Saturday, June 23, 2007

Playing at secret societies

I overheard an interesting conversation amongst a group of young girls today.

They were sitting at the table next to me, young girls, between the ages of around 9 to 12. From what I gathered, they were going to set up their own secret club and were discussing the rules. They ran along these lines: once a member, always a member. If you left the club, you were termed to have "betrayed" the club (yes, they actually used the word betray). And as part of "registration" with the club, I heard them exchanging addresses and... get this... handphone numbers.

You say kids these days high tech or not? *grin*

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L B said...

ROFL! OMG! Handphone numbers! Gee... nothing has changed, except hp numbers, I guess. We used to execute our betrayed secret society members by making them walk the plank.. across some monsoon drain.

may said...

we used to have "secret societies" back in my school days too! though not so secret la. just "by invitation only", and I'm usually the last one to get invited, if at all! LOL!

kyh said...

err wat if they betray the group? got beaten up on the streets? pull hairs and get stripped naked and film the scene down and post it to YouTube? kids nowadays... *shudders at the thot of it*

angel said...

How come I don't hv 'secret societies' in school wan?? How can???
*throws mini tantrum*

ehon said...

yeah lor. i also no secret societies in school! eyh, is THHC a secret society or not?

a^ben said...


tat day I saw a girl poking at her PDA, I think she was in primary 4 or 5.. I almost fainted hahaahahahah

PB said...

I remember those. No HP numbers but lots of secret secret meetings behind the school storeroom hoping not to get caught by the jaga LOL!

Wennnn said...

hmmmm laughing at Ehon... THHC is secret society club or not???? PLs MR Chairman to answer his question la... ask for handphone number to reply!!

Chen said...

not only that, those kids' handphones are more canggih than ours :P

L B said...

Of course it's a secret society! We practice Ninja Chups there! Betrayal is death by a thousand chups.

sengkor said...

horr... u eavesdropping..

Bernard said...

My societies were all above board ones la... secret societies are for those who read "Famous Five" or "Hardy Boys"..

Giddy Tiger said... would be considered a spy then!

rinnah said...

l b: 5 ROFL hugs for you!!!

*picks lb up from the floor*

I kid you not! (Yes, that's a pun. LOL!) Handphone numbers were going around the table like 4D numbers.

Monsoon drains? That's a wee bit dangerous, ya?

may: 3 secret hugs for you!!

Awww... you'll be the first to be invited to my secret society if I ever start one, k?

kyh: 1 blood-thirsty hug for you!

Wah... better not betray you... so many things will happen... *grin*

angel: You also got no secret societies? I also didn't have! *joins angel in mini-tantrum*

ehon: Uhm, I'm not sure if THHC is a secret society or not... if we are, we're not a very well kept secret, are we? *grin*

a^ben: Wahhh... so high tech. My cousin is only 11 and he uses HP, PSP and MP3 players like it's everyday items.

pb: LOL! Your name is getting shorter and shorter!

I remember trying to set up a secret society, but my girlies in school were not interested!

wennnn: LOLOLOL! Very smart... yes, quick quick get handphone number for a reply!

chen: Ya... sometimes I shy to bring out my handphone next to these kids!

l b: Oops! We didn't really keep it a secret leh... I need my Get Out of Chups card!

sengkor: Eavesdropping? Gua? No lah... they were too loud. LOL!

bernard: I read those books! Hahahaha... no wonder my friends were not interested in setting up a secret society.

giddy tiger: I was, wasn't I? *grin* Honey Trapp rides again!

Simple American said...

How come you know about their secret, huh? Should have given your number too. Explain that you know all the rules too.

rinnah said...

simple american: Uhm, because I was exercising my super spy abilities? LOL!

I would have added on more rules to the secret society! *naughty grin*