Thursday, October 25, 2007

More blog tweaking

Hello folks! Yet another merry day of blog tweaking here at It's all about the spin... What did I do?

For starters, I removed the Haloscan commenting yesterday, a day after I installed it. While I loved the look and Wordpress-y feel it gave my blog, I wasn't too pleased that it wiped out all my previous comments - 9 months worth of lovely notes left here by people who cared. So, it's back to the Blogger commenting system for me.

Today, I managed to put Google Adsense in between posts as you can see. Now I just need to figure out how to keep the Adsense adverts showing on the main page only and show Advertlets / Nuffnang adverts on individual posts like ehon's site. (Nah, I linked you again. *grin*)

Then, I learnt how to put code into my blog's template so that anyone feeling inclined to bookmark my individual posts via popular social networking sites can do so. See, it's right there underneath this blog post but before the comments. I still don't have the hang of all these Digg, Technorati,, whatever-you-wanna-call it sites but if it increases readership, why not? I'm pushing for a Google PR5 ranking. Heh.

And oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I have another brand spanking new blog? *grin* That makes it like what, eight or nine blogs I'm running concurrently? I need to be an octopus! LOL!

Now I'm off to try tweaking my Wordpress sites! Why oh why do Blogger and Wordpress have to be so different?

12 spins:

Ehon said...

Heheheheheehe. Thank you so much for linking me again!! :D I love you long time, Rinnah!!!

:D I don't quite get what you mean by AdSense on main site and nuffnang / advertlets in every posts?

Doreen said...

Wah~~you sure have learnt and done a lot today! Good on you! *doreen pats Rinnah on her back*

giddy tiger said...

Hey where did my comment go? And doreen beat me to it liao.

I just wanted to say you should go pro la :P

L B said...

If you're truly feeling EFND™, why not give WordPress a shot?

L B said...

oops, I shot off before I finished reading! You do have WordPress as well!! Ok, why not dispense with blogspot, and go WordPress all the way? LOL... EFND™

rinnah said...

ehon: Sure I lup you, my moolah making Padawan! *grin*

I only want to show the Adsense adverts in between posts on the main page, but when you click on individual posts, I want to show the nuffnang / advertlets under the blogpost... or something like that la.

doreen: Very productive day, hor? *grin* Thank you for the encouragement!

giddy tiger: I've been having problems commenting too! Must be the connection. Grrr...

Oh, I intend to go pro someday... when my blogging income is more than my salary! *very big grin*

may said...

hooray for your new blog! and tweakings! Wordpress is pretty cool to use. enjoy tinkering!

mistipurple said...

happies blogging baby! opps, i mean teacherrrr. *bows*

Saedel said...

Hi Rinnah! Just stopping by to say thank you for commenting on my PPP Post in my blog. Feel free to come back anytime.


rinnah said...

l b: Hahaha, I may do that if my Wordpress blogs take off well enough to generate the same kind of moolah my blogspot one does at the moment!

may: I only enjoy tinkering when it comes out the way I want it to! *cross fingers*

mistipurple: Thank you, Momma Moo! *grin*

saedel: Hi Saedel (I love how unique your name sounds!), thanks for dropping by! I think I will be coming back to your blog - the topics are quite interesting for me.

zewt said...

all part and parcel in making big bucks eh?

rinnah said...

zewt: So when are you joining the ranks? *grin*