Saturday, February 23, 2008

Was it theft or vandalism?

My poor baby. Last year, it was involved in two separate accidents that resulted in the tail lights being knocked out. This year, is not progressing smoothly either.

A few weeks back, a stranger stupidly reversed into the front of my stationary car while I was waiting in queue at a traffic light. He just let his car move backwards even though I honked and honked like mad. Luckily, there was no damage, not even a teeny scratch, just one very embarassed man who apologized profusely.

Then, sometime yesterday, unbeknowst to me (while I was at work), somebody made off with the door visors of my little Kelisa. Really feel like going *#@$%&#(... He (or they?) ripped off the door visors on both front doors, and cracked the door visor on the rear door behind the driver's seat.


What on earth would anyone want with the door visors anyway? And it's not like I drive a brand new car. Door visors aren't exactly popular replacement items in demand, but they also aren't the most expensive parts of a car. (In fact, the replacement for all four door visors cost me RM 48 + 15 for labour charges.)

The scary part is, the theft / vandalism happened in my office basement carpark, and it's not as if I parked my car in some seedy part of town. I'll admit that the basement carpark is a tad dark, but which basement carpark (with stingy management) isn't? My peace of mind is quite unsettled now that such a thing could happen. What if these people had more in mind than just door visors? Memories of Canny Ong la. I intend to report this incident to the carpark management on Monday. I'm sure they won't do anything about it, but I just want to complain la.

When getting my baby fixed up today, I mentioned to the auto workshop people that the door visors had been ripped off and they were quite incredulous that someone would want to do that. In fact, they remarked that maybe someone wanted to 'kena' me. :o( Even my mom asked if I had unknowingly 'offended' (tak chui) anyone recently. No wor... unless... somebody out there is annoyed that I park my car at work in the same spot everyday? That's the only thing I can think of. And no, I am not parking in a reserved lot - it's a first come first serve kinda lot. Still, my mom said that I shouldn't park in that spot anymore and I shall heed her advice lor.

So, what do you think - theft or vandalism?

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L B said...

Most likely someone who had nothing better to do (unaffiliated with EFND™, I must add!)... Hugs for you!!

angeles said...

Oh dear... difficult to say... but better be careful, yeah.

Moms know best :)

Be really, really careful while in the carpark, ok! Hugs!

kyh said...

this is subjective lor... but just be careful!

hugs hugs for a pwetty sunday ahead!

Doreen said...

Likely to be vandalism. Some sick people really so free got nothing to do so went around damaging people's car.

may said...

door visors also kena steal?! ishhhh. those people too much... too much... *shakes head*

Chev said...

Oops, sorry to hear that :(
Sounds like vandalism
Gotta be careful loh when inside the car park..


mistipurple said...

ya, just be extra careful. so unsafe nowadays. :(
that said, have a great sunday! know you'll be running around all day too. tiring eh? *hugs*

Tine said...

Methinks it's simply vandalism, where idiots with half a brain come out to play. Poor thing. Be careful ya?

zewt said...

thieves usually attack the smaller window... clearly... this is not theft...

Adino said...

I don't think it's vandalism. Vandals usually go for something more obvious like smashing or scratching something.

Probably some other Kelisa owners needed to replace their visor or something.

Or they are just being good-for-nothings with nothing to do.

Btw, my dad told me yesterday that the latest tactic is for crooks to throw egss on your windshield. When you use your wiper to clean it, your wiper will smear egg all over your windscreen. When you stop to clean it off, the crooks will rob you.

Leonard said...

kaoz, visor also wanted to steal meh. maybe the person has the driver side visor went kaput so steal your one. so you got yourself a new set?

btw, visor also cheap cheap nia! so i still cannot decide, it can be still either theft or vandalism!!

giddy tigress said...

You poor dear! And you didn't even mention a word of it when me met! methinks it is jealousy - you park at the same spot every day...maybe that used to be that fella's same spot?