Saturday, June 09, 2007

Starlight, starbright

... first star I see tonight ...

As a child I loved to look up into the sky at night, look for the moon and predict to my parents if it was going to rain tomorrow. But I never looked at the stars, just because there were so many of them and I couldn't really tell one star from another, no matter what people may say about all those star formations that have names like the Big Dipper. (I would think of the Big Gulp instead! LOL!)

But if I had the super-cool meade my sky gizmo, I'm sure I would have spent hours gazing at the sky and identifying all sorts of celestial objects. (I wonder if UFOs are included as celestial objects? Hmm...) It couldn't get any simpler than point-shoot-and-identify to explore the universe around us, and it comes with the ability to control a Meade computerized telescope. Not just for kids, this is something even adults could spend hours on and it makes for a great family activity, yea? So maybe when you're thinking about a birthday or Christmas gift for the science lover in your life, the meade my sky could fit the bill.

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Wennnn said...

Me too lup to see stars lor when nothin to do...

Anonymous said...

jiejie rinnah

i love to see the stars in the sky too .. esp from my apartment's balcony.

i also can sing "twinkle twinkle little star" while looking at the beautiful shinning stars

want to hear? hehehehe :)

darlene said...

very cool site

L B said...

This reminded me of the stars I could see covering the entire sky like a blanket of shimmering tinkerbelles, one night in Hawaii... so totally amazing and awesome.

giddy tiger said...

I would always look out for Venus. And you're not alone, I don't know whic is the Big Dipper either.

kyh said...

but here the night sky not pwetty leh... :(

wud love to go up a hill, lie on the grass plains there and gaze at the stars.

Leonard said...

actually, i preferred looking at the moon and clouds!

rinnah said...

wennnn: 5 starry hugs for you!!!

A clear night is the best for star-gazing!

misha: 3 twinkling hugs for you!!

Yes! Jie jie wants to hear misha sing! *pulls up chair and prepares to listen*

darlene: Hello and welcome! You have 1 hug for being the third unique person to comment on this post!

l b: Wow... that must have been a sight to see! Mostly in M'sia I can make out just one or two lonely stars in the night sky...

giddy tiger: At least you know how to look out for Venus! I only look and identify the moon! Hahahahaha!

kyh: Yaloh... not so many things to see in the sky... except maybe aeroplane lights! Or the flashing Twin Tower lights... Kekekekeke!

leonard: Ah, another moon lover! The clouds can look really nice when it's lighted by the moon...

darlene said...

hi, yep the gazebo, seems to be in place for now.....however i wouldnt want another wind storm like that again, yikes~~

Jo said...

it never fail to amaze me when i see the sky shimmering with starlights.. and that is how i felt when i saw it at the beach the other day ;)

eastcoastlife said...

Waahhh! rinnah so lomantic! Hope there will be someone to see the stars with you.

That reminds me to bring my son go camping on East Coast Beach, then we can watch the stars at night. :)

Chen said...

twinkle twinkle little star
nowadays can really see stars in the sky liao :(

cutiepie said...

i use to hav eshooting star on the ceiling of my bedroom .. heheh the one glow in the dark wakakakka

rinnah said...

darlene: That wind storm sounds freaky! Glad we don't get those around here in Malaysia...

jo: Ahhh... starlight and beach walk... so lormantik... *lammmmm*

eastcoastlife: Not yet lomantic enough... waiting for that someone to go stargazing with... Hehehe.

Camping sounds fun! Remember to look up into the night sky when you go!

chen: LOL! What kind of stars are you looking for?

cutiepie: Wahhh... glow in the dark one some more? Got get one for nellie or not?

Anonymous said...

misha stands on the chair and sing loud loud ..

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

where is Nellie? Nellie .. nellie .. come and sing with Jiejie Misha .. hehehe :)

Chen said...

the stars which i used to look at during my childhood days :P

ehon said...

i also like the stars! :) esp in australia, we've got the milky way. very very beautifooooll..

rinnah said...

misha: Yay! *clap clap clap* Yes, where is Nellie... we sing together!

Twinkle, twinkle little star...

chen: Now the stars not the same meh? ;P

ehon: So did you see the stars when you went camping? Got spot the Milky Way annot?