Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Four Seasons Paris

I love Paris in the spring time
I love Paris in the fall
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles
~ Frank Sinatra ~

No no no. That didn't sound quite right. Let's try again.

I love Paris in
I love Paris in
I love Paris in
I love Paris anywhere she may dotcom!
~ rinnah ~

Much better. *grin* Eh, I know it's not exactly Keats but it's the thought that counts, rite? *bigger grin*

Happy Birthday to Ms Beaverbanks! May your blogs rise in popularity and your sponsored posts keep on flowing while your readers multiply! Hugs, rinnah

7 spins:

may said...

Happy Hippy Hoppy Paris-y Birthday, ParisB!!

hugs & kisses!

angel said...

Errmmm... u love Paris Hilton? Hehe...

Happy Paris-y Burfday, Ms. BVB!!!

L B said...

We Love Paris Beaverbanks Long Time!!!
Happy Birthday Paris!!! Big Red Balloons, and Big Cream Cakes...

rinnah said...

may: Happy Birthday to ParisB!

angel: Paris Hilton? Ewwwwwww! But Paris B, yesssssss!

Happy Birthday to ParisB!

l b: Yes sirree, we do indeedy!

Happy Birthday to ParisB!

ParisB said...

Thank you so much Rinnah for that little ditty! ;) and I hope for loads of moolah too... hehe...

Giddy Tiger said...

I echo your *eww* on Paris Hilton :P
Happy birthday Paris B!

rinnah said...

parisb: You're welcome! I'm not much of a composer though. LOL! In ehon's words... money money come, money money come!

giddy tiger: Yeah, say ewww to Paris Hilton!

Happy Birthday to Paris B!