Thursday, October 18, 2007

A mystery surprise

When I got home from work today, there was a mystery Pos Laju envelope sitting on my living room table. Ooo. A package! For me? I love surprises. Good ones, that is. Who could it be? The mystery was partially solved when I looked at the sender's name. Ah. It was from none other than my good galpal, Giddy Tiger.

Like a kid on Christmas Day, I eagerly ripped open the envelope to get at the contents inside. Lookiee lookiee! A wrapped pressie with the cutest bear bears all holding flowers! And a sweet note saying it was for my recent graduation. Awwwww... GT, you didn't have to... I'm touched that you remembered it and sent me a pressie from Penang!

And what was inside? Ta-dah! Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Uncannily, GT has picked a book I've always wanted to read, but never got around to reading! After this, I have to say that we are TOO freakily similar. Hehe.

So, I now know how I'll be spending my weekend. Curled up in bed with a good book! Wheeeee!

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may said...

an excellent read! good for you, and how nice of GT!

rinnah said...

may: I take that you've read it already? Cool! GT's so sweet... my first blogger present!

angel said...

Woot! Cute wrapper... how come no tiger? hehehe...

giddy tiger said...

Glad you like the pressie, Rinnah and it was my pleasure! I wanted to pass it to you the 2 times I was in KL, but since we didn't meet I thought I'd send it instead. Let me know if the book's good ya, cos I haven't read it yet *bashful*

L B said...

It touches the heart to see how sweet people can be!! Wow!! I am so slacking in sweetness... *sigh* *grin* *and at Scrabulous*

kyh said...

i want a pressie too! *hint hint*

btw, i still got loads of books which i havent touched yet! haihzzzzz

ehon said...


Trust me! I read, ponder, read and ponder and read and turned my life around!

rinnah said...

angel: So cute hor? Uh, you need to ask GT why no tiger! *grin*

giddy tiger: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! And I still wanna meet you! Hopefully I'll make a trip up to Penang soon...

I can't wait to dive into it this weekend! (provided I don't go out la...)

l b: The world is right when all is sweet and good! Wheeeee!

Aw, I'm sure you're super sweet in your own way too and there's still a long way before that Scrabblous game is over!

kyh: Ahahaha... your new NEC babe is not pressie enough ah?

I do hope those books you haven't touched yet aren't your coursebooks... those must touch one you know. LOL!

ehon: I know you lup it! You gave it such a glowing review in your blog. Let's see if it changes my life, k?

zewt said...

wah... so nice!!!

after you read... you will not want to slave anymore... then u put the book down... spend a few more weeks... and life will go back to normal.

rinnah said...

zewt: Oh no! Is it really that life-changing?

Then I should faster read it before I start the new job, eh? *grin*