Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Of theme parks and holidays

Did you read the news today? Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, founder of Malaysia's first casino and theme park at Genting Highlands, has gone on to a permanent 'holiday'. *grin* I can't help but admire what he has achieved in his 90 years of life, coming as an immigrant from China. Now why didn't MY grandfather who also came over from China work as hard as him and leave us all richer? *pouts* I'm not asking to be the granddaughter of a billionaire, but a millionaire would be nice. *big grin*

Anyway, I wonder how Genting Theme Park would measure up if compared against Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, UK. As the oldest theme park in UK and also one of the biggest tourist attractions, that sounds pretty much the same to me. With major world famous rides like the Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion and the Big Dipper, it sounds like I could spend pretty much my whole day at the Amusement Parks and not be bored. I checked out their website and look, they have holiday packages starting from GBP30 per person. Uh, can anyone tell me if that's reasonable or not?

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Ehon said...

CHUP! :D PPP is taking forever to review my site! =/

It's so sad that Uncle Lim is gone!!! Sighs. I reckon his spirit will come back to 'jaga' Genting! =O!

may said...

sad news about Uncle Lim, I read about it online yesterday...

Doreen said...

Sorry about Uncle Lim. His works will always be remembered.

Giddy Tiger said...

He is gone but his works will live on. Though it has been ages since I went to Genting. Hey, what happened to the Halo commenting?

rinnah said...

ehon: I think they take about a week, tops, to review sites. They did my review in about 4 days, I think.

Hehehe... I wonder if any visitors to Genting will see his spirit then? LOL!

may: Hehe, I heard about it already yesterday morning, but thought it was a rumor...

doreen: It's pretty hard to forget him each time anyone talks about Genting.

giddy tiger: You should go and bring Ethan boy! He'd love it, I think.

9 months worth of treasured comments won out over snazzy commenting system. *grin*