Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New look and a new Padawan

I guess by now you, my faithful and regular reader, would have noticed that my blog is looking a bit different since last night, eh? (That is, unless you are reading my posts via feedreader. *grin*) I've always wanted a three-column theme, but Blogger doesn't provide that in their ready-made templates and I was too chicken to go and mess around with the HTML coding. Then, a kind soul offered to help by showing me the way. Yay!

Special thanks to my Dark Side moolah making Padawan Ehon for providing me with idiot-proof instructions on how to 'fatten up your blog' to a three-column beauty (not the movie 300 Pound Beauty, k). If you wanna mess around with your template like I did, go check out the step by step guide now!

Oh yes, if you're feeling generous with your linky love today, why not add a link back to his site? *wink* You'll be helping him get one step closer to his dream of sponsoring a child.

Edit @ 1200hrs:
I have installed Haloscan for commenting, so comments made prior to this post are now not showing. :( Anyone know how to fix this problem?

3 spins:

mistipurple said...

hurray to your fattened column opening!
shouts "ehon the great ehon the great!" hahha

L B said...

Welcome Back to Non-Haloscan!!!

rinnah said...

mistipurple: Yep, ehon sure is great! *wink*

l b: Yeah, 9 months of comments won out over Haloscan!