Sunday, October 21, 2007

Slow seduction

I a m s o t e m p t e d b y t h e i P o d N a n o

Until yesterday, I had lived in blissful ignorance of the global phenomenon that is the iPod. iPod, what's that, I scoffed. Any mp3 player would serve my purpose. I remained indifferent to the wave of people rushing towards making the iPod a best seller. Then yesterday, someone thrust into my hands, an 8GB silver iPod Nano and left it there for slightly less than an hour. Free. No charge. Just test drive it for two hours and then return the unit to them. I think it's a pretty cool marketing gimmick.

I was first impressed by the slimness of the Nano. It was so slim it was indecent. I could hardly feel it in my hands. Then the cool silver surface called to me. I was drawn to the shiny reflective surface and the simplicity of the white buttons on the front. But, the thing that sealed the deal was... the vibrant colour screen. Oh! It took my breath away. I mean, just look at the explosion above! Before you can say anything else... boom, I was in lust with it. LOL!

This is so going on my wishlist. *hint hint*

So there you have it. My first steps to the Apple camp. Signor LB, are you pleased yet? *grin*

Oh, and also a welcome to Ehon for having officially crossed over to the Dark Side of blogging! Teeheehee!

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may said...

I would be in lust with it too, if I had one in my hands! but must resist... resist. wait for the iPhone... wait... tahan...

oh, and welcome to the Nano Club! whee!

L B said...

*grinning from end to end*
*ala Cheshire Cat with tuna sticking out of mouth*
*The Light Side*

Wait till you see the iPod touch!! Then there's really no going back!

angel said...

I touched the new Nano jz now at Pavilion... wow... dunno wat to say... but I know I won't need it, but but... NO! Wait for iPhone!

Chen said...

KKkkk.. I'm still using my Nokia N73 and Palm Tx as mp3 player. Cos I dowan to carry so many gadgets around :P

zewt said...

wow... u really have no idea what iPod is???? it's a good thing really... the craze is just... crazy...

but i am also a victim. got myself a 20Gb iPod video and i seldom use it.

ehon said...

hahahahahahahaha!! the iPod world! woo hoo!! i was the same as u until last year, just to pamper myself, i dug out my credit card, and ordered one and left a hole in my pocket, but in the long run, i haven't regretted a single bit!

u should've put my other blog's link lar... :P

kyh said...

yes yes go get it!!!! but i still think the last gen nano is the pwettiest, cos not that wide ma... much much slimmer.. ;) but this one can play vids, and got the coolest album art feature ever --- cover flow!

giddy tiger said...

That looks so cool! I haven't had a test drive on it yet though.

rinnah said...

may: I have been thinking about it since Saturday night... *clenches fists to stop from running out to buy one*

l b: If you're the Cheshire Cat, then I'm Alice in Nanoland...

Noooooo, no more temptation!

angel: Isn't it so luscious? *sigh* There are so many things I wanna get... iPod nano, DSLR...

chen: But the iPod nano is as small and light as a credit card nia... you won't even know it's there!

zewt: Hahaha... I refused to be swayed by the iPod craze. Until Saturday, that is. LOL!

ehon: Eeeeee... don't say the words 'credit card'! I'm so tempted to run out and get one now!

Aiyak... I will change the link then. :o)

kyh: The vids were so cool! I still can't believe how unbelievably sharp the graphics are!

giddy tiger: Once you get your hands on one, you'll never be the same again...