Monday, July 02, 2007

Your mid-year report card is here!

I was inspired to style this month's THHC scores in the form of a school report card by Misha mei mei, who posted her report card here for us all to see. So, here are our excellent students' scores in the fine art of chupping and earning their gold star hugs for the month of June...

Heading the top of the class is none other than kyh, the student who never sleeps, with a whopping total of 57 hug hug points!!! How he does it with minimal sleep, no one knows. Even dial-up couldn't slow him down, but maybe the beginning of his first semester at USM will?

In second place is our Aussie exchange student, little miss may, with a decent showing of 30 hug hug points!! Although she claims to have slowed down her routine of chupping, it seems like the stars shine on her and she gets the hug hug points everywhere she goes.

Rounding off the top three we have the master of chups and hugs (but still claiming to be forever young young) and a continuous student of the fine arts, l b with 20 hug hug points! No chup is too impossible for him, no hug left unclaimed. Truly a sensei! *bows*

Other international students who are slowly but surely practising their YAATTAAAs and kungfu chups this month are:-

4th - paris beaverbanks with 17 hug hug points
5th - A tie between leonard and misha with 15 hug hug points each
6th - Another tie here with two pretty ladies, angel and cutiepie with 12 hug hug points each
7th - zewt with 11 hug hug points
8th - And another tie between two lovely ladies, wennnn and giddy tiger with 10 hug hug points each
9th - sengkor with 5 hug hug points
10th - chen with 4 hug hug points
11th - winn with 3 hug hug points
12th - simple american with 2 hug hug points
13th - And to wrap it up with a three way tug-o-war between darlene, a^ben and narrowband with 1 hug hug point each

If you're feeling like joining our international students in understanding the fine art form of the chup and the success of the hug, please find your schooling prospectus and syllabus here.

So fast the time flies and we're already heading into the second half of the year! *pweeeeeet* It's half-time break for l b as he comes back to Malaysia for his vacation and for mishmish as she enjoys her summer holidays... kyh has gone to start his first semester of university life and narrowband joins the merry world of slaves. For the rest of us, the game of life continues. YAATTAAA!!!

p.s. I have lots to blog... but not enough time to write. Boohoo!

16 spins:

parisb said...

woot! That looks like a pretty good report card for me :)

Leonard said...

okay, at least i'm on the list...

5th position, had to work harder!!

58 pts is hard to beat!

zewt said...

i like 7th! haha... 3rd time i am appearing in the chup chup club... and tis is the first month. oh... happy 6 months to your blog too!

angel said...

Not enuff time? Hmmm... who was the one who mentioned about sacrificing zzzzz? O.o :p

*hugs Principal Rinnah*

Wennnn said...

Woooo i like my report card... okie wor no:8

Simple American said...

Oh my. I am sitting in the corner waiting to be scolded. Always lor?

Congrats to all of those kiasu students. :P Well done!

may said...

30? waaaa!! really? must've been all that randomness that helped, lol! congrats to all "students", a job very well done!

L B said...

*brings shiny red apple for school maam*

*goes off to snooze at the back of the class for this month*

*wakes up in time for lormaikai ~ hopefully*

ehon said...

eyh, i my comment hilang! dammit! anyway, i didn't make it to the top list!! cos u always blog when im at uni. pfft. =/ but i'll sure get some points this time arnd. :P

Misha said...

Mish is 5th position in the class .. not bad .. must "study" harder to be 1st .. hehehe :)

Happy Tuesday to you, jiejie dearest :)

Winn said...

weeee! so i got credit la? muaha
*laugh at those who failed...:P * muahah

Giddy Tiger said...

Wheee!!! I got myself a FATT position last month! A sign of good things ahead, perhaps?

Chen said...

will u rotan those who failed exam?

rinnah said...

parisb: 5 good report hugs for you!!!

Yes, it's definitely more than a passing grade, it's a distinction! Woot!

leonard: 3 hard working hugs for you!!

Yeah, you're pretty high up this month... 5th is not bad at all! You should have seen kyh last month - he had 75 points! *faint*

zewt: 1 happy hug for you!

7 is a good number, hor? Hopefully this is the first of many appearances in THHC resort here!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

angel: Yeah, not enough time because I'm not willing to sacrifice my beauty sleep! Hehehe.

*hugs student angel and awards a gold star*

wennnn: Number 8 is very fatt! Very ong too... good work!

simple american: No scoldings in this school! Just lotsa encouragement to practise more chupping!

Hehehe... yes, everyone is very kiasu indeed. LOL!

may: Ya, 30 points for you! I should post at even more random times to shake things up, eh?

The students are excellent studies!

l b: An apple for me? How sweet! *awards gold star*

Are you sure you'll be snoozing and not busy chupping? Hehehe.

ehon: Here got no spam bin to fish you out from! Hahaha, normally I publish my posts in the evening after I come home, only sometimes I publish in the afternoon. I send you Twitter message next time before I publish, okie?

misha: Yes, mishmish is the youngest and cleverest student here! Add oil for July, okie?

*hug hug*

winn: Wheeeee! Yes, you got credit for last month... this month must get also, okie?

giddy tiger: Fatt fatt fatt! You must have been doing ehon's money money come exercises, eh?

chen: No lah... I not strict teacher... I'm very nice one, always give out gold stars. Hehehe.

narrowband said...

Yippeee! I got good results! :p (That probably put me at the back of the order... lol.... 1 point oni leh :( ). Nevermind... will try HARDER!!

I officially become slave dy... Yeah... But loving it. Hahaha..

rinnah said...

narrowband: You just made it to the dean's list last month! Add oil for this month, okay?

A happy slave is not a slave, he is a worker! Hehehe.