Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ouch! That's so not funny, man...

You know it's time to go on a diet when even your boss playfully remarks on your size. Bah.

I was on medical leave at the start of February's working month, after having unwisely indulged two small slices of kum (aka mandarin orange) after lunch on Sunday. Upon return to work on Tuesday, my colleague told me that my boss had laughed upon receiving my SMS saying that I would be on MC due to gastric pains.

"You mean a chubby person like rinnah also can get gastric pains?" -_-"

That is so not funny man... Looks like I really have to work on my weight issues right away before I receive anymore untoward comments. Oh, but I withstood (and survived!) an onslaught of the aunties during CNY commenting that I've put on weight. Haiiiiii...

Thing is, how not to put on weight when I'm so near to food everyday? My department has this hidey-hole cupboard (yes, a whole cupboard!) we call our pantry where we hide all our junk food from the prying eyes of the world. Haha. That circumvents the rule that there should be strictly no food in the office. Well, they did say no food on display... they never said anything about not being able to store food in cupboards and drawers! Lawl. We (my colleagues and I) have this cute-sy ritual of eating selected foods at certain times of the day. Almost like government servants, we take quickie 5-min breaks to have "tea" at 11am. Then dessert after lunch. 3pm is "raisin time" when we nibble on raisins. 4pm is "chocolate time". After 4.30pm is "Mamee / Cheezel time". You say leh?

It's a tad frightening to note that certain clothes are beginning to feel a wee bit more snug than they should be. Not a good sign. *sigh* Maybe a bit more fleshly padding will help cushion the paintball shots when they happen. Hah. Yep, gotta stop making excuses and just hit the exercise trail.

Yes, you heard that right... rinnah is exercising! Bwahahaha.

I've decided that the best way to exercise is by having fun, so my first activity is paintball this Saturday. Not looking forward to the pain, but looking forward very much to having a ball of a time (excuse the pun). Lawl. Besides the paintball-ing activity, I've also resolved to join my colleagues and management in jogging in KLCC park every Friday evening. I've already gone for one round last week, and despite just doing brisk walking of two circuits of the jogging trail they have there, my feet were aching for 2 days after! Just goes to show how unfit I am.

So, here's hoping 2008 will bring a fitter rinnah!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's just a blog-lah... or is it?

It's not easy being a blogger in Malaysia. We get called names. We're accused of being liars. We're dismissed as being unemployed good-for-nothings who have nothing better to do. Lately, according to our Youth & Sports Minister, we are purportedly rumour-mongering cowards and a nuisance to UMNO. Huh.

I'm not a political blogger, no sirree, but hey, I take exception to being tarred with the same brush, okay? It's like generalizing that the whole world outside of US is unimportant. Or it's like saying all females are weepy and emotionally complex creatures. You get my drift? Yes? No?

I thought my blog was just you know, a standard, run of the mill kinda blog. A whole lotta ranting and raving going on about people who annoy me or amuse me. Rambling on and on about insignificant things that happened to me today. The occasional sponsored post or two to make some moolah. *grin*

Oh, by the way, the Home Affairs Ministry is monitoring bloggers too, not just mainstream media. If ever they chance across my blog, I wonder if they'll be able to make head or tail of this really silly, useless post? If you can, I'd say kudos to you! Say, maybe you should apply to the Home Affairs Ministry for that job too? Get paid for reading blogs all day long. Hurhurhur.


It's not just a blog. Or any old blog. Through this blog I've met great friends and I'm quite happy (and proud) to say that I've finally met my 'big sis' the Giddy Tigress!

Yup. Face to face in the Curve on Sunday. Hehehe. And the first thought that popped into my mind was that she, Mr Giddy Tiger and the lil' Giddy Tiger Cub are exactly as seen on her blog! That's how I could spot her before she spotted me. Hehe. Now I'm kicking myself for not doing it, but I wanted to give her a great big HUG when we said Hi. (Can I hug you now though? *hug*) Though our meeting was cut rather short (no opp to snap a pic of the momentous event!) by the lil' Giddy Tiger Cub wanting to get a move on to Ikea. Eheh. Next time we go makan, can?

So, who says blogs are no good? *wink*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Was it theft or vandalism?

My poor baby. Last year, it was involved in two separate accidents that resulted in the tail lights being knocked out. This year, is not progressing smoothly either.

A few weeks back, a stranger stupidly reversed into the front of my stationary car while I was waiting in queue at a traffic light. He just let his car move backwards even though I honked and honked like mad. Luckily, there was no damage, not even a teeny scratch, just one very embarassed man who apologized profusely.

Then, sometime yesterday, unbeknowst to me (while I was at work), somebody made off with the door visors of my little Kelisa. Really feel like going *#@$%&#(... He (or they?) ripped off the door visors on both front doors, and cracked the door visor on the rear door behind the driver's seat.


