Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do you know the driver of this car?

I wanted to blog about this yesterday, but got sidetracked by the bride joke.

Anyway, I went to 1Utama on Sunday afternoon and was in the New Wing basement looking for parking. I had finally found one after about 20 minutes, and was patiently waiting with my signal light on for the other occupant to vacate the spot.

This big black Beemer drove by and suddenly reversed, plonking his car between mine and the parking space. He nonchalantly took the parking space which I had been waiting for! As Paris Beaverbanks would say, "How rude!" *thinks of fifty plus things to call the Beemer driver* Luckily there was another car about five spaces away moving out, so I took that parking space instead.

Anyway, I was so miffed at him, I whipped out my trusty digicam and took this picture of the rude driver's car and his number plate. I'm not going to blur out the digits, I'm so miffed at him. The driver is a Chinese chap in his early twenties, rather clean cut looking, not the Ah Beng type but his looks belie his horrid behaviour. Bah! So if anyone knows this chap, please do tell him off. And you don't need to be nice about it.

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zewt said...

something like that happened to me and my friends before... all 4 of us got down the car and approach the bastard... we just showed our faces... he moved the car out almost immediately...

are u doing to tell him off if you didnt get your place?

WNM1344... haha!

L B said...

Ooooooooo I am sure you can punch that WNM1344 number in somewhere, some Jabatan or other, and see what pops up! But, anyway, these are the scum of the earth.. you would think certain wannabe classy people would have some real class... Cheh! PIU! SPIT into his nose for you. And silently wishes his zipper catches onto something soft of his tonight, and tomorrow night same spot, same skin. YATTAAA!! *Gives you a nice hug, after wiping remnants of my spit..*

Parisb said...

HOW RUDE!!! I don't know him but the next time I see his car on the road, I'll flash him like a chao ah beng and tailgate him the best way a little vios can tailgate a beemer. Oh and I'd have wound down my window and shouted something rude after him too. And found something to block his car with like 20 trolleys. or use my lipstick and scrawl "CAR PARK THIEF" on his windscreen. But that's me *adjusts halo*

Parisb said...

And btw that isn't even a very "nice" number. Got sei sei in his car leh... *sniffs with disdain* LOL

narrowband said...

Wah!! Damn tulan man!! Bully Rinnah!! GRRRR.......

If I see the car on the road I'll not be friendly with the driver!!

Simple American said...

Take your key and walk by scraping his lovely paint job. Whoops!

kyh said...

wah so rude!!! u shud go and punch his car, kick his doors and and ....

a^ben said...

*put 20 cents in my left hand and holds a washing board on the right~

which one you wanan choose ah???? hahahahahahhaha

okay okay k not be so bad~ these ppl, wait till they themselves encounter this kinda situations, then baru they know~!

*teet toot teet toot ah beng's number~*

Leonard said...

it happened to me several times, what to do?? go down to argue with the driver...?

just let go and curse him inside the car!

angel said...

pssttt... why your pic so blur geh? u so angry till yr hands shake shake oso arr?

I hope that his tayar will pancit... errrmmm... tomorrow? *grins*

Chen said...

dunno that car owner ah but the car number plate sounds familiar. might be i read it somewhere in the forum?

LOL at SA's suggestion :D

ehon said...

OH OH OH! THAT CAR!!!! THAT CARR!!!!! i duno who isit. :P

kekekekekekekekekekeke. takde manners at all that guy. cis~

may said...

my brother drives a BMW and for a moment there I thought, was it him? then check check... not the right number plate, phew! hahaha! curses on those rude drivers!

Anonymous said...

so funnie one all of you ..

anyway .. good morning everyone !!!

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. This is a good way to punish someone!!! We bloggers are powerful people right! This shows people that they can't mess with bloggers! Haha..

I hate this kinda people though!!! How dare they! Unfortunately when it happens to me, I can't do anything coz I'm a small little girl!!! =(

Giddy Tiger said...

Yeah, do what SA suggested! How rude! And did he even bother looking at you?

rinnah said...

zewt: 5 garang hugs for you!!!

