Monday, March 31, 2008

I don't fancy Daniel Craig

Okay, all you Craig fans out there, just shoot me now. *grin*

I rewatched a bit of Casino Royale during my recent holiday (we were chillin' out in the evening) and it so happened that the movie was at *that* part where Craig attempts to do a Halle Berry and walks out of the sea clad in nothing but his baby blue Speedos. (What? Cannot be observant har? LOL.) See, I'm so nice I put a refresher picture here for you too. ;oP

For the 101th time, I've tried my darndest to accept a blond Bond but I just cannot bring myself to accept that. Bleh. For that reason and that reason only, I kind of get put off watching Bond movies. (Eh, I have watched almost every Bond movie ever made, 'k. Blame it on my dad, the Bond franchise fan.) Guess that explains why I've never been able to complete watching Casino Royale. After like five minutes, my brain just goes, "Waittaminute... that's not Bond! Bond's not supposed to look liddat..."

But seriously, what is it with people's obsession with Craig and that particular scene? Is it because he broke the unwritten and unspoken gender rule that only females get to do the bikini scene? Naw, didn't think so. It's because of his body. But hor, IMHO, nothing much to look at la. I've seen nicer. *giggles* On television and on the movie screen la! What were you thinking? *piak*

Think Will Smith. Much, much better looking any day. Or Hugh Jackman. Mmm. But the guy that takes the cake has gotta be Colin Firth. Oh, Mr Darcy! Who else can make women swoon while fully clothed? Lawl.

Tell me I'm not crazy weird and that Daniel Craig (and his bod) are overhyped? Gee...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Victim of a snatch theft!

You know, I never thought this would happen to me but it did.

My mobile phone just got snatched right out of my hands when I was walking back to office from lunch. Luckily, I did not fall, nor get injured and the thief did not succeed in snatching my purse as well, which was carried in the same hand.

It all happened so quickly that I don't even know how it happened. One minute I was just walking and then the next thing I knew this Malay guy had snatched my phone out of my hand and took off. I screamed, of course, at the top of my lungs. "Hey! Come back here! He took my phone!" And I don't know what made me run after him (some more I was wearing a baju kurung) shouting and yelling. It certainly wasn't bravado. I just wasn't thinking of anything except to get my phone back. But of course, I couldn't catch him because he had an accomplice on a motorbike and he jumped on and took off.

I was so much in shock that I forgot to thank the kind gentlemen who tried in vain to help me stop that thief. One tried to grab the thief by the jacket and two tried to kick the motorcycle to make the thieves fall down. And the wonderful irony of it all? All three of them were Malay. I'm sorry I just walked off like that. I didn't know what else to do after the thieves zoomed off and I just wanted to get into the safety of the office building.

I've already called Maxis to suspend the line, and I'll probably take some time off to get my replacement sim card tomorrow. Unfortunately, all the contacts inside my phone are gone forever, because I didn't write them down and neither did I have the phonebook contact save feature activated with Maxis. So, to the people reading this, can you please email me your numbers again? Don't send me sms 'cos I can't receive it. Thanks.

*sobs* My baby Nokia N80! I mish you... I want you back... *bawls*

Edit @ 21:32 - I just noticed how apt my Verse of the Day (in my sidebar) is... it reads : “In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.” (Psalm 62:7)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The time has come....

T minus zero days to Medan & Lake Toba. Woot! \(^.^)/

Yes, I'm off for my holiday today! (But first I gotta sleep and wake up and go to work and come back from work and pick up my stuff and go to the airport... yes, I know I'm so kiasu as to post this the moment the clock strikes midnight, or earlier, which happens to be the case since Blogger has no auto-publish feature...)

I can't wait to board the plane. All my stuff is ready, it's been packed since like just now. Feels good to be an insta-millionaire (in rupiah) though I wonder why I don't feel richer. Heh. Passport, tick (complete with pretty picture too. Haha). The camera is primed for action and the batteries are charged. The person is amped.

Be back soon with lotsa pics, y'all!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The mystery of the missing January...

... THHC™ points, that is.

Did anyone notice that I haven't posted up any THHC™ results for this year? Yes? No? I dunno?

