Friday, October 12, 2007

Fast, Faster... Fastest!

What is it about our consumerist culture nowadays that everything has to be fast? Fast food. Fast service. Fast money. Notice how the banks are now promising that they can approve those personal loans with cash advance to you fast fast? Bank A says they can approve you within a week. Bank B says they can do better - they'll approve you within 5 days. Bank C pooh poohs the idea and says they're the fastest cause they can do it within 2 days. The topper? Bank D who says they can approve you within 1 hour. Really. Not kidding you one.

But that's Malaysia. And personal loans taken are normally repaid in the space of year(s). Unlike the West, where they have these small, quick loans called Cash Advance
payday loans. Which means (I think!) that you pay back your loan when your next payday rolls around. Which for them there is once every two weeks. I think that getting paid that way is a much better way of managing your money compared to the current practice of being paid once a month where I seem to end up with nothing left after I pay off all my bills at one shot!

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Giddy Tiger said...

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may said...

me three! me three!

rinnah said...

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giddy tiger: Sure! Let's go together! Wheeee!

may: *makes space for may to come along too*

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