Monday, October 08, 2007

I have a fiver in my pocket

I tagged Little Miss May and she very gamely tagged me back with this tag of fives.

5 things found in my bag
~ Purse
~ Keys
~ Handphone
~ Pocket diary
~ Pack of tissue

5 things found in my wallet
~ Money
~ Credit card
~ Reward points card
~ Credit card transaction slips

5 things found in my room
~ Wardrobe stuffed with clothes
~ My stuffed toy display cabinet
~ Vanity mirror
~ Bookshelves for my mini library
~ Way too much stuff for one small room

5 things I've always wanted to do
~ Bum around unemployed but rich
~ Go travelling around the world
~ Go bungee jumping
~ Go go-karting
~ Learn ballroom dance

5 things I'm currently in to
~ Blogging
~ Singing
~ Compiling personal mp3 albums
~ Photography
~ Poetry

5 beautiful people to tag
Giddy Tiger

14 spins:

Chen said...

*ahem* at the 5 beautiful people...

Winn said...

wah u so nice geh! always red bomb me.....heeeee. okok.let me go do some research 1st:P

Chen said...

i think i did this tag not long ago niah.. :D

Chen said...

Kkkkk.. i found it liao..
paiseh woh
I just did the tag two months ago, @ 4th August 2007 :P
5 Benda..

Wennnn said...

I also got this tag lor....

giddy tiger said...

It'll be my pleasure to do this tag, m'dear! What a freaky coincidence! I hopped over to your blog, and for your fiver post, I saw FIVE comments!

giddy tiger said...

By the way, you've got only 4 items under "5 things found in my room" :)

L B said...

I love that BUMMING AROUND UNEMPLOYED BUT RICH bit BEST!!! I wanna do that too, when I grow up!!

Thanks for the TAG ~ Big KISSES XOXO

may said...

hey, thanks for this tag turnaround so quickly! go-karting is so fun... whee!

ehon said...

hehehehe. luckily u no tag me. i've got so many tag debts! ok ok, do tomorrow. :P

"~ Go bungee jumping" i also wanna go bungee jumping but i don wanna go to the super high one. a moderately high one is enough. :P

L B said...

*Booking ehon for this Tag*

L B said...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, my TAG done now!!!

rinnah said...

chen: Yes... very beautiful people I am tagging! LOL!

winn: Ahahaha... you can always red bomb me back. All tags welcome! LOL!

chen: Not again? Why I cannot tag you one? No fair... *sigh*

Looks like I will have to create my own tag before I can tag you liao.

wennnn: Hehehe... I nochet read yours wan...

giddy tiger: LOL! 5 comments exactly, hor? That's so uncanny! As someone I know would say, "Paranormal!"

l b: Ahahaha... it's perfect for Ho Kwai Fann resort, eh?

*muacks back*

may: Wheeee! Let's go go-karting sometime soon!

ehon: I think there's this bungee jump spot in Australia that really femes! Wanna go?

l b: LOL! Everyone wants to book ehon for their tags now!

Thanks for doing it so quickly!

Anonymous said...

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