Sunday, June 24, 2007

A little Z before I zzzzz...

Z is the last letter of the alphabet. Some pronounce it "zach" whilst others pronounce it "zed". It's written with three strokes and it's also the mark of Zorro. Z is a very unique alphabet, and it seems fitting that someone very unique has a name beginning with "Z".

So today, I would like to wish ZEWT a very...


And also a birthday shout-out to King's Wife as I understand it's her birthday too!

19 spins:

Leonard said...

Happy birthday to ZEWT and King's Wife!

go ZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz liao...

Chen said...

Happy Birthday Zewt
Happy Birthday King's Wife
Good night everybody :)

angel said...

Aiks! He said don't tell people wan O.o

Zappy Zirthday Zo Zewt!
Sang Yat Fai Lok King's Wife!

zewt said...

wahhh... very zpecial indeed... haha! thanks... very thoughtful.

and king's wife share the same bday? !!! now... that i didnt know.

L B said...

Happy Birthday Birthday Guy and Girl!

*Makes Zombie sounds...*

parisb said...

zippedy-doo-dah! zzzzzzzzzzzz

a^ben said...

*birthday zzzzzzz dance~ hahahaahahahahahha :P

kyh said...

happy bday zewtttttttt!!! and KW!!!

narrowband said...

Hehehe... I baru realized. Happy birthday to both her majesty and Zewt!

ehon said...

haooy birthday zewt, happy birthday king's wife! why evelibadi birthday one?! i also wanna birthday ler!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to korkor ZEWT

happy monday to jiejie Rinnah

Wennnn said...

Happy Birthday Zewt!!!Very Zesty birthday greeting

Winn said...

happy birthday to both kw and zewt!!!!!! one yr younger! yay!

giddy tiger said...

...and some pronounce it as "zee"


Happy Birthday Zewt and King's wife!

eastcoastlife said...


King's wife said...

Thanks Rinnah.
Thank you all!!!! :)

may said...

happy birthday, zewt! and a day's belated to KW, too!

rinnah said...

leonard: 5 ZZZZzzzzZZZZ hugs for you!!!

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

chen: 3 goodnight hugs for you!!

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

angel: 1 secret hug for you!

Hahaha... I'm exempted because he told me his birthday date way in advance of today...

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

zewt: A zpecial post for a zpecial guy!

Happy Birthday to king's wife!

l b: Ooo... after I have nightmares because of your zombie sounds...

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

parisb: Zippedy eh... my oh my what a wonderful day!

a^ben: How come it's the zzzzzz dance and not the io ka ch'ng dance?

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

kyh: Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

narrowband: It's not too late!

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

ehon: Eh, your birthday when? Faster faster tell... I do one special post for you too!

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

misha: Happy Tuesday now to mish mish!

Happy Birthday to kor kor zewt!

wennnn: Hahaha... must zzzzest it up mah...

Happy Birthday to zewt!

winn: Yes, one year younger! Yippee!

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

giddy tiger: Zee zee zee... zee zoo zee! Wheeee! Hehehe.

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

eastcoastlife: Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

king's wife: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yay!

psst... mana horiday?

Happy Birthday to zewt and king's wife!

Anonymous said...

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