Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I must...

... remain calm even though I'm fuming mad.

... not let this issue get to me and bring me down.

... ignore spiteful and petty little people in the office.

... try NOT to see it as it is (which is making me mad) but to look at it differently.

... forgive those who trespass against me - so the Bible says.

... bring my issues to the One above.

... hold on to my sanity with the thought that it's not much longer to go now.

10 spins:

angel said...

*brings a bowl of ice cream for LIN-AH...*

Haha... sorry! Can't get over this lin ah, lin ah thing! :D

may said...

Ah Lin Ah, dun so stress ok? I bring ice cream cone!

L B said...

As the Famous Saying goes (The World According to the Angel) ~ * Y O U N G * * Y O U N G *

Breath in deep, blow out slow... Repeat chorus..

zewt said...

you must too tell us what happened...

Ehon said...

Er.. Did I just given you a famous nickname or what?! LMAO!

Lin ah, must remain calm and keep laughing! :D

rinnah said...

angel: You must have read my mind! I just went out to buy ice-cream! *grin* Ahahaha... this ehon la... he and his LIN AH...

may: Wheeee! More ice-cream! *hampalang sapu*

l b: Hmmm, is this some sort of magic elixir? If so, I want!

*does deep breathing exercises*

zewt: Hai... related to my resignation la. See if I got mood to tell tomorrow or not.

ehon: Hahaha... yes, you gave me a femes nickname liao!

Eh, you write summore funny posts then I sure laugh one! *grin*

Giddy Tiger said...

Ah Lin endearing la..
Here's a hug to cheer you up!

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: *grin* Good thing it wasn't Ah Lian ah... now I would jump at that nickname! LOL!

narrowband said...

Hello Rinnah! Sorry I'm abit late, but this shall be my first comment since you tweaked your blog! You added another column I see! Did you consider widening the banner as well? Only a suggestion ;)

Talking about my "I must's"... I must get a DSLR by the end of this year... I must!!!! I can't tahan liao!!

rinnah said...

narrowband: I want to put a picture in my header/banner, but it appears too wide when I do so. Am looking for an idiot-proof guide to do so. Hehe.

Aiyo... I also want a DSLR... I must resist! I must!