Monday, October 15, 2007

Just say no!

Today is Blog Action Day and I'm supposed to blog about something we can all do to save our environment. So I'm going to make it real simple for you. Three words.

Just Say No!

No to what?

~ No to plastic bags. These choke up our environment when not disposed off properly.

~ No to water wastage. You can read my simple tips here at The Giving Hands.

~ No to electricity wastage. Turn those lights and electrical appliances off if you're leaving the room.

~ No to meat (for one meal la). It takes more energy to feed one cow than it does to raise crops in the same acreage.

~ No to buying more stuff that you won't use. If you know you won't use it, don't buy it. It only creates more junk in your home.

There you have it. Five really simple (but not that easy!) things to do.

Love the earth; it's the only one we have.

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may said...

just say no! to drugs as well... and too much alcohol...

and I bring my recyclable shopping bag to the supermarket whenever I can :)

Wennnn said...

Ohhhh No to all those I very clever to say geh!! heheheheheh Nooooooooooo

L B said...

recycle condoms!!

Yeah! But no siew pai kuat?!! How can?!!

Leonard said...

miss the chup!

SAVE the earth together, maybe you can win a nobel prize too!

Doreen said...

I've always wanted to check out your blog and finally did! Hehehe. Yeah, we only have one earth, and one life too, we should all live to the best without jeopardising the life of our beloved earth. (^_^)

kyh said...

No to meat! I'm doing it! yay yay yay!

Giddy Tiger said...

Does recycling plastic bags count?

rinnah said...

may: No to those too! Good practice, that. But the cashiers at Tesco look at me funny if I try that here.

wennnn: Yay! Good for you! Noooooooooo *imitates mistimoo*

l b: Wakakakaka! Then you'll have BB 9 months later lor...

Just one meal only la... not so hard, isn't it?

leonard: Ehehehe... I have to be Al Gore first before I get a Nobel prize. LOL!

doreen: Hi and welcome to my blog! So glad to have you here.

Save the earth! But I'll have to admit that I don't do what I preach all the time. Most of the time, yes, but sometimes I forget. *blush*

kyh: Yay for you! Wheeee!

giddy tiger: Oh yes it does! Every little bit helps!

Anonymous said...

I work for Cox Enterprises and saw that you participated in Blog Action Day. I thought you might be interested in visiting The site details Cox’s commitment to the environment and offers tips on how anyone can become eco-friendly.

rinnah said...

anonymous: Sure, will check it out. Thanks!