Sunday, October 07, 2007


I have tags to do, sponsored posts to write and a hundred and one things to blog about. Time to get into the blogging groove again. But in the meantime, I really should be sleeping because it's Monday tomorrow, and that means work. Bah. Still, I'm up with my eyes wide open just because I can't sleep because of the hundred and one thoughts (all non-blogging related) crowding my mind. So what to do? Blog lah!

Mistimoo, got any tips for insomnia?

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L B said...

What other better way to cure insomnia with? Aiasku?

angel said...

Chamomile tea?

mistipurple said...

someone called my name?

mistimoo slept so much today. so she has no opps to do. all these chupping is harder than chupping at the emperor's.
nope, i take that back.
it Is as hard.

insomnia? eh.. just blog and type and do anything till you naturally fall 'dead' on the bed. that's my formula anyway.

... mooooo is outta the building.
call out my name anytime when you need mooo's extra boos. *moocrest over and out*

may said...

I used to have it bad. but that's 'cos I had too much rubbish on my mind.

try "meditation" -- and what I mean by that is to just concentrate on clearing your mind while you sleep. and repeat the words... "sleep... go to sleep..." works for me most of the time ;-)

Wennnn said...

Me also hv it la... Misti... milk milk pls...

Giddy Tiger said...

A massage does wonders... *nudge and wink*

zewt said...

how to sleep? just close eyes lor... :)

rinnah said...

l b: I guess blogging is not a good insomnia cure for me... because I will get wider and wider awake when I do so! LOL!

angel: Tea would probably keep me awake! Teeheehee!

mistipurple: Yaloh... since you had trouble sleeping... you should have good tips lor.

may: All those thoughts need to go somewhere! So I'd better jot them down. LOL!

wennnn: Misti's milk can put us to sleep, hor?

giddy tiger: Are you offering to massage me? LOL!

zewt: Most days that method works... dunno why on that day couldn't sleep...