Friday, June 29, 2007

Dog's Day Out

Hi everyone! *wags tail* My name is Kelly. I'm rinnah's doggie and I heard from her that Giddy Tiger wanted to know seven random things about me. So she very kindly let me guest post on her blog to answer GT. Uhm... where shall I start? I dunno wor... this is my first time blogging. A little help please? *looks up at rinnah* No? I have to do this on my own? Okie, so here goes nuthin'!

1. I am afraid of thunder and firecrackers. Very very afraid. I will whimper and whine and scratch at the door to ask my humans to let me in. But they don't. *whine* So instead I have to find my own shelter and security in my towels where I bury my head so that I don't see and hear the lightning and thunder.

2. I am a very discerning dog. Rinnah says I have a royal palate, whatever that is. I don't like to eat dog biscuits. I prefer human food. BBQ chicken, roast chicken, teriyaki chicken, percik chicken, fried chicken, KFC.... yum. And I make my humans buy me a packet of roast chicken rice every Saturday. Am I smart or what? And I don't even have to beg. Hehehe.

3. I am a bit confused about my species. I think I am a cat. Because I eat cat biscuits and not dog biscuits. But I still behave doggish-ly when I chase rinnah's adopted stray cats on the road. But that's just because I'm jealous she / rinnah's mum feeds them with MY cat biscuits. And they talk to the cats and stroke them and sayang them. Hey, what about me? I'm the pet of the house, remember?

4. I am the most cheong-hei dog in the neighborhood. Long after any strangers have come and gone, I will still be running up and down the house compound barking. Sometimes my humans tell me to shut up, but sometimes they let me bark. I think they're confused. And when I try to tell them what's happening outside, they say, "Kelly, be quiet. Enough barking. Stop."

5. I am a good girl. I will not venture beyond my kingdom unless there is a leash involved. Or there is a cat outside. Then I will cast caution to the winds and pursue that cat! Yes, but I only know how to chase and I can't fight. It's true! I got bested by a kitten before. But that's just because I was merciful. Yeah.

6. I am a reality show million dollar prize winner! I dunno how much this is worth in dog food, but I figure it's gotta be a lot. Rinnah says I should give it all to her and her parents because it costs so much to feed me. And to replace the pots that I accidentally knock over sometimes. And the plants of rinnah's mum that I destroyed as a puppy. And because I scratched her car when I put my long long claws on the door in my excitement to greet her when she came back from work one day. *sad* But anyway, I got my million dollars because I outwitted, outplayed and outlasted my nine other siblings. Ultimate Survivor! Woof!

7. Oh and I didn't want to put this down, but rinnah insisted. I am... *whispers* going to be a senior dog in 20 days time. *covers eyes with paws* Nope. Not admitting to my age. I'm still young. Only seven years old. Still available. Still wanted. See that neighbor's male dog there? He keeps on coming around, whether I'm on heat or not. Oops. Did I just say that out loud? *slinks away to hide amongst the flowerpots*

*peeps out from hiding place*

One last thing before I go. Rinnah says I'm supposed to tag someone with this tag. Huh? Like dog tags? Or like playing tag and saying "you're it"? I'm a real pro at playing tag. Woof! So I tag my fellow canines...

Ah Boy - Ah Boy, Ah Boy

Buh bye, everyone!

23 spins:

Giddy Tiger said...

Nice doggie, nice doggie....
Woof woof....arrff arrrff arrfff!!!!

That reality show winner thing really had me in stitches!
Thanks for doing this in super duper fast time... :D

may said...

hello, darling Kelly! I prefer human food too, whenever I can. can I hide under the towels with you when the thunder rolls?


narrowband said...

Hey Kelly you're so cute!! Now that I know you're still available, May I have your number?

L B said...

Ho ho ho! What a funny Friday post to read! Hilarious!! LOve it.. Love it all! I wish I had a doggie that you could tag.. *sigh* He would boast about his Apple Hand Me Downs collection.. and iPods.

angel said...


Kelly ah Kelly...
Time to start own blog lohhh...

a^ben said...

oh my` i thought only liucat dunno his species`

rinnah's cat also suffering from confusion~! miawwwwwww

liucas said...


rinnah said...

giddy tiger: 5 hugs for your woofie chup!!!

Hehehe... Kelly EFNBTD mah... so she can respond in super-quick time.

may: 3 towelly hugs for you!!

Kelly says you may share her towels when the thunder growls, but are you sure you wouldn't rather be inside the house?

narrowband: 1 cute hug for you!

You can call Kelly at 1-800-WOOFIE. Do you need the services of a translator? *grin*

l b: I'm glad Kelly was able to put a smile on your face this Friday! Hehehe... why don't you invent an imaginary doggie then? Woof woof!

angel: Ermmm... Kelly is not as IT savvy as Ah Boy or Liucas worrr... But she is considering a number of guest posts on her human's blog. LOL!

a^ben: Kelly is now searching for the imaginary cat after she heard you miawwwww... *grin*

liucas: No pengsan! *gives liucas some of ehon's de-pengsaning potion*

Chen said...

Finally I get to see Kelly :D

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy lups human food too :)

eastcoastlife said...

Oops Kelly. I thought dogs are not supposed to eat human food. Becos the salt and preservative contents in the food would cause your hair to drop. That's why got dog food.

I had a Shihzu once and that's what the vet told me. No?

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy has just submitted homework

kyh said...

eee kelly! kelly clarkson isit??? :P

*sayangs kelly*

*gip kelly human food*

psss kelly, u can oso try to nibble ur master... she's human food too! KKK!!!

Leonard said...

phew, heng i don't own any dogs!! haha

rinnah said...

chen: Hehe... she's not as photogenic as ahboy... she runs away when she sees the camera.

ah boy: Kelly says you have good taste! Human food is so much tastier than processed dog food. Yucks to dog food!

eastcoastlife: Kelly says: Got meh such thing? My fur is still intact wohhh... can be glossy too especially after my bath.

ah boy: Wah... you are so fast! Tengkiu, tengkiu... Kelly will go see your homework now...

kyh: Wahhh... what are you teaching Kelly? To eat me? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Kelly says thank you for the human food and yes, she was named after Kelly Clarkson!

leonard: No pets? Awww... nevermind... you can sayang Kelly. Hehehe.

ehon said...

hello kelly. rinnah didn't treat u well right? right right?

liucas said...

yeah kelly come to winn! she treats me well:P *evil smile*

rinnah said...

ehon: *piak* Eh, don't you go putting thoughts into kelly's mind!

liucas: You sure or not? Something tells me this is rather fishy... hehehe.

Simple American said...

You're right Kelly-Belly. Dog biscuits taste like poo. And only a dog would...

Oh yeah! Ear scratching is in order here. Then we go eat some cat biscuits.

liucas said...

i finished my tag!!

rinnah said...

simple american: Too right you are! Kelly says dog biscuits are bleargh. Phtui!

liucas: Wahhh... really ah? Tengkiu then, Kelly will go look-see your homework now!

Anonymous said...

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