Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I The Spy

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a spy? Every kid has seen spy movies, no matter what their generation, from the good oldies like James Bond (the standard!) to Ethan Hunt and even the pint-sized Spy Kids. And I'm sure you played at being a spy too, when you weren't busy with Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians.

For me, spies are just like ninjas, except they hide in plain sight and don't skulk around in the darkness wearing black outfits. Oh wait. Tuxedos do count as black outfits, right? That's why they call it black tie events.

When I daydream, I like to imagine that I'm a high-level operative, aka spy, who's tasked to infiltrate places whilst being perfectly groomed and clad in killer designer outfits. I'd use all my acting ability to create a cover for myself (so that I don't reveal my secret identity) as a rich spoiled heiress who seems to do nothing else but attend parties (where I would snoop around for dirty little secrets). To put it all together, I'd have a memorable spy name like Honey Trapp. *cue laughter* After all, the best cover is to be out there in the open, right? No one would think of looking for a spy in a blonde bimbo, right? *wink*

Yes, that's my secret spy ability. Remember, eyes and ears are watching you!

So, you think I can give Michael Weston, a CIA operative on USA Network's Burn Notice a few tips and tricks? You'll just have to watch it on 28th June to find out.

11 spins:

kyh said...

oh no! dont spy at me! *smash the spycam to pieces*

ParisB said...

Honestly, I'd really want to see this series! :)

Chen said...

pls don't spy at me

L B said...

Love the name! Honey von Trapp! Bet you'd make a terrific spy too, considering that you'd need to be, to be able to retrieve all that information as a reporter. Little spy cams, little mics, nanotechnology..

giddy tiger said...

Von Trapp like the Sound of Music? heh heh... good secret spy ability :)

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 super-spy hugs for you!!!

Don't worry, I won't spy on you unless you have any dirty little secrets to hide... are there? *looks enquiringly*

parisb: 3 serial hugs for you!!

I know! I so want to see it too. It sounds cool. Maybe we will be able to get it from Uncle Joe?

chen: 1 phobic hug for you!

Like I mentioned to kyh, I won't spy on you unless you have any dirty little secrets to hide... are there? *looks enquiringly*

l b: Aha! I knew you'd pick up on the name... that was included specially for you.

The best part of being a spy is getting to play with all the cool gadgets... where's N or M when you need him?

*activates wall climbing spiked high heels, also can be used in a pinch for inflicting injury in close quarters combat*

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: I hide right out in the open! Hehehe... can I recruit Ethan for Spy Kids 4? Bet he'd look so cool with a pair of sunnies on. Plus he already has the name... Ethan... like Mission Impossible...

a^ben said...

*spies on rinnah~*


rinnah said...

a^ben: You spy on me ah? Nanti I come after you and piak you leh... Hahahaha...

Simple American said...

I want some tips from Honey Trap. *pengsan* So sexy can die! *plop*

rinnah said...

simple american: Hehehe... come and attend Honey Trapp's school for spies! Learn to be sexy for women and suave for men. Free ballroom dancing lessons included for that all-important scene where the hero/heroine has to dance the tango with the love interest!

*hands out flyers*