know that their seniors are covered during travel. You can even get your coverage for single trips, multiple trips or extended long stay trips. I know I'll definitely be getting this sort of insurance coverage when I next travel overseas.


I have tags to do, sponsored posts to write and a hundred and one things to blog about. Time to get into the blogging groove again. But in the meantime, I really should be sleeping because it's Monday tomorrow, and that means work. Bah. Still, I'm up with my eyes wide open just because I can't sleep because of the hundred and one thoughts (all non-blogging related) crowding my mind. So what to do? Blog lah!

Mistimoo, got any tips for insomnia?

Friday, October 05, 2007

It's quiz time!

I love quizzes and tests. And if you haven't noticed by now, I take a number of them and post my results on my blog. Maximum narcissicm! Muahahaha. Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for more fun and interesting stuff, and when I heard about kissing quizzes, my interest was pricked. What are they and do you have to kiss anyone for them? *grin* You can be sure if it's interesting, I'll be there checking it out. So hop on over to Quibblo now, okay?

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We now interrupt your regular viewing...

You Are In a Decent Mood

You aren't turning cartwheels, but you're having a pretty good day.

Some ups, some downs, but overall you're coming out ahead.

And who knows? Tomorrow could be even better!

Figures. Neither up, neither down. How was your day?

Looking for the easy way out

This has been a particularly exhausting week. Mentally because there is so much that I've been thinking about and planning for. Physically no thanks to that bout on Monday and the onset of the flu ever since. Sneezing and sniffling and making wantons of tissue paper are no fun, especially when you factor in the body and headaches.

This tiredness has made me such a lazy bum that I wish for stairlifts in my home so that I won't have to take the stairs. Wouldn't it be nice if you can whiz up and down without having to climb stairs? All the better if it's several floors. Heh. Can you tell now that this is the primary reason for my weight gain? Bwahahaha. Not enough exercise. Too much sitting around on my bum. Sometimes I wonder how Renee Zellweger could put on so much weight for Bridget Jones and how Mark Darcy could have liked Bridget. Maybe she was one of his causes to save, since you know, he's a human rights lawyer and all.

Back to the weekend. R&R is on the menu! Rest and Relaxation. I need to recharge my batteries for the coming week. Thank goodness for public holidays next week!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blogging and me

Today's deep thinking post comes as a result of:

~ reading Paris' Beaverbanks' musings on the masks we wear in life
~ reading that Pink Elle's bro thinks of bloggers as "all those people who have no real names"
~ reading the writings of Mr. Blue* - who thinks that blogs and bloggers are full of pretense
(*name changed [ahahaha] to protect identity)

And I thought to myself. Do I, rinnah, fall into any of those categories? I commented on Paris' post that I don't count the masks I wear. Sure, I do wear masks. This one for work, this one with friends, this one with family (close), this one with family (extended), bla bla bla. But I don't think of it as wearing a mask. More like adopting different roles to suit the occasion. I cannot be fun, silly me at work. I need to be focused and serious. I can't be serious all the time with my friends, but neither can I 'manja' them like I can with family. Sure, it would be a whole lot easier if I didn't have to think about which role I'm in all the time (and sometimes I do get them muddled up) but it sure would be a lot harder to get along with everyone if I didn't adapt myself every now and then. There are times, however, when I just want to give it all up and tell the world - "This is me. Take it or leave it if you don't like it."

So just as playing a role(s) in real life, is who I am online another role? Yes, and no. I think of my online persona as an expansion / extension of who I am. I say things louder and express myself clearly in the blogosphere when I would just keep my thoughts to myself in real world. I don't airbrush myself to make myself look good, neither do I dumb myself down. This is the real me, what thoughts go on in my head. I put them all out, so there's nothing to hide. But yet, there are many times when I don't want someone from real life who knows me intruding into the blogosphere (unless by invitation!) so I use a pseudonym. Yet even then, my blogname is derived in short form from my real name. So, that is my reason for not having a real name.

