Friday, June 22, 2007

Are you a potato head?

Oooh... another tag! The month of June looks like it is turning into my month of tags. This time, a kill two birds with one stone tag. I'm simultaneously paying off my tag debts to l b and may by doing my version called the Mr. & Ms. Potato Head tag. Heh! To recap...

~ l b tagged me with the sweet potatoes tag aka fan-si

~ may tagged me (after angel
chose me to represent her) with the Double Happiness Fansi Association™.

What you're supposed to do is to name your blog's greatest fans. So here it goes - Are you a Mr. or Ms. Potato Head? (You know, the cute cute potato toys in Toy Story?) In order not to *ahem* step on anyone's toes, I list down my fan-sees in the order in which they began regularly commenting on my blog. See? Very fair. *grin*

When I first started my blog, the first evah commenter was none other than Simple American. So he is my number one Mr. Potato Head!

Next person to come along was May. In a single click, she doubled my blog readership. Hehehe. So Ms. Potato Head she is.

Then Angel came flying by with her angel dust. So she is an Angelic Potato Head!

Chen found me thru my Twitter twits! And where Chen goes, AhBoy follows closely behind. I would call them the Twin Potato Heads. Hehehe. Or is it Ms Potato Head and Slinky the dog? I forget.

And then to round off the list came LB! He is the Emperor Potato Head! I'm not sure if there is an Emperor version of Mr Potato Head, but if there isn't, I guess the Darth Tater will do just as well. *grin*

So there you have it, my five fan-sees aka Potato Heads.

Next we move on to associate the blog, where I have to pick a blog and associate it with something.

Introducing, candidate number one.

She's happily married (sorry guys!) and a mummy of one cute, adorably BULAT boy. She possesses a secret talent for poetry and the ability to make me giddy with giggles with her cleverly written posts (even the sponsored ones!). Now taking up the advanced art of photography on her Nokia N73 to complement an already cool blog, you can be sure that this candidate will be taking her blog places.

It's..... the GIDDY TIGRESS! I always associate her blog with giggles (from Ethan Boy) and the imaginary pic of a bouncing Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Next, we have candidate number two.

The creator of the boing boing series™, and virtuoso vai-ling maestro, don't be fooled by the cute boy next door image (complete with dimple!). He can play musical instruments, he can bake, he can shop, and it looks like he may be the new Kenny Sia so quickly invite him to cover any events you may be holding. Remember, when his blog readership explodes, you don't want to be left behind!

It's..... A^BEN! Because he created boing boing, I associate his blog with the adorable boing boing and lately with lots of yummy food. TFFC™, anyone?

We move on to candidate number three.

He's huge (in heart lah! What did you think? *piak*) and immensely huggable. He's a novelist and gamer at heart even though he crunches numbers and counts beans for a living. Best of all, he has a great sense of humor and is a good dad to his two kids and his missus (sorry cute Asian girls!). And so many of the family idiosyncracies he talks about seem to be replicated in my family so much so I experience deja-vu whenever I read his blog.

It's..... SIMPLE AMERICAN! I think of SA and I think of Texas and BBQs. Mmm mm mm... yum! Fire up that grill, SA and we'll all do our darndest to meet the weight criteria for TFFC™. Oops. You're supposed to be on a diet, hor? *piaks ownself*

Presenting, candidate number four.

I've only known this candidate for some time now, but it seems like I've known him for a long long time. Maybe it's the fact that he is so friendly and cute (like AhBoy) or it's the fact that he's so YOUNG... (I heard he's only 16 and no longer counting) can be my didi already. Good boy, hor? *pat pat*

It's..... EHON! His blog will now be irrevocably associated with the fountain of youth. Dun believe me? See his now infamous blogpost on bloggers' age. Everyone sudah jadi young young. You'll love rediscovering the kid in you at ehon's blog! *wink*

We're at the last candidate now. Who could it be?

