Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh baby baby

Baby face... you've got the cutest little baby face...

Looking younger than you actually are can be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it and what kind of situation you're in. Over the past two weeks, I've been getting a lot of questions about my age from people whom I meet. Maybe it's the baby face or the fact that I meet them on weekends, when I'm casually dressed in jeans and tees. But no one seems to believe how old (or rather how young! Muahahaha!) I am nor the fact that I am working (and have been working for some years now)! The FAQs are:

~ Oh, is this your daughter? (to my parents) I remember her when she was just this high *motions with hand*
~ Is she still studying?
~ You mean she's working already?
~ How old are you? -_-' (Frequent age guesses at this point will range from between 18 - 21, which I have already left behind a few years back!)

So it's good that I look pretty young for my age (even a bit underage!) but it's not good when I want to get people to take me seriously! Like who's going to believe me when I say I've been working for x number of years when I look like a high-schooler? I do think I'm rather serious, responsible and matured for my age so much so that I sometimes feel like I'm having a yuppie's quarterlife crisis with my life years before time. But yet I know I am nowhere as matured as I like to think I am and can be childishly immature a whole lot of other times. As my mother never fails to remind me, she had me at a young age, while here I am still basking in my babyhood status at home. ;-P

p.s. And should I be flattered that a young, collegiate-age boy was *ahem* checking me out? LOL!

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cutiepie said...

ahem!!! heheheh notty notty .. but baby face is gooddddd .. for a lot of reasons khikhikhikhi

ParisB said...

Having a baby face is a good thing. When you are 60 you'll be happy you did :D

giddy tiger said...

Yeah, no complaints there about a baby face! Are you gonna cradle-snatch? :P

may said...

better than looking older than your age, serrriiiiousssllyyyy!! hahaha!

L B said...

I will stay in Oblivion Land, where I continue to imagine you the way my mind sees it..
*images of Imperial China Dynastic Courtesans flicker briefly before they are superseded by Roman Paparazzi Scooter Girls..*

zewt said...

as you grow older... u will appreciate the fact that you look young. a few years ago i went for a meeting and the client asked why my firm sent a fresh grad... i was offended then.

now, you can call me a college kid and it'll make my day :P...

so... all girls like to be checked out by college kids eh?

ehon said...

same same! everyone thinks i'm 16! even i myself thinks im 16. but im muchhh wiser than my age. and serious, that's why i keep a blog, and it's here i found my youthfulness again. :D

a^ben said...

fuahhh of cos must be flattered lor` :)

kyh said...

"Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know? That smth wasn't rite here... Oh baby baby........."

oops... I was drifted away by the catchy song again! :P

feeling young is good, but if someone treats u as if u're an underasge kid, then it'll be no good!

WOAH! got ahem ahem goin' after u??? come come intro him a bit to us! :P

angel said...

I could relate this situation totally ;)

angel said...

Oops... I meant to say, I could relate TO this situation. Gah... :p

narrowband said...

I think you *should* be flattered that that guy checked you out cuz just because he looks younger doesn't mean he's really young. I had hots for this girl in my uni who is, suffice to say, much more than 365 days older than me, but she took age seriously. Ouch!

Simple American said...

Yes to everything you said. (Practicing my diplomatic skills) Did it work?

I think you looked young. Enjoy it and try to stay that way as long as you can. When people don't take you serious a quick piak in the ribs will get their attention.

That boy got good taste lah!

Pink Elle said...

Haha...I get that all the time too! :) They say eh you're still studying? I used to hate it but now, I take it as a good sign! :D

Leonard said...

looked baby face good what..i was also being told before..

but as times goes, wrinkles all come out.. OLD LIAO!

eastcoastlife said...

I would give anything to have a baby face!!!!

Funny leh...., we want to look older when we are young. When we finally get old, we want to look younger. I'm beginning to look old, so scary! OMG!

rinnah said...

cutiepie: 5 notty hugs for you!!!

Me is good girl... *looks angelically babyish* Hehehe!

parisb: 3 young young hugs for you!!

So everyone says... but I want to be taken seriously now! *pretends to throw a mini temper tantrum ala lb* ;P

giddy tiger: 1 cradle-snatching hug for you!

Hehehe... no lah... that one is "sai lo"... cannot leh...

may: How I wish I could look older now and then stay that way even as my age progresses! Wahahahaha!

l b: Why you no like my baby face meh? *grin*

Oooh... I like that imagery of Roman Paparazzi Scooter Girls...

zewt: Hahaha... I'm guessing you were not a fresh grad then?

I like looking young... just don't appreciate being considered underage! Muahahahaha!

Hmm... being checked out ok-lah... flattering mah... me is probably jie jie to that kid but he still can check me out... Hehehe.

ehon: Hmm... if you still think you're 16 when you're 60 is that being called delusional? *tongue in cheek*

Yes, you are a very wise and knowledgable 16yr old... as your informative reproduction posts suggest! Wahahaha! *runs away before ehon can piak me*

a^ben: Flattering, hor? *wink* But I think he will be scared off if he knew how old I really am! Ahahahahaha!

kyh: Waaahhh... ini closet Britney Spears fan ke? Or you just like the schoolgirl outfit? I did the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" song as a performance at my ex-firm... got first place summore. Heh!

Yes! My point exactly! I wanna feel young but not if people treat me like I'm underage!

No need to intro lah... I also dunno him... just that he was checking me out, that's all. Hehehe.

angel: Come, come... Join the club!

narrowband: Ah, the voice of experience speaks!

Yeah, some guys I know are quite matured beyond their age, but others (majority!) I find are still quite kiddy... I would feel like their mother despite the fact that they're already 26 - 28! (And no, that's not my age! Wahahahaha!)

simple american: Very diplomatic! You have earned yourself many hugs! *hug*

Hehehe... you are one of the few who have seen my picture... but do you think I look underage?

How to piak uncles and aunties? Friends can piak lah... Boss also cannot piak! Hehehe...


pink elle: Yayaya... they all think I'm still studying... Maybe I should tell them I'm studying in the school of life! Hehehe.

leonard: But not all the time good mah... like when I want my boss to take me seriously he just smiles with that look that says, "You are younger than even my youngest child..."

Ooo... don't talk about the wrinkles! *touch wood* :o)

eastcoastlife: I thot the Evil Enchantress has got her magical potions and spells to keep her everlasting youth and beauty? Hehehehehe...

Ya, now I want to be older... next time I will want to be younger... guess we humans are never satisfied!

zewt said...

hahahaha... i think the older a girl gets... the more she will like to be checked out.

yeah, i wasnt a fresh grad the... was already a senior associate.

rinnah said...

zewt: I'm sure you will also feel flattered if a "mui mui chai" checks you out... *grin*

An almost similar thing happened to a friend of mine - he's the lead lawyer on the project and the client thought he was the chambering student. LOL!