Monday, June 25, 2007

Here comes the bride!

Or so some people think. NOT!

Guess what? I'm getting married! *ROTFL*

The best part is? I DON'T KNOW about it.

Yup. I don't know when the date is, where it will be held and even who the lucky groom is. (Maybe it is because of this blogpost.)

But... apparently, my ex-company knows all about it. And the rumour is buzzing around that I'm getting married sometime soon. (I wonder who started this rumour?)

My aunt works in my ex-co and she called up my mum this morning to tell us of the latest rumour, which she came to know of when one of my ex-colleagues excitedly asked her about it. And when my aunt replied that it was most likely not true (seeing that we had just met for dinner last night), that person said she couldn't reveal her sources of the rumour. -_-'

Well, sorry to disappoint you guys, but it's NOT true. *grin*

21 spins:

Leonard said...

rumours will spread like wild fire.......

haha...your aunt also want to protect the identity of the starter of the rumour!

Winn said...

but but but.....can i still say congrats in advance? :P

zewt said...

hmmm... if i were u... i will hunt down the culprit... haha!

angel said...


L B said...

Ang Pow! Ang Pow! I will be back just in time too! Cool.. I hope I can at least post some bridal pics of you up..

Wennnn said...

Ahhh not getting married ah?? Me tot realli kahwin tim??? Who is the culprit ah??? Who knows mebbe got SURPRISE leh?

ehon said...

waisehhh!! eyh, if u marry hor, we get invited or not? :D *grins*

Anonymous said...

Misha wants to be the flower girl !!!

hehehe ..

happy tuesday jiejie rinnah :)

narrowband said...

Wah! This kind of tipu-tipu still got people want to play. So are you flattered of annoyed? Haha...

sengkor said...

*took out the confetti*

*read again*

*put back the confetti*

Giddy Tiger said...

Aisay - potong stim only... I was all ready to take the day off to go shopping for your present!

a^ben said...

make sure you announce big big in your blog larh when ur day comes~ ahehhehahehaheaheahehahe

Anonymous said...

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rinnah said...

leonard: 5 wildfire hugs for you!!!

Ya, everyone likes a bit of gossip. *grin*

No lah, she dunno who started the rumour!

winn: 3 advanced hugs for you!!

Yes, you may! I accept... in advance. Hehehe.

zewt: 1 hunting hug for you!

Hahaha, how to hunt when no one will dedahkan the culprit?

angel: Hehehe... I accept in advance!

l b: I thot you have to give me wedding present first? LOL! Ya ya... you can photograph me on my wedding day. Honeymoon I go Italy, ok?

wennnn: I also surprised leh... dunno who go start such rumour... no lah... no surprise this year. Mebbe next year? *crosses fingers*

ehon: Sure invite! You wanna be my emcee? Then you can talk and talk and talk while people eat... Hehehehe...

misha: Can can... Misha will be the prettiest flower girl!

Happy Tuesday hugs!

narrowband: I am more flattered than annoyed! Wahahahaha... people are so eager to marry me off... hehehe.

sengkor: Hahaha... can keep the confetti until the real occasion. Confetti got no expiry date one!

giddy tiger: Only shopping for my present only meh? Must shop for new outfit for yourself, Pete and Ethan!

a^ben: Hahaha... sure thing one... good news like this must announce big big!

Can bring Vai Ling to my wedding and play ah? Hehehe...

anonymous: Uhm, thanks? I'll check out the widgets.

L B said...

You wanna come to Italy for Honeymoon?!! ok, faster get married!! Bring LORMAIKAI, ok?

Simple American said...

Too bad you cannot make money for each false rumor.

But congratulations anyway!!!

Chen said...

congrats in advance, although it's rumours. The real day will come some time in the future too, right?

may said...

dang, and I was waiting for an angpow to arrive in the post! ermmmm... congratulations on your non-marriage!

rinnah said...

l b: Ya, why not? Italy... land of romance... near to Venice and France... *thinking of Tuscan countryside*

Errr... after lormaikai kena detained at the Italy airport then how? LOL!

simple american: If only I could get a ringgit from each person who spread and contributed to the rumour! I could buy a few lormaikais, I think...

Thank you... in advance!

chen: Hehehe... thank you... in advance! I am waiting for the day... but first, lemme go catch a guy, ok?

may: Angpow not invitation meh? I'm supposed to be on the receiving end of the gifts and angpows! Kekekekeke!

Hahaha... yes, congratulations to me on my non-marriage! Wheee! Singledom still for now!

eastcoastlife said...

Woot! Will I be invited for your wedding? Bloggers' Meet! hehehe....

rinnah said...

eastcoastlife: Maybe I should have a blogging theme for my future wedding? Yeah, and a section specially reserved for all the bloggers! VIP blogger guest: ECL! Woot!