Sunday, October 21, 2007

Giddy giddy giddy

It's a very special day today! Why?

Giddy Tiger's birthday!

Yes, my galpal of the blogosphere and
Ethan's mommy is one year older younger and prettier today.

Now just imagine, if I had not started blogging, I wouldn't get to know her. If my curiousity hadn't led me to click on her unique blogosphere name (how could you not be intrigued by someone calling themselves a giddy tiger?) from
Simple American's website, my RSS feeder would be much the poorer for it (the lovely tigress keeps 3 sites). If I hadn't gotten into an email discussion about PPP blogging with GT and Paris Beaverbanks, I wouldn't have gotten to become fast friends with her. Whoever said blogging was detrimental to social life? *big wide grin*

So dear GT, here's wishing you a fun-filled year of good things, blessings spilling over, neverending joy, moolah increasing and love overflowing. *hugs* XOXOXO

p.s. And I also pray you're recovered enough to enjoy your day today!

p.p.s. I don't know why, but I always associate a bouncing Tigger with your nickname! LOL!

9 spins:

angel said...

Happy Burfday, Tiger! *roar*


L B said...

Giddy Giddy Very Giddy!! Happy Giddy Birthday, Giddy Galpal of Rinnah's!!

ehon said...

happy birthday giddy tigers!! :D

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday to U, Giddytiger

narrowband said...

Hiye Rinnah (all the way from SG!)!! ;D

Happy birthday to Giddy Tiger!!!

may said...

Happy Merry Birthday, GT!! hugs & kisses!

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Giddy Tiger
HOpefully it's not a giddy day :D

giddy tiger said...

Thank you thank you Rinnah, from the bottom of my giddy heart!
Didn't recover fully yesterday, but celebrated nonetheless. thasswhy down with sick leave today :(

rinnah said...

angel: Happy Birthday to Giddy Tiger!

l b: Happy Birthday to Giddy Tiger!

ehon: Happy Birthday to Giddy Tiger!

wennnn: Happy Birthday to Giddy Tiger!

narrowband: *waves at narrowband from over the Causeway*

Happy Birthday to Giddy Tiger!

may: Happy Birthday to Giddy Tiger!

chen: Happy Birthday to Giddy Tiger!

giddy tiger: Happy Birthday to YOU!

Do get well soon!