Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's gonna get painful next year

This should really go on my other blog, Just Being Malaysian, but I need a filler post right now so I stick it here la.

Did you read the news today? Prices of crude oil are spiralling up and up to a
new high of nearly USD94. *gulp*

I don't want to think about next year when the promise of the government to NOT increase the prices of fuel expires. Many people are going to feel the pinch. Yow!

4 spins:

Doreen said...

Petrol price here is ridiculously crazily expensive!

L B said...

Oh dear... we can't drive to Cheras then.... Trishaw Power!!

angel said...

I jz read that a tong of gas gonna be RM10 dearer nxt month! *faint*

Time to get a mountain bike, u think?? -_-'''

rinnah said...

doreen: Is it? I'm no good at currency conversion, but I know I'm going to feel the pinch when the next increase comes...

l b: Aiyo... it will take you ages to pedal your way to Cheras then... unless I move to somewhere nearer you? *grin*

angel: Really ah? *pengsan* Even food will go up in price then... Uh, my dear, have you forgotten... I can't cycle. LOL!