Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gifts for all

*sigh* Year end is always such a trial on my pocket. Somehow, most of the people I know have their birthdays and special events clustered around the beginning and the end of the year. Plus it's Christmas and festivals during year end too.

I found these really nice Personalized Gifts of photo blankets and photo pillows online, and would love to give them, but I think it would be too much strain for the pocket to bear! I'll really need to be in Lilian's league before I can think about it.

I would just love to give Kelly or Ah Boy or Liucas a photo dog bed though. Wouldn't it be cool for them to sleep on a dog bed that bears their own picture? So glam, so superstar! It'll be really cool for kids too... imagine bedding / blankets with their picture on it... no more fighting over who stole whose blanket because the owner's mug is there for the world to see!

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4 spins:

Giddy Tiger said...

Do dogs recognize their own faces? *ponders*

Doreen said...

Wooo I like personalized gift especially love personalized puzzles, 5000 piece one if possible. Hehehhe

may said...

personalised gifts for those lil' doggies? how lucky they are!

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: Now that is a good question! I know that my Kelly recognizes objects, but I don't know if she recognizes her face if she saw it. LOL!

doreen: Oooh! I'd love that too! That'll be a good gift for a puzzle lover...

may: Yup, dogs have it good nowadays. Hehe.