Friday, October 05, 2007

Looking for the easy way out

This has been a particularly exhausting week. Mentally because there is so much that I've been thinking about and planning for. Physically no thanks to that bout on Monday and the onset of the flu ever since. Sneezing and sniffling and making wantons of tissue paper are no fun, especially when you factor in the body and headaches.

This tiredness has made me such a lazy bum that I wish for stairlifts in my home so that I won't have to take the stairs. Wouldn't it be nice if you can whiz up and down without having to climb stairs? All the better if it's several floors. Heh. Can you tell now that this is the primary reason for my weight gain? Bwahahaha. Not enough exercise. Too much sitting around on my bum. Sometimes I wonder how Renee Zellweger could put on so much weight for Bridget Jones and how Mark Darcy could have liked Bridget. Maybe she was one of his causes to save, since you know, he's a human rights lawyer and all.

Back to the weekend. R&R is on the menu! Rest and Relaxation. I need to recharge my batteries for the coming week. Thank goodness for public holidays next week!

4 spins:

may said...

whee! I wouldn't mind taking a ride on stairlifts. no lifts in the block of apartments I live in, too... so gotta climb stairs, cheh!

L B said...

Oh aye! R & R ! ! Ready & Raring!! Let's go!! Cancel the lormaikai! There's BBQ fish!

ehon said...

eh, climb stairs are good for health ok!!

no R&R for me this week. Sighs! Oh well, I can do it! :D Positive thinking!!

rinnah said...

may: 1 flight is still alright. 2 or more flights of stairs... where's my escalator or stairlift! LOL!

l b: The lormaikais are going to be so sad that you're cancelling them...

ehon: I not as young as you the 16yo kid leh. I lazy also. LOL!