Monday, October 01, 2007

Nine up, over and out!

I can't believe it. Time has flown away like no one's business, and we're already starting the month of October! Where did the year go to? Before I can turn around, Christmas will be here soon. It's too soon!

Anyway, the time has come for me to publish the chupping results for the month of September. I had a record 64 posts, with both sponsored and non-sponsored content. *pengsan* I really didn't realize that I wrote that much! (By the way, looking at the overwhelming number of sponsored posts, I will stop awarding hug hug points for sponsored posts... not very fair to keep on awarding it out. *sheepish grin*)

Here are the hard-working and prolific top three chuppers:

Angel who flitted in and out with a whopping 111 hug hug points!!!

Hard on the angel's wings was a very
Giddy Tiger who somehow found time in between tagging me to rack up 96 hug hug points!!

Despite the summer holiday hiatuses... this
terrible twosome still managed an amazing and very fatt 88 hug hug points each!

Whew! I am amazed that they managed to rack up that many points between them all. Rounding off the rest of the list...

4th - Wennnn with 52 hug hug points!
5th - Zewt with 22 hug hug points!
6th - Mistipurple with 20 hug hug points!
7th - Chen with 13 hug hug points!
8th - Mudpie with 12 hug hug points!
9th - A pretty duo of Misha and Paris Beaverbanks with 11 hug hug points each!
10th - Narrowband with 10 hug hug points!
11th - Ehon with 9 hug hug points!
12th - A three-way tie between Pelf, Leonard and A^Ben with 4 hug hug points each!
13th - A crowd consisting of Adrian, Ah Boy, Sengkor, Tom Wigley and Nick Phillips with 1 hug hug point each!

Let's see you chup this coming month! Ready, get set, go!

17 spins:

Giddy Tiger said...

Wow! Did I chup that much?
Happy October to you now!

Angel, better watch out!

Pssst...can't believer LB and May got 3rd!!!

angel said...

Wah... wah... wah...

Oopsie... The Tiger got me this time! *grins*

angel said...

Actually yalor... sometimes chup until very penats :p but hope you dun mind the short short penat chups... hv to lar... this is competition!!! Heh heh... ok, competition is my RPS games!!! Someone is hot on my wings too over there! Yikes!!

Happy October to you!

may said...

wakakakaka! I was looking for my name until I had to mouse over the "terrible twosome"... whee!! LOLOL! thanks for the chups!

*links arm with LB*
*goes down the yellow brick road*

Chen said...

*Woof Woof Woof* ala Ah Boy's style
Coz i saw doggy picture up there

ParisB said...

Aww... I made it didn't I? :D

ehon said...

WAHHH!! pandainya the chuppers. i chup so lil onlyyy... jialat! needa chup moree..

angel said...

Thot u wanna check this out! ;)

L B said...

Wakakaka!!! *pengsaned*

L B said...

*i wanna go pink for October too!*

L B said...

*should I?*

L B said...

*Hee Hee*

zewt said...

i wonder if i will ever get to top 3... wow angel... 111 points!!!!


Wennnn said...

No:4 okie okie.. Yes I manage to score on ur board liao.. hehehe

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: Yes you did! Hehehe... I hope it will be a happy October... I also can't believe that LB and May managed to do their joint 3rd act too!

angel: Ahahaha... let's see if the angel flies faster or the tiger bounces higher this month. LOL!

may: LOLOL! I purposely didn't want to put your name there one... make you work a little bit harder to find your name. Heh.

chen: Yay for doggies! And Ah Boy's name also there... LOL!

*kicks chen ala facebook*

parisb: Yes, you did! Can you make it this month too?

ehon: I also tak larat to count all their chups last month! This month try harder to chup lorrrr...

angel: Checked out already... but don't qualify! *sobz* Not enough unique visitors...

l b: Ahahaha... *jabs lb awake* Your website is so shockingly PINK!

zewt: I think angel doesn't need to sleep one... you can make it to the top three... just need to constantly refresh blogs that award THHC points!

wennnn: Yay! You're a cool No. 4! Those last minute first places really helped. *grin*

narrowband said...

Yay!! I'm in Rinnah's THHC oso! I baru mentioned I so happy coz I'm in Angel's too. But uhm... I never get to be at the top for as long as I'm using Google Reader huh? But it's okay ;p

rinnah said...

narrowband: It's easier to get into THHC here than it is elsewhere! LOL!

I like SharpReader, but that one's not web-based so I can't use it in office.