Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why don't you give a little love instead

Ever wondered what your life would be like if it was different? I'm not referring to the fantasy life where you're rich, famous and gorgeous, but the other type. Like what if you were born say... in India or Africa? If there was something about you that needed help? *touch wood* The lyrics of Stacie Orrico's song Instead comes to mind for me...

A new point of view
A walk in your shoes
I wish I could get inside your head
To see what you see
When you look at me
Cause I could've lived your life instead

So when I got to know about The Giving Hands, I figured this can be my way of spreading the news and giving back to society. The Giving Hands is a strictly charity-based blog set up and run by Pelf Nyok (who's researching turtles on the East Coast of West Malaysia). Pelf writes about a variety of topics all relating to charity, conservation and volunteerism at The Giving Hands and somehow finds time in her busy schedule to also be an official PR officer of The Eye Digest. The latest event up her sleeve is the Blogathon, where Pelf is teaming up with Yvonne Foong to blog about Eden Handicap Service Centre for this year's edition of the blogathon. I think it's a really neat idea to build up some awareness and raise funds for a worthy cause. There's a catch to the blogathon though. It runs for 24 hours and requires blogposts every 30 minutes (so the bigger the team, the better 'cause there are more people to help out). Wooo... that's like the Ironman marathon! (Or David Blaine magician specials on telly.) Each team picks a specific charity to donate to, and sponsors can choose which team or charity they want to support - in Pelf and Yvonne's case, it's Eden Handicap Service Centre.

If you'd like to find out more about the blogathon or Pelf herself, do drop by The Giving Hands
or her personal website (which I liked very much, it's now in my RSS feeds!) and give her some link love. We can all do a little bit to make society better, eh?

12 spins:

kyh said...

lol i tot this is a PPP!

yeah we shud indeed be gr8ful we're not born in those places! so kesian them... :(

Misha said...

hello jie jie rinnah :)

hugs hugs

parisb said...

Which reminds me I owe he an article :P *tick tock*

L B said...

Dang! I guess there goes my alternate lifestyle in the world of superheroes!..

giddy tiger said...

It's a worthy cause. Are you signing up for the blogathon? :P

may said...

ahhh, I know this Pelf! that's such a worthy cause. will have a look when I get the chance.

a^ben said...

I met up with pelf before when she came to kch`

I heard about this blogathon before leh` last year I think :)

so are you joining ? :)

Simple American said...

Good luck in this worthy cause.

The East Coast of West Malaysia!?!?!?!?!? I was oledi lost. First thing I do when I get to Malaysia is buy me a good map. :P

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 PPP hugs for you!!!

This is a self-sponsored post! I write to spread the news about good deeds!

misha mei mei: 3 welcome back hugs for you!!

How was the trip? Fun or not?

parisb: 1 tick tock hug for you!

Hehehe... have a break, have a KitKat first before you write your article!

l b: *looks stunned* You mean... you aren't a superhero? Noooo... You're the YATTA emperor of the Apple kingdom! You're telling me now you're an ordinary mortal?

*glass breaks as dream shatters*


giddy tiger: I know! But lazy me can't see myself posting diligently every 30 minutes. Maybe I would if it only required me to put up one post at anytime during the nominated day.

may: Do do do go take a look-see about the blogathon! The more support, the better!

a^ben: 0.0 really? What's she like in person?

Yeah, they had it last year and repeating it this year because it is a success!

See my answer above to giddy tiger... lazy to type again... *grin*

simple american: Malaysia is divided into two... there's the West side and the East side. I'm from the Western peninsular side (12 states here). The East is the Borneo coast - the states of Sabah and Sarawak alone.

ehon said...

I think I'll do it. But I duno lar. See first. :P Hehehe. Hahahahaha. Y'all spread the laughing germs to me liao. -_-

rinnah said...

ehon: Good for you! I support you! Hehehehe... I thot you were working on the anti-laff antidote?

Anonymous said...

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