Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No trick, just treat

Hey folks, Halloween's coming up round the corner. It's tomorrow and I have here, my first Halloween award! *grin* Thanks to Adrian of Void Sky, a really droll chap who is funny and knowledgable at the same time. Recommended reading his Faithful or Unfaithful series and stories about his kids, especially his girl.

The Halloween award was originated by
Hootin' Anni with specific instructions to give it to visitors to your blog. Not those people on your blogroll because the idea is to make new blogfriends. Capeesh? *grin*

Since I've been skiving around Adrian's site without commenting, he decided to give it to me. I don't know who sneaks, peeks or floats around my site so my awardees list is gonna be sooooo limited. But I'd like to pass it on to:-

Tine - whom I've seen on my Marketplace blog
Eastcoastlife - whom I read, but seldom comment because my computers don't seem to like me commenting there; they always hang whenever I try to access her site
Sengkor - who has been quite silent since his India posts
Doreen - my new favorite blog visitor!

Happy Halloween, all! Don't get to spooked now, ya hear?

12 spins:

angel said...

HelloWinn Chup!

So, u gonna dress up and scare us?? :D

Ehon said...


Happy Halloween!!

adrian said...

So that's what you've been doing over at my blog. Reading the faithful or unfaithful series. Hahahaha.

I shall also stop hiding in the background on ur blog. :P

Tine said...

Oooh thanks!

Actually hoh, I read this blog too, but ... err ... haven't had the chance to comment lar. Pai seh :p

L B said...

Happy HarroWennnnnWinnnnnn to you too!!!


*did that work?*

Wennnn said...

HAhhaahha since when halloween became harrowennnwinnn hahahahahhaahha!lol

Giddy Tiger said...

Boo! Happy Halloween to you!

Doreen said...

Wah~~THANK YOU! It is indeed a Happy Halloween, now I got awarded even happier! Hehehe

You enjoy your halloween, don't get tricked wor. Hehehe


rinnah said...

angel: HelloWinn to you too! Hehehe... I didn't think of dressing up, but looking forward to see Misha's costumes!

ehon: And finally you got a chup, eh? *grin* Happy Halloween to you too!

adrian: Hahaha... actually I was reading your blog before then, but the faithful/unfaithful series convinced me to stay. LOL! Good to have one less background reader!

tine: You're most welcome! I love to hop by your blogs too, and actually hor, I read your beauty blog but don't comment because I have so little knowledge! Heh.

l b: Waaaa... from HelloWinn to HarroWennnnWinnnn! So creative lar you. Nope, not scared at all. *giggle*

wennnn: Your kai kor making up new words lor. Hahahaha!

giddy tiger: Boo to you too! *makes funny face* Happy Halloween!

doreen: Now you can go on and spread the Halloween love too! Eh, no trick, just treat! Hehehe. *hands out FaceBook candy*

eastcoastlife said...

Boo!!! hehehe....

Happy Hallowennwinnn!!! kakaka....

Thanks for the award.

How come my site is giving you problem? Must get somebody check my html. hmmmm.....
*scratch head*

may said...

Merry HelloWinn to you!

rinnah said...

eastcoastlife: Hahaha... not scared leh! I dunno why wor... each time I try to load your site the computer just freezes up... so I can only read thru feedreader...

may: Merry HelloWinn to you too!