Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Picture this, picture that

I have a soft spot for high tech digital toys, and this digital photo frame from Digital Framez caught my eye. With this nifty gadget, you don't need to print out your stacks and stacks of vacation photos just to look at them. All you need to do is save your desired pictures onto a memory card, insert it into the digital photo frame, and voila! instant slideshow of all the pictures you want to display. It's such a simple yet effective idea, it's got me thinking that I need to get me a digital photo frame for my room so I can put all my best headshots in there.

It gets better. Not only does the digital frame display photos, it can even play those video clips you recorded at your best friend's wedding or during that romantic date under the stars. Moving picture and sound, all without use of a PC! You're only limited on how many photos or videos you wanna show off by the size of your memory card. And I think I could stuff a lot onto a 1GB memory card, don't you think? It makes a great gift for all ages, especially for the males in your life.

The digital frame comes in a variety of sizes and finishes and prices start from $99.00 for a 7 inch frame.

9 spins:

kyh said...

wah so cool! gip me as birdday gift can? :P

Leonard said...

this digital photo frame is so cool!

i think i read it somewhere when one was given it as a present...but can't remember where~!

a^ben said...

my birthday very soon dy~ hahahha

*hint hint hint~*

Wennnn said...

My birthday also gonna come to.. So I also can request for one issit?????

L B said...

I'd much rather you sing us a song..... Ready? Are you nervous?

Winn said...

i saw this in KLCC yest they are going at RM500+ can play video ,music and had 1GB memory..made in china. hehe

Anonymous said...

misha saw that in HK !!! hehehe

happy thursday to jie jie rinnah

Giddy Tiger said...

Aisay - i thought it was FOC....

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 birdday hugs for you!!!

Yes it's cool... but you know how many sponsored posts I will have to write before I can buy one (incl. shipping)? *faint*

leonard: 3 cool hugs for you!! I think you're really racking up the hug hug points here!

I wish to be that person who received this frame as a gift!

a^ben: 1 hinting hug for you!

Hehehe... I know when your birthday is... but... see reply above to kyh! *double faint*

wennnn: Oh, I don't know your birthday yet. LOL! See reply above to kyh! *triple faint*

l b: Sing a song? No problemo! What song you want?

*tunes up voice*

Uh, you're not going to go all Simon Cowelly and critique me, are you? *grin*

winn: Wah! Made in China also want to sell for RM500+? *fainted liao*

misha: You did? Did you want one? LOL!

It's now Happy Friday, mish mish! Happy last day of schooling! Happy Holidays!

giddy tiger: Hahaha... this world got no free lunch leh...