What on earth would anyone want with the door visors anyway? And it's not like I drive a brand new car. Door visors aren't exactly popular replacement items in demand, but they also aren't the most expensive parts of a car. (In fact, the replacement for all four door visors cost me RM 48 + 15 for labour charges.)

The scary part is, the theft / vandalism happened in my office basement carpark, and it's not as if I parked my car in some seedy part of town. I'll admit that the basement carpark is a tad dark, but which basement carpark (with stingy management) isn't? My peace of mind is quite unsettled now that such a thing could happen. What if these people had more in mind than just door visors? Memories of Canny Ong la. I intend to report this incident to the carpark management on Monday. I'm sure they won't do anything about it, but I just want to complain la.

When getting my baby fixed up today, I mentioned to the auto workshop people that the door visors had been ripped off and they were quite incredulous that someone would want to do that. In fact, they remarked that maybe someone wanted to 'kena' me. :o( Even my mom asked if I had unknowingly 'offended' (tak chui) anyone recently. No wor... unless... somebody out there is annoyed that I park my car at work in the same spot everyday? That's the only thing I can think of. And no, I am not parking in a reserved lot - it's a first come first serve kinda lot. Still, my mom said that I shouldn't park in that spot anymore and I shall heed her advice lor.

So, what do you think - theft or vandalism?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First appearance day!

I'm not out to steal anyone's thunder *grin*, but here's a welcome to the world shoutout to baby Collin, newborn son of Allandog, the brother of the Giddy Tigress! Some of you may remember that Allan was the chap I supported at the MRSC last December. :o)

Baby Collin, jiejie wishes you a good long and healthy life, superb intelligence and physique, prosperity and success overflowing, and most of all, love, joy and happiness everyday. *muack*

And you know, twenty something years ago, on January 28, a baby girl made HER first appearance in the world. And that baby was me la. *grin*

I had initially thought that this year's birthday would be quieter than previous years and that maybe I could slide past it unnoticed, but no... other people had other plans. Like...

~ may's super duper early birthday blogpost

~ l b's birthday blogpost with tag present & very on-time SMS all the way from Italy

~ the giddy tigress' blogpost & mystery pressie (but mysterious no more since I've opened it!). Thank you so much dear! How'd you know that it was the type of thing I'd like?

~ angel's birthday shoutout

~ chevchen's birthday blogmilk... hehe. Got milk? *wipes milk moustache*

~ doreen's birthday wishes

~ Birthday wishes from family, friends and colleagues

~ And oh! all the bloggerific birthday greetings from bloggers all over - mistipurple, narrowband, paris beaverbanks, zewt, pelf, adrian, eastcoastlife, adino, mudpie, kyh, jemima, cocka doodle, huisia, leonard, laundry amah, trinity, bongkerz, huei, _butt, kat

~ One birthday dinner on 26 Jan at DELIcious

~ One birthday lunch on 28 Jan at Secret Recipe

~ A karaoke session on 31 Jan at RedBox Plus

~ One more birthday lunch on 01 Feb at The Daily Grind

~ One more birthday dinner on 01 Feb at Opus Bistro

So, this year was more happening than I thought it would be. *grin*

p.s. I haven't had the time to do up THHC charts for January, so bear with me, k?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today is NOT Valentine's Day

It is Single Awareness Day!

Yeah, I'm a bit sour grapes this year. Lawl.

With a touch of green envy at the flowers my colleague got.

And also wishing I didn't hear plans from another colleague to take his girl out for dinner tonight.

So, what are you going to do to celebrate Single Awareness Day (SAD) Valentine's Day?

I know.

Spend a bomb on horrendously overpriced flowers and an even more pricy dinner squashed with tons of other couples who had exactly the same idea in mind?

Or gift her some yummy chocolates that will put on a few dozen pounds onto her figure. Hehe.

If you're fabulously wealthy, maybe a sparkly bauble or two.

(And despite the ranting above, yes, I'd love all of that!)

Oh, btw, how ironic is it that Single Awareness Day means SAD?

Can you tell I'm SAD? No? Nooooo?

Maybe you should go read Boss Stewie's post too.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Prevent identity theft!

Today, I was busy bloghopping when I came across this free fun quiz on that promises to point out areas where I am lax on protecting my identity. Ooo. Sounds very serious indeed. So, click here click there and I have a score of 63.6 out of 100. Not bad, eh? It says "you have taken prudent steps to protect yourself from identity theft". So, that probably means that I am at minimal risk for identity theft, which is good to know. No doubt identity theft is less rampant in Malaysia than it is in the United States, but one should cover all bases, yes?

I'm quite impressed with Lifelock's $1 million dollar guarantee to protect your identity from theft. Like how the CEO can freely give out his Social Security number (the US equivalent of our NRIC) and still not have anyone be able to utilize it nefariously? Whoa. Well, you could have that safety and security too, if you're willing to shell out $10 per month. I wonder if that works too in Malaysia? There is a Lifelock promotion code running right now that will give you the first 30 days free and save $21 off the annual fee. It's the best discount there is out there, so go ahead and secure your identity now!