Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who knew cosmetic surgery was so hard to find?

No no, I'm not the one requiring cosmetic surgery... my baby is the one. See that pic above? You can find full details of the accident here.

So my baby needs a new set of tail lights, and the sooner the better! The perfectionist in me can't stand the sight of the ugly, jagged plastic and the naked eye of the bulb shining forth next to the dent and the hole. It reminds me of the Terminator's one eyed stare with the red eye socket and all...

So on the day of the accident, I left the office early in hopes of reaching home and the neighborhood mechanic in time. Nope, couldn't make it as the roads were super jammed and it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to go home. By then, the mechanic was already closed. So I went to another workshop nearby. This one told me that:

~ They don't keep stock of tail lights
~ They need to order it from a supplier
~ It takes 1 - 2 days for the supplier to send them the lights
~ They don't know how much it costs

OK, so it looked as though I would not be able to get my lights fixed quickly.

The next day, I called up the nearest Perodua service center, which is like 5 minutes drive away from my house. Here, I get told that:

~ They don't keep stock of Kelisa tail lights
~ They need to order it from the warehouse
~ It takes 1 - 2 days for the other side to send them the lights
~ They do know how much it costs (approximately RM 187.00, rounded up for convenience)
~ That price is excluding labour charges (about RM 35.00)
~ I need to pay for the light first before they will order it
~ And I need to make an appointment for them to change the lights, even though it takes less than half an hour to do so

That spells out a whole lot of hassle! Either way, I need to make at least two trips - one to order and another to fix the lights. So mah fan, hor? I still haven't decided which route to take, so I'm cruising around KL city with my busted tail lights still. Good thing this isn't America where I could get pulled over and summoned! *grin*

Oh, and the cosmetic surgery bit hasn't extended to the search of finding out if the dent and hole is repairable. *sigh* My poor baby!

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angel said...

*sayangs your baby first*

angel said...

No stock? That's strange... hv u tried other shops? Last time, I got mine replaced in a shop in Serdang area. Good luck!

angel said...

Oops... mine was not a Kelisa... was an Iswara :)

may said...

and that's why you should be buying a new car! go Myvi, yay!

*pats your poor baby*

Paris said...

Eh how come pay first then order? Dodgy. Takkan the Perodua service centre has no money to order the parts? Oh and the lack of parts seems to be common in Perodua cars - pity

zewt said...

typical malaysian way of doing business right? this is the reason why local automotive manufacturer just cant compete.

as for the dent and hole.. i am sure it's repairable... but... just dunno how much.

rinnah said...

angel: 5 sayang hugs for you!!!

Strange hor? I thought it would be something simple to replace, but apparently not so!

Lots of Kelisas running around also, just as many as Iswaras!

may: 3 new new hugs for you!!

Ya really think so? I so want to buy a new car now... maybe I shall put all my PPP efforts towards the new car!

paris: 1 paying hug for you!

Yaloh... dunno why they wouldn't accept my order over the phone. I thought they should at least keep some spare parts in the service centre, seeing as how tail lights aren't particularly high cost but... *shrugs*

zewt: Exactimento! I thought it was a dumb policy in the first place.

How to repair? My friend said put a patch on the hole before rust sets in. Looks like I shall be trekking around to workshops this weekend...

Leonard said...

it's damn sad when ur baby get into an accident..

it happened to my baby far too many times, front, back, left, right!


L B said...

You can use my car..

kyh said...

kesian ur baby! need to call an ambulance? ;)

a^ben said...

aiyoooo!!! so kolian!

*pats pats baby kelisa*

Anonymous said...

misha pats pats jiejie's car and hugs hugs her too :)

today is FRIDAY!!!!!

giddy tiger said...

Huh? Why doesn't Perodua carry tail lights? Isn't it common for ppl to change it now and then?

If your car is not under warranty (more than 2 years), then I suppose just take it to any car accessory shop to change the light for ya.

Pink Elle said...

Oh dear! Hope it won't cost you too much to get it done. Don't understand la why the hassle since Kelisa is a locally manufactured car! One would think the spare parts for local cars would be the easiest to find!

rinnah said...

leonard: Yeah... so sad. Oh... I hope your baby is still in good shapre after the accidents? Nebermind... time to get a new baby!

l b: I thot you were gonna lend me your Italiano scooter? Poot poot! *vrooms away*

kyh: Aiyah... no need ambulance lah... not that serious. *wink*

a^ben: Good thing it wasn't much worse... :)

misha: Thank you for your hugs, dear! *hug*

Yes, today is Friday! Yippee!

giddy tiger: I have no idea... I thought the service centre should at least have some spare parts... but... *shrug* Malaysian company mentality still.

rinnah said...

pink elle: Well, I already know the cost from Perodua... going to see this weekend if I can buy off the shelf and install it at a workshop for cheaper. Hehehe. Skin flint me...

Chen said...

Kesian.. :(

apa pasal the service centre no stock pulak? so lousy geh?

zewt said...

the mechanic will know how i am sure. but yeah... better do it before rust sets in.

rinnah said...

chen: It's so strange that an authorized service centre doesn't carry stock. But I got my lights replaced today liao!


zewt: The hole is next on my to-do list... lights fixed already!