Thursday, June 07, 2007

Be L O S T no more...

Lost is back tonight! *rubs hands with glee* At last I will get to find out what happens to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sun, Jin, and everyone else on the island... but... I have already forgotten what happened in the earlier seasons 1 & 2! *makes funny Hiro-like face* Uh, no... still can't remember. Oh well. Astro will be showing the latest season of Lost (season 3) on AXN (ch 17) with two hour back-to-back episodes every Thursday. I can't wait...

And oh yeah, thinking about Lost always gets me thinking of l b's HO KWAI FANN resort (now christened the Good Ghost Rice resort, I hear) on a deserted island and all the bloggers who are gonna be on that island. How I wish it would be sooner rather than later! I could do with a good island getaway...

Yesterday, although I was tired and a bit grumpy from having to stay back in office
(because of my high and mighty senior colleague), I gave myself a little adventure by travelling the much talked about SMART tunnel on the way home. At least I can now say that I've driven thru the big storm drain and emerged unscathed! Hehehe. My drive took about 6 1/2 minutes, primarily because I was a good girl and kept to the speed limit of 60km/ph, unlike other drivers who kept on whizzing by at faster speeds. Hello, people? The speed limit is there for a reason - to keep you and others around you safe and alive. I wouldn't like to think of what would happen if a speeding fella caused an accident in the tunnel. *shiver*

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Wennnn said...

Hmmm this is the one tat I wanted to see but then always no time to watch... sei lor if I start watching sure realli yataaaa again la..

angel said...


I used the tunnel too last Sunday night after my lormantik date with ahben kkkkkk... feels like further liddat...

Simple American said...

I love Lost. Wait for all six seasons to finish and hope they put out one big Lost maniac DVD pack. Your in for a thrill ride from this last season.

Whoa. You drove down the drain. No zombies in there yet?

L B said...

I'm so lost with lost! Really, truly lost! No hope..
They say that Peter is not dead, that Sylar has been taken over by cockroaches,...

Leonard said...

no worries l b, i should be more lost than you as i've NEBER WATCH LOST before...don't even know the story..

so who is worst...i'm not sure what am i missing with no english drama watched, prison break 1 is still collecting dust in my HDD!

zewt said...

Lost season 3 sucks ler... season 2 is already a let down... i got lost watching lost 3. you wont find out anything in the end... opps... did i just spoil it?

:) ... so you were contributing to the criminal population huh...

ehon said...

Me YATTA no Lost. :P

Lol! I am such a sucker of Heroes. And I used to not watch any of these series. Now I've finished watching Prison Break and about to finish watching Heroes.

Anonymous said...

Mummy said that she does not understand the ending of Lost 3 ...


she prefers HEROES!!!!!!

sengkor said...

i oredi lost watching lost season 1 1st episode.. *hopeless pea-brained sk*

Pink Elle said...

Lost! I tried watching it and I gave up! Too much mystery and suspense la...I'm the kind of people who turn to the back of the book halfway to read the ending :P

cutiepie said...

happy FRIDAY !!!! yeah!!! follow the speed limit PLEASE .. *screaming to road abuser*

Giddy Tiger said...

I'm lost in your post...hehehe..

That SMART tunnel sounds way cool. Hope to try it soon. You're right about the speed limit. Don get why some people brag about how fast they can go.
*shakes head sadly*

may said...

I've been watching Lost Season 3 on and off here. truth be told, I'm not impressed anymore, and sometimes it's kinda ho hum. but don't that stop you! lol! I'm just spoilt with too many choices!

* waits to check-in to the Ho Kwai Fann Resort™ *

narrowband said...
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narrowband said...

I baru jalan-ed that SMART tunnel just now...

Some people went way above 80kph, even..

nothing exciting... but yea... the feeling of 'been there done that' is satisfying.. hahaha ;p

rinnah said...

wennnn: 5 watching hugs for you!!!

Ya... all these series running around I also go not enough time to see them all!

angel: 3 YAATTAAA hugs for you!!

After about 3 minutes inside the tunnel I thought it was never going to end... and I wondered... what would I do if I got claustrophobic and panicked? Hahaha...

simple american: 1 Lostie hug for you!

Sun is hot! I think she's becoming my favorite character after 2 episodes of the new season!

LOL! Yeah, I drove down the drain. Now that you mention it, it reminds me of that tunnel in 28 Days Later where the zombies chase the taxicab!

l b: Ewwww! Cockroaches! Siu Kiongs! *runs away*

I dunno why but I always think that Sylar's eyebrows are like two thick black furry caterpillars... Heh!

leonard: Faster watch la... start from season 1... see the plane crash and the polar bears and the black smoke...

Hmm... I haven't watched Prison Break yet... just bits here and there.

zewt: You finish watching already meh? Season 2 got a bit tedious towards the end, but so far so good with Season 3! The fun is in not being able to solve the mystery of the island... Hehehe.

:( ... Yeah, I do my bit towards contribution everyday! Today too, I think. *sigh*

ehon: Me YATTA too, but me LOST also. LOL!

How Prison Break? Nice or not?

misha: *hug hug first* Well, I think we are not supposed to understand Lost from the start till the end... that's why the show is called LOST! Hehehehe.

HEROES is good too! YAATTAAA!

sengkor: It's ok... can watch again and again until it masuk the pea-brain... *gives gingko biloba to stimulate brain growth*

pink elle: Don't give up! The best bits are normally just around the corner!

Hehehe... I will turn to the back of the book only if the book is boring... then I decide if I still want to plough through the rest of the book.

cutiepie: Happy Friday to you too!

Some drivers are just so... DUMB. *big wide grin*

giddy tiger: No lost! No lost! *gives road map*

It's a cool feat of engineering, except for the very Malaysian lack of road signs till the last minute and crazy drivers on the fast lane.

may: I got the ho hum feeling about midway thru Season 2... but Season 1 was a blast! Hehehe.

Me too please! *follows may to check-in to the Ho Kwai Fann resort*

narrowband: Been there, done that! It's the new toilet syndrome! Hahaha... but yeah, those drivers are really nuts to be going so fast in the tunnel.

cutiepie said...

*sad guilty look* i still owe you a post .. you hang on ya! *hugskuatkuat*

zewt said...

not finished yet... but i gave up after a few episodes. maybe i prefer others. oh... i heard there's a new series which is cool... eureka...

rinnah said...

cutiepie: No worries dear! Take your time doing the tag. *hugs*

zewt: Eureka? Just the name alone sounds cool.