Ah, but there were 4 of you and you outnumbered that guy, right? Me female, me scared he is a road bully...

Hmm, if I could I would probably lean on my horn and flash my headlights at him? But didn't want to kena carpark rage so I didn't la.

*grin* Go buy 4D see whether can kena or not?

l b: 3 classy hugs for you!!

Now you've got me thinking... I wish I had Micah's ability so that I could go inside the Jabatan's computers and rearrange some data so that that guy has like 500 outstanding summons and a warrant for his arrest! Muahahahaha!

Nope, after these recent incidents, I don't think much about people who drive big black cars... grrrrr...

Thanks for the spit! Here... a mini-skirt to wipe up! *hugs*

parisb: 1 tailgating hug for you!

Hahaha... I think this guy had better watch it on the roads then... And you know what, he is very car-proud - because he got down from his car and walked around it, inspecting it for non-existent scratches! I shoulda done something to make him heartsick, but I didn't. *adjusts own halo*

Using lippy on his windscreen! OMG! That's classically inspired! Hehehe... but what a waste of lipstick, doncha think? LOL!

Yeah... hope he really go and "sei" lor... if translated directly - once born, double die one... Muahahaha!

narrowband: Yaloh, he so mean... bully me! He goes into the hall of shame for Classic Examples of Rude Malaysian Drivers.

simple american: Oopsie! I didn't see that... *pretends to adjust angel wings* One key not enough... must use at least three keys la... like the mark of Wolverine or Zorro! Kekekekeke!

kyh: Errr... no strength to punch and dent the car leh... maybe if I use a shopping cart and ram it into the side? *grin*

a^ben: 20 sen only ah... too small to do the job leh... I choose washboard la!

Probably they will be the ones who will do all sorts of things to the car of the person who stole their parking space!

leonard: Yaloh... cannot argue with him... some more got gender problem... he's a guy so got unfair size / height / weight advantage.

Oh, his ears would burn if he heard what I thought about him! LOL!

angel: Hahaha... I took it as I was walking by... didn't want to be too obvious and some more my mum was like pushing me from the back telling me not to take the photo... but I must still take! Hehehe.

Tayar pancit only ah... suspension break lah! More keng. Kekekeke!

chen: So many rude and horrible people in this world... Haiii...

Hehehe... the number plate looks familiar because you saw it here?

ehon: Hahaha... for one moment I thot you know who the driver is! Really funny leh, you.

Of course he got no manners... if he did he wouldn't steal people's parking space!

may: Close shave! *phew* But yeah, those rude drivers really deserve it!

misha: Ah, mish mish only read ok? Don't follow any of the suggestions of the kor kor and jie jie, alright? *puts baby halo and wings on misha*

Happy Wednesday morning hugs for you!

-princess shin-: Hi and welcome! Nice to have a first time commenter here! I do hope you'll come around here for more...

Yes, this is the politest way of saying, "Up yours!" without actually saying it! Hehehehe. Publish his car and number plate and publicly shame him.

Yaloh... when it happens, we females can't do a thing about it except rant and rave!

giddy tiger: I wanted to, but I didn't! Hehehe. So I have to satisfy myself with posting his car's picture here and ranting about it. LOL!

He didn't even bother to look lah. But the car that left, the driver gave him this long searching stare and he couldn't be bothered! Shows you what kind of person he is.

eastcoastlife said...

I agree with SA. Scrap the paintwork!

Notice his car number.
yak sang sai sai - he's dead meat. Some more black (hak) car. :)

Winn said...

ya so rude! use liquid paper and write big big on his car : " DO YOU MIND" :p

forgive sttoooopid ppl ..forgive!

Mockingbird said...

Let there be light.

rinnah said...

eastcoastlife: Hehehe... the comments here are kinda making me wish I did, but... *points to halo and wings* LOL!

Ya, he's got a really bad car number. Hope it comes true for him.

winn: Uhm, I don't normally carry liquid paper in my bag worrr... *grin*

Ya... must forgive stooooopid people. Trying... very hard.

mockingbird: Hi and welcome to my blog! Hope you had a good read?

Cool editing there, my friend! *wink*