Bad girl, rinnah. No more procrastinating! *piak*

Okay, so I shan't put this off any longer, but I got tired of tabulating halfway through so I'm only releasing the January results! *naughty grin* (Samore I only wrote eight posts in January. *gasp*)

But, here are your intrepid chuppers!

1st - l b
2nd - angeles
3rd - mistipurple

And rounding off the pack...

4th - misha
5th - chev & zewt
6th - andie summerkiss (new chupper!), may & wennnn
7th - the giddy tigress & narrowband
8th - kyh

Curious cats and blur sotongs can go here to find out more about THHC™.

I'll try to post up February's results before the month of March is over... *crosses fingers behind back*

By the way, has anyone tried these games before?

They're both done on the same premise, that is, you have to find the hidden objects within the picture. You have to find X number of objects within XX number of minutes in order to progress to the next level. It's very addictive! And strenous on the eyes too. Haha. I can spend an hour or so staring intently at the screen trying to figure out where the hidden item is.

Oops. Now you know what I've been doing instead of posting your THHC™ results. Mystery solved! *grin*

Monday, March 10, 2008

Comedy Court rocks my socks!

This is too good not to share...

For those who haven't heard their stuff yet, go check it out! Search for Comedy Court on YouTube and see their past works of art.

Cool leh.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I voted in Malaysia's 12th General Election

I know I promised no more politically inspired posts and no, I'm not breaking my promises ala politician. This is just a record of the First Time I ever voted. (Warning: Cheong hei post ahead.)

I didn't get up at the crack of dawn to go vote, unlike some other voting accounts that I read. Instead, I had a leisurely time getting ready before the family headed out to vote together in the mid-morning. Lucky for us that our polling station is the same, so that eliminates the need to run about (unlike past elections before the parentals changed their registered address) and the school we had to vote at was a mere 8 minutes drive away.

The first thing that caught my eye was the tents set up by Barisan Nasional workers, who were out in full force. They were gaily decked out in matching t-shirts, vests, caps and waving small flags with the "dacing" logo. Two of them were standing on the road acting as traffic marshals - I got a nice parking space pretty near to the school entrance. I didn't stop to check my voting details since I'd already done it online previously so I went straight into the school. (Somehow I was mentally comparing my old school with this one, and this one was so much cleaner, brighter and nicer!)


First, to check with the polling staff to see which lane I'd be assigned to... they're still rather low tech, going thru paper records and ticking off your name against your NRIC. Then they give you a slip of paper with a number on it that tells you which voting room you should go.


I got placed into category number seven, which I assume is for voters in their twenties? Apparently the voters were separated into age groups. I wonder why... if you say it's for the ease of the elderly, you could just specially set aside one classroom for them what. No need to segregate us according to age. Makes me feel somewhat "controlled", like Big Brother's watching my vote, even though they won't know which vote's mine. But what on earth is that funny number scribbled on my paper number seven?


Anyway, I joined the queue and took this shot of others lining up to vote at another classroom while waiting for my turn. (The woman in front of me did give me funny looks cos she could hear me taking a few snapshots with my phone.) I was quite surprised that the queue moved quickly, the people didn't seem to mind waiting and we were all very orderly and civil about it. In fact, there was a sense of solidarity in the air, like everyone knew that they had a duty to do and were happy to do so.

When it was my turn, the lady read out my name and NRIC number (why in Mandarin har?) then they directed me to that cardboard station to pencil in my "X" at the correct place. I have to say that without the party symbol, I could easily forget who was who and which candidate was running for which party! Marked a nice big fat X for the candidates I wanted to vote for (didn't want to run the risk of having it labeled a spoilt vote) and dropped my ballot slips into the clear ballot boxes.

There, that was it. I was done voting. I think for this round of elections, a lot of people are feeling the "fever" because traffic on the roads were slightly heavier than normal, but the shopping complexes were deserted (I should know, I was in a shopping complex after doing my duty! Hurhurhur). Even when driving back home after dinner, the roads were so clear like it was much later in the night, and the local mamak restaurant I had my dinner at was filled with MIC people (from the candidate's office nearby) having dinner and watching the first few results roll in.

Back home, I watched the television for the election results far more eagerly than the latest episode of American Idol or the Oscars and I have to say it is very, very exciting times we live in. I'm still awake watching the results and surfing the Net for latest news! (I am so gonna be a panda bear tomorrow.)