Are then blogs fiction made up by people with no real name? How much of it can you believe and not be led astray by the persona that the other person projects onto his or her blog? Therein lies the question. And that is why Mr. Blue thinks that all blogs and bloggers are by no means any match for the real thing - e.g. getting to know the person in real life. (But what if they're wearing a mask when they meet? Aha.)

I beg to differ. For me, blogging is from the heart. And every word I blog is real. Not made up. Exaggerated at times, I'll admit that. But mostly all me. And I'd like to think that it's the same for you, you and you out there. I'm sure that you've made a connection with someone in the blogosphere that can be called more than acquaintance, closer to being called friendship, just that it's not sealed by a face to face meeting. Why else do we keep on coming back to those blogs and bloggers whom we know and love?

Mr. Blue doesn't know me or my blog, so he will never read this post and have the opportunity to respond. But what do my fellow bloggers think? Let me know in your comments.

Helping me shop smart

Even when I was a tot, I never bought into the myth of Santa coming down the chimney and leaving presents. First, there were no chimneys in houses in Malaysia and there never was any snow. So, you could say that I never had my dreams of Santa rudely interrupted by reality. What I did know was that Christmas meant lots and lots of prezzies for me! Me me me! Muahahahaha. Of course, I was a very good little girl all year round so of course I got my presents la.

Now as I am an adult, I find that Christmas isn't so much about receiving presents, but more about giving presents. There'll be a list a mile long of people whom I have to get stuff for, and I can tell you... Man, it hurts the pocket! *sniffle* Luckily, this year I've found something that will help ease the pain on my wallet and make the season a much more merry one. It's Coupon Chief. With their
coupon codes, I'll be able to get more bang for my buck and hopefully, more smiles on people's faces.

I would surely like to get the ladies some cosmetics from
Benefit and maybe some CDs or DVDs from SonyMusicStore for the guys. And maybe a new home for Kelly from PetsMart. Sound like a good plan?

One post for Burma

Free Burma!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007



Don't say it...

I am F A T.

Oh no!

Oh yes.

It pains me to say this but... my skirt... which I bought seven months ago... and fitted well then... is... T I G H T! *cries*

The scale tells me I've put on 3kg plus (which is almost 7 pounds) between then and now.

I feel like a blimp.

A bloated one.


Anyone got any slim fast method?

Construction 101

There's a building under construction right next to the building where I work, and being blessed with a window means that I can look out and see the construction workers as they toil day and night to get that building up fast. It's really quite amazing to see how each floor goes up day by day - first they were below me, then they were on eye level with me and now they're above me. And all those heavy machinery! I wonder how the crane operator knows when to stop, when to lift, when to lower... he's so high up there and separated from his colleagues below.

I found this Heavy Equipment Operator School website from US and it got me to thinking if we have a similar type of school here in Malaysia or if they just learn "on the job". How many of our construction workers are properly trained and certified? There are numerous small reports in the papers of accidents that occur at construction sites but unless it involves a death, most go unreported and unnoticed. Could this accident rate be reduced with a good certified training program?

And as a matter of fact, how many of the workers in the local construction industry are locals and not migrant workers from other countries? Food for thought.

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Contest me me me!

Hmm, I seem to be entering a lot of contests lately. Let's see...

~ I won a petrol voucher (amount as yet unknown) from
Perodua for entering their contest last year. Wheeeee!

~ I entered the Shell win 25K contest last month (multiple entries)
~ This month and until November, I'll be trying the
Shell Win a Trip to Grand Prix contest (multiple entries)
~ I put up a
blog post for a chance to win a Western Digital terabyte storage machine from

~ Now I'm putting up a blog post for a chance to win vouchers from MPH or McDonalds!

Local author
Lydia Teh (Life's Like That) is running an online contest for her readers and bloggers to celebrate the passing of 10,000 copies in print of her latest book, Honk! If You're Malaysian.

