Monday, October 01, 2007

Eye care for you

I think it's so important that we care for our eyes, because we're only given one set to live with for our entire life. I know I don't take the best possible care of my own eyes, because if I did, I would still have perfect vision, no? I spend waaaaay too much time staring at the computer, and when it's not the computer then it's the television. Tsk tsk tsk. Bad girl!

I don't like wearing my glasses, but they are a necessary evil, so to speak, so that I can go around without stumbling like a blind bat. I have contacts, but am normally too lazy to wear them and equally as lazy to take them off at night. Lasik? Too chicken to let any surgeon, no matter how qualified, to cut up my eyeball. LOL! That and the talk of dry eyes (and no rubbing your eyes!) after the procedure puts me off.

Anyway, I found this website that talks all about natural eye care. With their quick tips on prevention care, you can potentially extend the "lifetime" of your eyes. It also has sections on the different types of eye conditions like dry eyes, computer eye syndrome, glaucoma, and others. They even have a free e-book that teaches you the correct kinds of
Eye Exercises to do for your eyes so that they are less tired!

Now I'm off to exercise my eye-sies so that they sparkle and are bloomin' marvelous!

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5 spins:

may said...

*blinkity blink*
*blinkity blink*

Giddy Tiger said...

When electric sparks fly between lovers, is that exercise? *wink*

Wennnn said...

Eye exercise ah?? To make the eye electric more powerful ah?? OKie must practise more..

rinnah said...

may: Hehehe... don't strain your eyes doing those eye-sercises now, you hear? *wink wink*

giddy tiger: That is very 'HOT' exercise! Can sweat one! Ahahahaha...

wennnn: You can exercise your eye electric on Jon... *zap zap zap*

Anonymous said...

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