Saturday, June 09, 2007

A not so impossible mission

It started out innocently enough. A slight drop in performance. Maybe a glitch or two, nothing too major. Then it becomes more frequent as the invaders start to take over the host. Before you know it, you've been infested! Whoah! No need to run away, this isn't any alien or zombie invasion. Just talking about that dreaded PC disease known as spyware. *grin* And that's when you know you're on a mission to search and destroy those nasty spyware programs. You gotta save your PC, right?

When this happened on my home PC some years back, I didn't know what to do. Except yell in frustration and tug at my hair as my PC got slowed down to a snail's pace and see irritating programs suddenly mushroom like fungi as they installed themselves in. I still wonder how they got in. Was it that innocent looking file my friend forwarded by email? Was it the download off the Net that did it? There are so many ways spyware can get it, and if you just get the type that shows irritating ads and leech off PC performance, I'd say that wouldn't be so bad as those programs that make use of your PC to send out even more of their troops into the open. The big bad buggers would be the ones that seretly root around your PC for your personal information, which could do some serious damage. The thing is, sometimes you don't even know that your PC has spyware on it! A random check the other day showed 67 of them hiding out. Grrrr....

So what does one do? My solution last time was simple. Just whine at my dad and ask him to sort it out. *grin* He is the PC whiz of the house after all. But it did require quite a bit of housekeeping and deleting of this and that, even reinstalling some programs over a couple of days before we regained control of the PC. Disaster avoided, but it wasn't enough. You still need to do something to keep those buggers out. I wish we had heard of Webroot Spy Sweeper software then. Because Spy Sweeper doesn't just remove the spyware, it actively blocks it from getting in in the first place and it provides continuous monitoring of your PC. Neat! It's kind of like your PC's personal bodyguard, eh? Plus they offer free automatic defense updates (like antivirus software) so that you can rest easy while surfing and downloading the Net. For $29.95, I think it's a pretty good deal.

3 spins:

kyh said...

spyware chup!

wah wat a nice review! spywares are such a nuisance, hor?

giddy tiger said...

whoa...finally i qualify for a chup!!!


I too had problems with spyware last time, but when I installed something to counter it, I kept getting messages informing me of malicious spyware...which in turn disrupted me...never can win.

rinnah said...

kyh: 5 spy hugs for you!!!

Thanks! I hope you've had no problems with spyware?

giddy tiger: 3 qualified hugs for you!!

Oooohh... I'd forgotten momentarily how irritating those messages can be! That and the pop-up ads for whatever anti-virus / spyware software you're using...