Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beddy bye

Anyone who reads my daily rants and raves will know that I value my sleep a whole lot. And in order for me to get my forty winks of beauty sleep, everything has to be conducive. The temperature must be just right, not too warm or too cold, no noise to suddenly wake me up, and most importantly, a comfy bed that I can snuggle into and zzzzz my cares away.

What is the bed without the right bedding? I've had my share of itchy blankets and uncomfortable feeling sheets so I'm quite particular about my bedding. And at Terry's Fabrics, they promise terrific choice and terrific value on quality duvet covers and bedspreads for that perfect touch to your bedroom. From prints to embroidery and quilted duvets, I think there's something there for everyone. If you'll excuse me now, I'll be off to check both Terry's Fabrics and my bed now. Good night, all!

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kyh said...

yes u value ur zzz or not! but i'm the other way round! but that doesnt mean that i dun like to zzz la. i love to, jus that i'm lazy to. :P

angel said...

gimme ma' bed nowzzzzzz...

Leonard said...

Aiyo, why are you still blogging here.. QUICK, jump in to join the babe!

L B said...


kyh said...

ooops i mean u value ur zzz *a lot*. typo.. :P

Simple American said...

Good Night Rinnah. *tucks in*

sengkor said...


makes me wanna sleep now..

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 valuable hugs for you!!! (You're really racking up the points, eh?)

How to be lazy over something as important as sleep? *puzzled* Ah, this must explain your almost zombie-like ability to sniff out new posts and chup at all hours!

angel: 3 sweet dreams hugs for you!!

Are you feeling better today?

leonard: 1 eager hug for you!

Eh, got no babe in my bed... unless you are referring to me? LOL!

l b: Huh? Wha...? *sits up in bed with a start, nearly falling out*

Just a drill? Grrrr.... *puts ear muffs on and drifts off to slumberland again*

kyh: s'kay. I knew what you meant the first time round. Must be lack of sleep that's making you type typo errors! As long as you don't start typing typos like zewt and his office colleagues, ok? *wink*

simple american: Morning oledi! *yawn, stretch and bounce out of bed*

Tuck me in again tonight?

sengkor: Aren't you supposed to be at work right now? After your boss catch you sleeping then how???

giddy tiger said...

Me too! And my bed is the best bed in the world! :D

sengkor said...

i say i just read rinnah's blog.. so, not my fault. it's hers.

Pink Elle said...

Ahh..I love my bed and I love love buying bedsheets :P What a terrible hobby! But a nicely made bed just looks so pretty and inviting!

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: Own bed is always the most comfy! *snuggle*

sengkor: Wah... say my fault summore... tsk tsk tsk... *hands sengkor a pair of fake open eye glasses to wear at work*

pink elle: Bedsheets are like clothes for the bed! Can change to suit season and mood... Nice!