Friday, June 01, 2007

A chupping we will go...

Heigh ho, heigh ho, a chupping we will go!

So who chupped what for the month of May? Let's see... there were 25 posts for you to chup, and 25 x 3 opportunities for you to get onto the scoring board.

1st place gold medal - kyh with a runaway score of 74 huggie points!!! (How'd you do that anyway?)
2nd place silver medal - l b with an even score of 44 huggie points!! (The founder of T H H C franchises has to be in the points!)
3rd place bronze medal - may with a cool score of 30 huggie points! (Even though she's in Oz-land, boy can she still can chup!)

You, you and you were also in the chuppers list for May...

4th - angel with 17 huggie points
5th - chen with 10 huggie points
A joint 6th place - ehon and narrowband with 9 huggie points each
And another joint 7th place - winn and a^ben with 7 huggie points each
8th - king's wife with 5 huggie points
9th - cutiepie with 4 huggie points
10th - mistipurple with 3 huggie points
And another joint 11th place - misha and paris beaverbanks with 1 huggie point each

It was a productive month of May and a month of birthdays! Happy Birthday to you, you and you again! Chups will be back soon for June... stay tuned!

20 spins:

sengkor said...

1st time i get to chup 1st..


L B said...

Yeah, lol, it was scary seeing kyh the Action Man, in action!!! *shudder* What have we unleased?!! But it's all in good fun, so power to the chups!!! Yeah! You've done well too, rinnah.. It takes dedication.

kyh said...

ahahaaaa!!! here i come to chup again! if it wasnt of the shrek i'm watching on tv3 just now, i cud've snatched the gold again! :P

Chen said...

Sengkor insomnia tonight liao
give Sengkor valium :P

angel said...

Waa!!! So many points wan! Happy Happy Hug Hug Hug!

King's wife said...

Yeah! I made it too. :)
Happy June to you!

narrowband said...

omg that's my first time in your hall-of-chups, i think!

and thanks for the bday (link-)luv ;p

ehon said...

i also got chup ler! waiseh! *banyak bangga* :D :D 6th place lagi tu. top 10 man!! kyh kiasu ar!! lol!!

Winn said...


hmmmm...shrek 3 is really nice

Wennnn said...

Aiyahhh din manage to chup at all lor!! Hmmmm sad sad.. Try harder nxt mth..

may said...

yay, I'm there! yippee! not quite even half of kyh, LOL! doesn't matter. I need to practice more sleeplwaking chups. congrats to all, and see you soon yea!

rinnah said...

sengkor: 5 1st time 1st place hugs for you!!!

Why sleepless? Come, listen to misti's lullaby and you'll drift off to sleep soon...

l b: 3 action hugs for you!!

I know... what has been unleashed in the blogging world? I secretly think kyh doesn't sleep but waits at his computer to stalk blogs. Hehehe.

kyh: 1 shrek hug for you!

I was watching Shrek on tv3 too, while I was drafting THHC post! That's why there's a photo of Puss up there. Heh!

chen: Hehehe... you going around prescribing Valium, doctor?

angel: Yay! Yes, so many points! Happy Happy Hug Hug!

king's wife: Happy June to you too! Come come and chup chup for June yeah?

narrowband: Hehehe... Come chup for the month of June! As you can see, your link has moved up from Blogs I Read to THHC Chuppers in the sidebar. *grin*

This year link luv, next year I do blogpost, ok?

ehon: Yes, you made it into the list! Hahaha... kyh memang kiasu when it comes to chups... you will see his name everywhere!

winn: Yatta! You made it too!

See liao ah? I notchet see... wanna go see soon...

wennnn: Aiyah, I also didn't manage to chup at your site for May... but I already got in for June! Kekekekeke!

No sad! No sad! Come I gip you hug hug!

may: Hehehe... kyh is a chupping machine! LOL! No need to sleepwalk chup one... come I gip you secret... my posts all come out between 8 - 10pm Malaysian time on weekdays... *grin*

Parisb said...

Eh I made it on this one! One measly chup but better than nothing eh? :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe .. I have one point :)thank you thank you :)

mistipurple said...

luckily still got my name up there. or else no face loh.

Leonard said...

here to chup chop the first time.

hope i can get my name on the list next month!

rinnah said...

parisb: Yes, you made it! Maybe you can chup more than one hug this month!

misha: Yes dear, one point = one hug! *hugzzzzzz*

mistipurple: Sure got your name here... you left your pawprint (or was it hoofprint?), remember?

leonard: Welcome to THHC! Happy chupping for the month of June! I have a new place to drop by for chups too. Teeheehee!

Simple American said...

Congratulations to all of you chuppers. :)

KYH is becoming the master. Hope this does not affect his grades. 0.0

Pink Elle said...

Welcome back, Rinnah! :) Man I love that Puss in Boots! Seen Shrek 3 yet? Does he feature?! If he does, I'll run to watch it just to see Puss :D

rinnah said...

simple american: Yay! Congrats to all chuppers!

KYH is a lean, mean, chupping machine! I dunno when he sleeps... he seems to be online all the time!

pinkelle: I love Puss in Boots too! Haven't seen Shrek 3 yet, but Puss is definitely there. Flirting too! Seen the trailer? *grin*