Thursday, October 04, 2007

Helping me shop smart

Even when I was a tot, I never bought into the myth of Santa coming down the chimney and leaving presents. First, there were no chimneys in houses in Malaysia and there never was any snow. So, you could say that I never had my dreams of Santa rudely interrupted by reality. What I did know was that Christmas meant lots and lots of prezzies for me! Me me me! Muahahahaha. Of course, I was a very good little girl all year round so of course I got my presents la.

Now as I am an adult, I find that Christmas isn't so much about receiving presents, but more about giving presents. There'll be a list a mile long of people whom I have to get stuff for, and I can tell you... Man, it hurts the pocket! *sniffle* Luckily, this year I've found something that will help ease the pain on my wallet and make the season a much more merry one. It's Coupon Chief. With their
coupon codes, I'll be able to get more bang for my buck and hopefully, more smiles on people's faces.

I would surely like to get the ladies some cosmetics from
Benefit and maybe some CDs or DVDs from SonyMusicStore for the guys. And maybe a new home for Kelly from PetsMart. Sound like a good plan?

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