Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Be thankful

It's been a long while since I last blogged here. Since I purchased my own domain and got myself paid hosting, I've never looked back. The only thing is, hosting prices go up and down all throughout the year. No wonder someone came out with a name like inmotionhosting. Maybe I'll give it a whirl when my current hosting expires.

I really miss having a place to blog where I can be safely anonymous and let it all out. I've been censoring my blogging way too much for my liking, but hey, that's what happens when real life starts to align itself with the online reality.

Also, in line with my current goal of becoming a better photographer, I just got myself a 2 year Flickr Pro account. Unlimited uploads for the win! I seriously hope I will make full use of the account and not slack off after a day or two...

Events of late have reminded me of the need to be thankful for the small things in life. Sure, the big things aren't really going my way (as planned) at the moment, but I think I'll get there. Eventually. Until then, I need to be more thankful and less whiny.

And that's it for this update! :)