The prizes up for grabs are:

1st place - 1 x RM100 voucher

2nd place - 1 x RM50 voucher

3rd place - 1 x RM30 voucher

You get to choose whether you want MPH or McDonalds voucher.

How to enter? It's very simple. You just hop over to
the blog post on the contest here and leave a comment for one chance. If you want to double your chances, put up a blog post like I'm doing now (give her some support also la!) and drop a trackback/linkback to her blog.

The contest ends 20 October 2007 (Saturday), so you have plenty of time to enter.

This is a community service brought to you by rinnah!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Of sofas and shrinks

Narrowband recently suggested (jokingly, of course!) that I see a psychiatrist after he found out what was on my desktop. Which got me to thinking... I wonder why psychiatrist offices have leather sofas for you to recline on. Is it because leather is easier to clean up just in case a bad spate of crying leads to something being spewed onto the sofa? Or is it to lull you into a false sense of luxury so that you don't feel pain at the steep fees you fork out? On the contrary, the sofas at the doctor's offices are normally tattered and torn and in great need of replacement, and are mostly not leather. So does this mean that psychiatrists earn more than doctors? Hmm, I wonder. Food for thought! And what are espresso sectionals? Do I need a psychiatrist to decipher this?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Nine up, over and out!

I can't believe it. Time has flown away like no one's business, and we're already starting the month of October! Where did the year go to? Before I can turn around, Christmas will be here soon. It's too soon!

Anyway, the time has come for me to publish the chupping results for the month of September. I had a record 64 posts, with both sponsored and non-sponsored content. *pengsan* I really didn't realize that I wrote that much! (By the way, looking at the overwhelming number of sponsored posts, I will stop awarding hug hug points for sponsored posts... not very fair to keep on awarding it out. *sheepish grin*)

Here are the hard-working and prolific top three chuppers:

Angel who flitted in and out with a whopping 111 hug hug points!!!

Hard on the angel's wings was a very
Giddy Tiger who somehow found time in between tagging me to rack up 96 hug hug points!!

Despite the summer holiday hiatuses... this
terrible twosome still managed an amazing and very fatt 88 hug hug points each!

Whew! I am amazed that they managed to rack up that many points between them all. Rounding off the rest of the list...

4th - Wennnn with 52 hug hug points!
5th - Zewt with 22 hug hug points!
6th - Mistipurple with 20 hug hug points!
7th - Chen with 13 hug hug points!
8th - Mudpie with 12 hug hug points!
9th - A pretty duo of Misha and Paris Beaverbanks with 11 hug hug points each!
10th - Narrowband with 10 hug hug points!
11th - Ehon with 9 hug hug points!
12th - A three-way tie between Pelf, Leonard and A^Ben with 4 hug hug points each!
13th - A crowd consisting of Adrian, Ah Boy, Sengkor, Tom Wigley and Nick Phillips with 1 hug hug point each!

Let's see you chup this coming month! Ready, get set, go!

Eye care for you

I think it's so important that we care for our eyes, because we're only given one set to live with for our entire life. I know I don't take the best possible care of my own eyes, because if I did, I would still have perfect vision, no? I spend waaaaay too much time staring at the computer, and when it's not the computer then it's the television. Tsk tsk tsk. Bad girl!

I don't like wearing my glasses, but they are a necessary evil, so to speak, so that I can go around without stumbling like a blind bat. I have contacts, but am normally too lazy to wear them and equally as lazy to take them off at night. Lasik? Too chicken to let any surgeon, no matter how qualified, to cut up my eyeball. LOL! That and the talk of dry eyes (and no rubbing your eyes!) after the procedure puts me off.

Anyway, I found this website that talks all about natural eye care. With their quick tips on prevention care, you can potentially extend the "lifetime" of your eyes. It also has sections on the different types of eye conditions like dry eyes, computer eye syndrome, glaucoma, and others. They even have a free e-book that teaches you the correct kinds of
Eye Exercises to do for your eyes so that they are less tired!

Now I'm off to exercise my eye-sies so that they sparkle and are bloomin' marvelous!

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