Me likey this bit of news : a blogger is gonna sit in Parliament! Woohoo! Way to go, Jeff Ooi! Show 'em what blogging's about, will ya?

Finally, I know I said no political stuff, but hey, I just feel a need to add in a birthday shout out to Datuk Seri Samy Vellu. Just take it as early retirement present loh. Hehehe.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Five plus Five = 2 in 1

Better get to work on my tag debts before they build up! So, here's a bonus 2 in 1 post of tags for ya all to chup on.

The first tag comes from L B... a tag disguised as my virtual birthday present. Lawl.

Name 1 thing you do everyday:
I... uhm... sleep? Eat? Talk? Nah... I... breathe.

Name 2 things you wish you could learn:
~ Cycle
~ Swim
Maybe it's too late now but I really wish I could do both of the activities listed above. Not at the same time though. I don't think I can cycle at the bottom of the swimming pool or ocean without drowning, yeah?

Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood:
~ Skipping rope made of rubberbands
~ Five stones
~ Hearing the ring of the ice-cream man's bell

Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do:
~ Durian
~ Prawn
~ Crab
~ Sotong
Why? Cause I'm allergic to 'em all. *sigh*


Name 5 things that make you feel good:
~ Manicure & pedicure
~ Haircut & hairwash
~ Shopping til' I drop
~ Chit-chat with good friends
~ Dance, baby, dance

I would like to re-gift this tag to Paris Beaverbanks!

The next tag is from the Giddy Tigress! I have to list out five things about me.

Number one :
I sometimes count my steps inside my head when I'm walking. In multiples of ten. More so when I'm climbing stairs, so, I'd be an excellent participant in The Amazing Race because they always make the contestants count stuff. Heh.

Number two :
I don't really like overly sweet stuff. Like caramel. Sweet, sticky desserts... uhm, no thanks. There's a show on the Asian Food Channel called Sugar that uses loads of the stuff! Simply horrifying, I tell ya.


Number three :
I am an incorrigible shopaholic. In particular, I love shopping for shoes. I never tire of looking at shoe shops and would love to have a dedicated closet in my future home just for my many pairs of shoes. Oh, and one of my favorite fantasies is to be able to own as many pairs of Aldo / Nine West / Guess heels as I want!

Number four :
I'm more likely to remember what you said and how you said it than what you did or wore on any given day. Blame it on the elephant-like memory I have. *grin*

Number five :
Erm... I'm running out of things to tell. How about the fact that I scored 48 out of 50 for my electronic driving test? Lawl. Yeap, and the driving instructor said I was "showing off".

And I wanna pass this tag on to Mistipurple! Consider it a belated birthday tag, dearie. Kekekeke!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Can you predict the future?

I actually have tag debts to repay but I'd better get this out before Election Day. ;o) rinnah's probably one and only politically inspired post. *cough* Beware. Fire and brimstone ahead! Read at your own peril! Lawl.

Back to my title. I actually CAN'T predict the future, and I'm betting that neither can you. No one knows if the establishment will be sent back with the same / bigger / lesser majority or if the anti-establishment will manage to nick some prime seats away from the establishment. I'm not a socio-politico blogger, and I'll leave that to the experts.

But what I do wanna blog about is the sorry state of the average Malaysian young adult.

Much as it pains me to say it, I am horrendously shocked that the average young adult that I know (family, friends, colleagues) is not in the least interested about the upcoming election. Like hello? Did you know that you have a social responsibility to vote? It's a privilege to be able to vote and it's a privilege that people in other parts of the world fought and died to have. The American suffragettes marched and protested until women were given the right to vote. What about the blacks? And the African living under apartheid rule? All those people in the nations that keep on having military coups? And here you are, a pampered Malaysian young adult, throwing away such a precious thing because you aren't bothered.

