Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First appearance day!

I'm not out to steal anyone's thunder *grin*, but here's a welcome to the world shoutout to baby Collin, newborn son of Allandog, the brother of the Giddy Tigress! Some of you may remember that Allan was the chap I supported at the MRSC last December. :o)

Baby Collin, jiejie wishes you a good long and healthy life, superb intelligence and physique, prosperity and success overflowing, and most of all, love, joy and happiness everyday. *muack*

And you know, twenty something years ago, on January 28, a baby girl made HER first appearance in the world. And that baby was me la. *grin*

I had initially thought that this year's birthday would be quieter than previous years and that maybe I could slide past it unnoticed, but no... other people had other plans. Like...

~ may's super duper early birthday blogpost

~ l b's birthday blogpost with tag present & very on-time SMS all the way from Italy

~ the giddy tigress' blogpost & mystery pressie (but mysterious no more since I've opened it!). Thank you so much dear! How'd you know that it was the type of thing I'd like?

~ angel's birthday shoutout

~ chevchen's birthday blogmilk... hehe. Got milk? *wipes milk moustache*

~ doreen's birthday wishes

~ Birthday wishes from family, friends and colleagues

~ And oh! all the bloggerific birthday greetings from bloggers all over - mistipurple, narrowband, paris beaverbanks, zewt, pelf, adrian, eastcoastlife, adino, mudpie, kyh, jemima, cocka doodle, huisia, leonard, laundry amah, trinity, bongkerz, huei, _butt, kat

~ One birthday dinner on 26 Jan at DELIcious

~ One birthday lunch on 28 Jan at Secret Recipe

~ A karaoke session on 31 Jan at RedBox Plus

~ One more birthday lunch on 01 Feb at The Daily Grind

~ One more birthday dinner on 01 Feb at Opus Bistro

So, this year was more happening than I thought it would be. *grin*

p.s. I haven't had the time to do up THHC charts for January, so bear with me, k?

12 spins:

angeles said...

Ohhh.. hak sei ngor... thot u got.......... :P

happy happy!

L B said...

Yeah! *shudder* I also thought you got ......

Heh! Congrats to Allandog! Happy Birthday, Colin!!

Happy Belated Birthday, Rinnah!
So, you've good practice for your Song too!!

Chev said...

Congrats to Allandog, and Giddy Tigress too :)
and Happy 0th Birthday to baby Collin :)

walao... u have birthday celebration for the whole week :D

ehon said...

congrats to allandog!! :D

did i not wish u happy birthday?! oh me God! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

Winn said...

birthday gal happy birthday!!!! m sure there are more to come this year. keep your fingers crossed.....now now now . :)

giddy tigress said...

Glad you liked the pressie! Happy belated birthday! I'm sure Collin would be happy to read all about this post :D

Adino said...

Looks like you had a very fun birthday! :)

Doreen said...

You can never sleep pass it quietly as we all love you!

Happy Birthday to baby Collin

Andie Summerkiss said...

Was that your birthday? Sorry I don't quite get it. If it was, then Happy Belated Birthday from me!

I was just checking, whether you got my email. I wasn't sure if I mailed it or not. So .. let me know.


may said...

welcome to the world, Baby Colin!

don'tcha just lovit when your birthday lasts and lasts for at least a couple of weeks? *grin*

kyh said...

wooohooo so happening!!! i wonder how wud mine be like this yr? hmm.....

argentinadog said...

Collin:>> wahhhhhh...(pause)..wahhhhhh..(pause)..wahhhhh...wahhhhhhhh....

translation: tq jiejie rinnah for the kind wishes...;-p