She's all about the pink, the blonde and the fluff. But she can dish up a meal or two, and her kind heart goes out to the needy and hungry! Not only that, she can be moved to tears by the voice of an angel... isn't she just luver-ly? Before you think she's all-round perfect, be warned that she has a Greeni or two in her cupboard. But she tries to keep him on a tight leash.

It's..... PINK ELLE! I got attracted to her blog because it's so pink and the Elle name sealed the deal for me. I'll always associate her with pink-ness, blonde-ness, fluffy-ness and parasols 'coz that's just who she is! Our very own Malaysian Elle Woods.

So there you have it, my five Potato heads and my five associated blogs. If you see your name up there, considered yourself tagged. If you've done it before, that's your get out of jail card. If you haven't done it yet, this is your gentle reminder to do so.

Happy Taggin' Friday, folks!

p.s. Could you do me a favor and do the Advertlets poll located behind the ad on the sidebar? Much appreciated! *muack*



17 spins:

kyh said...

botak head count or not? :P

i want potato chips!!!

cutiepie said...

aaaaaaa i use to have that toy .. Mr. & Mrs. Potato!!!

*bite bite bite the potato*

Anonymous said...

misha knew about mr and mrs potatoes too :)


may said...

oooo, did I do that? really? bring in the traffic? LOL! so glad I did, you're worth the news!

Ms. Potato Head #2.

L B said...

LOL! What a great movie that was when it first came out, Toy Story. And it revolutionized the entire Animated Movie genre! Good for Pixar!!! Good for Steve Jobs!! Good for Mr Potato Head!! Yippee!! And good for Slinky! (Ah Boy!!).. Thanks for doing the TAG! HUGS, Friday Hugs! Weekend is here again! Wheee... Peee....

giddy tiger said...'s me! And do I have to do both the fan-si and association tag or just the association one?

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 botak head hugs for you!!!

You botak head meh? I wanna see!

*tosses kyh some Pringles potato chips*

cutiepie: 3 Potato Head hugs for you!!

I only know of this toy because of Toy Story!

misha: 1 clever hug for you!

Misha likes Mr & Mrs Potato Head? Yay!

may: Why yes you sure did! And yours was the first ever blog I discovered that I really really liked! And to think that I found it while Googling for some food reviews. Hehehe.

l b: Toy Story was the coolest thing ever when it came out! I remember I had a Woody craze where I bought the McD's Happy Meal toys just for Woody!

You know I love doing tags! Friday Hugs to you too!

giddy tiger: Actually it's just the association one, but you can do both if you want! Like may's example of combining... I split it up again, actually. Hehehe.

cutiepie said...

happy weekend!!!

ehon said...

hu hu hu. same tag from Ah Chen! :P will do it tmr. kekekekekke

rinnah said...

cutiepie: Happy weekend to you too!!!

*slows down time so the weekend will last longer*

ehon: Hurhurhur... take your time! No hurry! I still owe you the foodie tag. *paiseh*

angel said...

woohoo! 3x a potato! :D thanks for the Potato Award...hehe...

a^ben said...

FUahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Rinnah write me until so good like that~ *blushy blush blush~*

So honoured larh~!! *dresses up boing boing ala mr potato style~*

rinnah said...

angel: Potato Award! That's so cool... why didn't I think to call it that? *grin*

Happy weekend! YATTA!

a^ben: You really ARE that GOOD mah... no additional photoshopping or spinning required!

Show show boing boing ala Mr Potato Head style!

Chen said...

from sweet potatoes now become potato heads

psss... Ah Boy loves watching Toy Story leh :P

rinnah said...

chen: Hehehe... gip new twist to the tale... otherwise how to hold on to my title of Imperial Spindoctor?

Ah Boy so cutttteee!

Simple American said...

I was really your first commenter? Wah! I am so lucky!

*fires up the BBQ grill*

This is a reason to celebrate. Bring all the associates and fansees!!!

rinnah said...

simple american: Yup, you sure were! Look back at my first post ever on resolution... you said you'd hold me to it! Hehehe.

*brings out the chicken wings for the BBQ*

Hey everyone, party over here!!!