I am sad to say that those I know are all part of this apathethic bunch. They're not voting on Saturday because they can't. They can't because they're not registered to vote. They didn't register to vote because they couldn't care less, because they couldn't be bothered to take a few minutes of their time and get registered at the Post Office. Sorry, but you're just plain lazy! But yet, some of them are the same people telling me, "Oh, you should cast your vote for so-and-so!" I will promptly turn around and tell them to their face, "Back off the subject, you have no right to speak out about the government and the election because you're not a registered voter." Don't come and tell me your two sen worth of opinion if you're not going to do anything about it. Don't be so high and mighty and talk about the government or opposition and bla bla bla on about corruption or benefits.

What's worst of all is how many of them tell me, "One vote doesn't count for much anyway. So why should I register?" Did you know if you added up all those worthless one votes you could turn a minority into a majority? It is precisely this sort of thinking that has mired Malaysia into a situation of no change! These are eligible young adults well into their mid and late twenties I am talking about. They are not youth just newly eligible to vote. These are folks who have already missed voting at the last election and will do so again on Saturday.

Then there are the others who don't even know the difference between the establishment and the anti-establishment. They prefer to be clueless about anything and everything remotely political, prefering to live life in a pleasant haze, trusting that whichever government is in power will take care of them. All I can say is good luck to them!

Just imagine, in twenty years' time, these very same people will be the middle-aged and senior citizens of Malaysia. And their children will follow in their footsteps. By then, I think you'd be lucky to get even a 10% voter turnout out of the whole population of Malaysia. Why? Because all would not be registered to vote - either out of choice or because they're underaged. Humph!

Okay. End of rant. rinnah is going to do her duty and vote on Saturday and hopefully, that will be the end of any political-type ranting on this blog.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pain is not everything

I survived paintball! Bwahahahaha.

Paintball almost didn't happen because I woke up this morning to the sound of rain merrily tip-tapping on the rooftop. But, I'd been looking forward to this day for some time now so rain or no rain, I was going to go a-paintball-ing! Luckily, everyone shared the same sentiment, and we were soon out there sloshing around on the paintball field doing battle.

The idea of joining a paintball session actually took root after I read Narrowband's post the other day. It seemed like great fun, and I was determined that I should experience this at least once in my life, so thanks to Narrowband and his friends for allowing me and my colleagues to join 'em!

Whatever you've heard about paintball, it's all that and more. First of all, I gotta say that the initial shock of being shot is... It HURTS! Then the adrenaline rush kicks in and you forget about the pain in like ten seconds. The tension of wondering when you might get shot at and killed bugs me (a lot!) though. Lawl. Since I am such a newbie at paintball, I don't do kamikaze runs. I don't do attack coz I can barely defend myself. Haha. I don't do more than peep out from the safety of my bunker and try to shoot the head/hand/foot of my opponent that I see sticking out there. (But since my aim is pretty much off-target mostly, I don't think I managed to "kill" even one person in five rounds of play.) But that strategy isn't a guarantee of safety since I nicked my first war wounds of the day in the very first round. Ta-dah!


Someone's killer aim (or lucky shot?) meant that a paintball connected with my right hand, leaving a nice crater-like impression that bled because the skin broke on impact. (So the first aid kit was needed after all.) This here hurt more than any of the other shots I took on my legs and body combined! Although I do have some nice round reddish bruises on my legs as well. Ahahaha. But this isn't as bad as some of the injuries that the guys sustained... but you would expect the requisite injuries to accompany any game of paintball la.

Oh, and I think my colleague made himself famous (or is it infamous? Teeheehee!) with his "super flying leap" that brought down a bunker on top of his unsuspecting girlfriend (who was on the opposing team). Really, really crazy stuff, man! After that he was referred to as Commando by his team leader. LOL.

Photo credit to narrowband

Since I am anony-mouse on this blog... here's a pic of the ladies all masked up for the final game of the day. When the guys bullied persuaded us into playing one more round just to finish up the bullets. They were such gentlemen that they very nicely gave up the option of playing themselves. Yeah right. I think they just wanted to hear us squeal and scream and get some free entertainment gua... J/k. (I *might* post unmasked photos on Facebook... not sure yet.)

But when all is said and done, it's surprisingly addictive. Yup, even with the pain factor and all. I would be game for a second round of paintball and if the chatter just now was anything to go by, my colleagues and I might just pitch to management the idea of paintball as team-building. Now, THAT is gonna be fun to watch. *grin*

Edit: Narrowband has updated his blog about it too... here.