Monday, October 29, 2007

I am Transformed into a fan!

Ok, don't shoot me for being so suaku and behind times, but I finally watched Transformers the movie last night. I was thwarted from watching it earlier by a series of events which was (in order):

~ Didn't get the DVD from Uncle Ho
~ Didn't download the movie from Uncle Joe
~ Didn't watch any movies at all because too busy blogging in free time
~ Finally got clear copy of movie from Uncle Ho's representative
~ Didn't sit down and watch movie because too busy blogging in free time
~ Finally found a block of two hours but silly DVD player decided to put up a fit
~ Didn't think of watching it on my laptop
~ Was out shopping when I saw bits and pieces of the most interesting parts
~ Super excited, resolved to try DVD again at home
~ Attempted DVD one more time, lo and behold, it works!
~ Lost myself in movie for duration of movie

IMHO, the real hero of the movie is Bumblebee. *grin*

9 spins:

angel said...

Bumble Bz Bee Chup!!!


H e l l o !


may said...

hurrah for Transformers! totally awesome movie, yea? whee!

Wennnn said...

I hv watche it.. Good movie.... U are not the oni suaku la.. I oni watch Ratatouile last nite.... Hmmmm

rinnah said...

angel: Bz bz as a bee! Heya yourself! ;)

may: Hurrah for the Autobots! I love love love the movie.

wennnn: Aiyo... I nochet watch Ratatoille... nice or not?

L B said...

Waaaa, so suaku!!!! LOL... even I watched it in July! And again, recently from Uncle Joe.. Who's Bumblebee again? I'm Lazy Bee...

rinnah said...

lazy bee: Hahaha... go ahead, rub it in. LOL! Neh, Bumblebee is the one pictured above la... the one sent to protect the kid.

Doreen said...

It is a damn good movie hor

Giddy Tiger said...

I am more suaku than you because I have not watched it yet. I want a Slumberbee!!!

rinnah said...

doreen: Yeah, dem good! I need to watch Ratatouille next...

giddy tiger: Oh, Ethan boy will love it when he grows up! I heard they're in the midst of doing Transformers 2 now...