Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm red in the face

No, I'm not drunk. Far from it! I'm just blushing as I recall my embarassing moments... and let me tell you, they're many. From little girl gaffes to right now. Aiyoh... so malu-fying! But... Paris Beaverbanks was game enough to tell us her most embarassing moment, and how can I refuse a tag from the lovely Ms. Beaverbanks?

So, out of the goodness of my heart, I'll tell you not one, but two. You figure out which is more embarassing, okay?

Home video 1
Little Rinnah is finally old enough to understand the concept of angpows on her third CNY (I've just passed age two here). At a distant relative's house, little Rinnah is given an angpow. Not understanding the proper social etiquette of angpow taking, the little girl rips open the angpow packet in full view of the guests and loudly tells mother, "Only one ringgit." I can't remember if the story goes that I cried over the angpow or not, but needless to say I got another angpow.

Holiday video 2
Rinnah is attempting to rollerblade for only the second time in her life. She is fully kitted out with helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Hesitant to leave the side wall, she wobbles around the side of the rink before finally gaining enough courage to try pushing herself out to the middle. Thinking she's making fine progress, suddenly she feels that fatal attraction of the the blades to want to go separate ways - meaning an impromptu split is about to happen. To add to that situation, Rinnah's equally newbie to rollerblading friend is headed in her direction, out of control and arms flailing. What to do? Rinnah tries to avoid her friend, but the blades won't cooperate with what the legs want them to do and Rinnah's friend ends up clutching at her like a life preserver but without both falling down. They try and sort themselves out and just as her friend wobbles away (presumably to go flail at someone else), Rinnah loses her balance and tips forward face first. Now imagine the loudest "plop" sound you can make falling face first onto concrete floor and magnify that using echo vibrations of the hall's ceiling. Everyone turns to stare at the very embarassed Rinnah who now can't get up because she lacks the balance to stand.

And you folks still wondering why I can't cycle or do outdoorsy stuff? Nah, reason above loh.

Gotta find some people to join the red-faced gang, so I tag...

Ah Boy

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may said...

LOL! if it was only RM1, I'd give a big yell too! how can cheat a small girl wan?!

Giddy Tiger said...

I can't even rollerblade myself - so at least you tried. *pats little Rinnah on her back*

L B said...

Incident Moment #1 : It wasn't too bad!! In a way, you managed to get at least double that miserly RM1!!

Incident Moment #2 : LOLOL!!! Poor thing you!!! Now, that's embarrassing!

On the whole though, they weren't too bad.. I'd just have to give you a hug for each..

misha said...

yeaaaaah ... a tag!!!! will do it asap!

mistipurple said...

HAHAHHAHAAAA.. cannot..type comment.. still laffin'..

Simple American said...

So young, can already count money. Scarey there.

I remember skating around the neighborhood (age 40) and I hit the curb and ate some grass. Some lawn service guys were across the street just laughing extremely loud at yours truly. Oh. And pointing fingers too.

rinnah said...

may: Ahahaha... it was back in the days when RM1 was considered quite a lot for a small girl! LOL!

giddy tiger: Ha, I didn't try it again after that! But I'd love to try it again with my 'special someone'!

l b: #1 - LOL! But not to the everlasting embarassment of my Mum!

#2 - And no one bothered to ask if I was OK. *pout*

*hugs back*

misha: Cool! Take your time dearie! Schoolwork comes first, ok?

mistipurple: Still laffin' now? *show fist* LOL! J/k, k?

simple american: That's because I'm Asian and we're born counting! LOL.

Oh, that must have been both painful and embarassing!